Sunglasses are considered one of the most important items that we need to carry when we go out in the day. The harmful rays of the sun can cause severe damage to the eyes. The penetrating UV rays can harm the eyes to a very large extent. Protecting our eyes from these harmful rays is very necessary. Sunglasses are made with lens that protect and keep away those rays. There are several types of sunglasses that can be bought according to your specific need. The latest ones are full on style and sophistication.

Different Shades of Pink Colour Sunglasses for Men and Women:

Here is a list of 10 latest pink colour shade sun glasses for men and women in india.

1. Wayfarer Pink Sunglasses by Ray ban:

These are perfect chic light pink sunglasses that are made in the wayfarer style. They have brown lens that adds a touch of sophistication. Choose these for the perfect style statement and protection. Durable so last you a very long time.

2. Metal Pink Sunglasses:

These pink sunglasses are made with a metal frame and give a very vintage look to the sunglasses. Pair these with your favorite jeans and t-shirt and you are ready to look classy and elegant. These come in different frame shapes like this one in round.

3. Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses:

These are perfect pink frame sunglasses that have a rose gold effect. The cat eye frame is one of the most sought after frames. They look very cool and are best for ladies.

4. Gold Frame Aviator Sunglasses with Pink Lenses:

The classic pair of sunglasses is the aviator and these sunglasses with pink lenses make a fashion statement like no other. They ooze sophistication and are best teamed with any casual outfit or formal ones. They are used by both men and women.

5. Designer Frame Sunglasses Pink:

The coolest sunglasses are the designer framed ones. These are created in different frame shapes like flower, heart, etc. They are paired with casual outfits to give a very casual and chic look. The pink sunglasses in heart shape frame are the most sought after.

6. Retro Pink Sunglasses for Girls:

This retro pink sunglasses will be the talk of the town with its polka dotted frame. The shape of the frame too is quite unique and will be worn be someone with an eclectic taste. The retro look this sunglasses gives is really a treasure.

7. One Piece Pink Sunglasses:

This clear one piece pink sunglasses in the retro look is again another piece of beauty. The one piece frame and lens gives a very clean look to the sunglasses as there is no divide between the lens and the frame. Select these sunglasses of you like clean lines and suitableness.

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8. Visor Pink Sunglass for Women:

These are diamante sunglasses pink that have a visor frame work. The frame handles have the emblem decorated to give a very stylish look. The lens itself has a graded feel to it. The color pink starts with dark pink at the top and gradually decreases to light pink.

9. Half Frame Pink Sunglasses:

These cool pink lens sunglasses are the best for men to give that casual look. The half frame lends a very sporty look. The polarized lens keeps away the glare of the sun and protects the eyes. The metal frame gives this pink sunglasses a very manly look too.

10. Flip up Sunglasses Pink:

These cool shades have a flip up frame with a flat top. They are very cool and provide you with the right amount of protection. Choose these if you are ultra cool and can carry off these flat top sunglasses.

Sunglasses in pink are a style statement. They make a look casual or even formal. There are many different types of pink sunglasses. So choose one that suits you and make you look all the most fashionable. There are types for men and women to choose from.

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