The Zodiac sign Pisces carries some beautiful personality traits. Their birth dates fall between the 20th of February to the 22nd of March. They are symbolized by two fishes tied together, each in the opposite direction. The fish facing upwards represents the soul, while the one facing downwards represents the personality. Pisces have the tendency to either serve others or probably suffer. They are strong people with a psychic mind. Their emotions and moods keep changing from time to time which adds to their complex personality. They are romantic and selfless people and can be very genuine and compassionate at times. People who belong to Pisces are often noticed wearing tattoos that signify their zodiac sign.

While looking to accompany any patterns to Pisces designs, tattoo options complementing the Zodiac tattoo may range from flowers to objects and animals, notably fish or dolphins. Those born under the fish’s sign are generally known to be very romantic, compassionate, and inclined to the creative arts, trusting and with a mystical air about them.

Beautiful Pisces Tattoos With Meanings And Images:

Are you considering getting a Pisces tattoo for celebrating your creative and sensitive spirit? Check out these best Pisces tattoos for unique ideas and inspiration. Here are a few excellent Pisces tattoo designs for those who are looking for some innovative ideas.

1. Wrist Pisces Tattoo:

One of the most beautiful and stunning Pisces tattoo designs are the ones that are located on the wrist. They are easily noticed and can give you a very authentic and pleasant appearance. A tattoo showing the unison of two goldfishes among the rustling waters is guaranteed to look classy on you. It is one of the best Pisces tattoo designs for men.

2. Neck Pisces Tattoo:

An excellent location for your Pisces tattoo on the neck. The symbol of this zodiac sign inscribed artistically and fashionably looks stunning and marvellous on the skin. This is an excellent idea for zodiac sign tattoos. you can wear this type of Pisces tattoo anywhere on the body to represent your character.

3. Hello Kitty Pisces Tattoo Design:

Some people like to give their tattoos a pretty and childish look with the help of cartoon characters. Hello, Kitty is a very cute looking fashionable cat who has won the hearts of many young girls. A Pisces tattoo design with the image of Hello Kitty on it will bring out the playful and mischievous child in you. It is one of the cute Pisces tattoo designs for girls.

4. Arm Pisces Tattoo:

A colourful Pisces tattoo on your arm looks glamorous and beautiful on you. The well-designed fish scales and the bright brick colours give your tattoo a creative and unique look. This design is best suited for both men and women.

5. Baby Pisces Tattoos:

Some people like to keep their tattoos to themselves. They are not fond of flaunting it to others and like to keep it hidden. The baby Pisces tattoo is the best example in such cases. The image of the Pisces symbol made in black, located somewhere below the stomach, looks cute, neat and pleasant. It is one of the best small Pisces tattoo designs for women.

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6. Symbolic Pisces Tattoo:

A symbolic Pisces tattoo design is simple yet very artistic. It holds a lot of significance for those who belong to this Zodiac sign and is usually made by using the color black. It gives you an ethnic and bold look and makes you stand out among the rest.

7. Guitar Pisces Tattoo:

A great design has been created just for you for all the tattoo enthusiasts who fall under the zodiac sign Pisces and for all the guitar freaks! The guitar Pisces tattoo is not just unique to look at but will also signify your love for music and the respect you have for the zodiac sign you belong to.

8. Ankle Pisces Tattoos:

Ankle tattoos are very popular these days. Men and women both like to wear tattoos that are located on their ankles. A small and pretty Pisces symbol inscribed on your ankle will shape your tattoo and give it a glossy and attractive look.

9. Back Pisces Tattoo:

The Pisces tattooed on your back will give you a funky and fashionable look. However, it is very important to choose the right kind of design. Most girls and women like to flaunt this type of Pisces tattoo design on their back beautifully. This is one of the popular Pisces tattoo designs for women.

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10. Pisces Astrology Tattoo:

This is one of the most common Pisces tattoos for women that you will find as it consists of a dual fish pattern where the fishes are portrayed similarly to a parentheses sign facing away from each other with a connection of a single line in the middle. This simple design means almost all the possibilities of an endless design.

11. Coral Blue Pisces Tattoo:

The Pisces zodiac tattoo has a macabre twist in which is hard to ignore. It is to be noted that this whole work of art is made of an eerie aura and a fish at the bottom seems to be entrapped amongst the fins of the fish on the top looks more dominant and stronger of the two. This art of tattoo is having the inner meaning that it is open to varied interpretations.

12. Pisces Tattoo With Flowers:

When it comes to Pisces tattoo ideas, some people did not prefer to be obvious of their Zodiac symbol, but still, they want a tattoo that represents that. In this case, a tattoo depicting a small Pisces tattoo with Pisces flowers will be an artful choice. This is a mutable sign where the one crosses a seasonal divide, weather symbols.

13. Tribal Pisces Tattoo Design:

This tribal small Pisces tattoo stands out from others as it has included a perfect symmetry and the dark bold black colour. Ideally, using symmetry, it looks like a perfect unisex tattoo that suits both men and women equally. To get this Pisces tattoo in the tribal module, employ the service of an experienced tattoo artist and remain to stay true to the trendy design. Women’s having this tattoo will look feminine and elegant. This is one of the perfect Pisces tattoo designs for guys.

14. Hip Pisces Tattoos For Women:

Pisces tattoo with an image of the fish represents a kind of Yin-Yang style where the two fishes are swimming in opposite directions. These Pisces tattoos for women will symbolize a feeling of being born in two directions. Literally, there are thousands of Pisces tattoos available online in which you can choose a simple outline, high styled one. Fishes have always been popular subjects for tattoo design, partly due to the fact that they are part of the natural habitat of the sailors.

15. Pisces Yin Yang Tattoos Art:

This Pisces tattoo picture has a symbol that lends itself to the Pisces duality, and also the theme opposites are the Yin Yang symbol. This tattoo has growing popularity with two fishes filling the halves as through swimming in opposite directions. These Pisces tattoos with pictures are similar to the Chinese Yin Yang symbol representing the duality of all things. This is one of the highly recognizable symbols that are appropriate to demonstrate Pisces’ split personality.


If you are looking for cool Pisces tattoo ideas, visit many online sites to find fantastic Pisces zodiac tattoos. You do not want any tattoo to be a rash decision, and by going about online finding out your design, you can rest assured that both you and the tattoo artist will be very pleased with the final product when it is done.

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