Pistachio Benefits And Uses For Skin, Hair And Health

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Going nuts, are we? Well, the case of pistachio being a delicacy cannot be underestimated, and what more, it has plenty of goodness for our well being stored within as well. Since time immemorial, the robust pistachio has been known to be a delicacy of the creme de la creme, but not anymore. In this day and age, thanks to the importance given on good eating habits, the pistachio nuts is important to consume at least once a day to have good health, say experts.


Amongst all dry fruits, the pistachio is known to be one of a kind. Hailing from the anacardiaceae family, the pistachio has come a long way in helping mankind stay fit and fine. As a popular healthy snacking option and for many desserts and sweets as a garnishing, the humble yet royal pistachio has done wonders for many taste buds too. A pistachio holds powers which can heal and provide satiation to the body and mind, and the nutrients it has gives the human body a lot of health benefits, which would manage many issues as well.

Pistachios have come a long way, and for many centuries have been consumed over many ways too. Even the holy Bible has mentioned the pistachio nut to be a potent source of energy and healing as well. However, you too can make the most of this royal nut by consuming few every day. What you could do is to have a bowl of pistachios soaked in water all night and had the next morning on an empty stomach.

Pistachio Benefits And Advantages:

In doing so you would have fullness and the benefits of the nut as mentioned. Yes, you also would gift your body all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs as well. So lets take a look at the health benefits of pistachio nuts today, shall we?

1. Healthy Heart:

A happy heart when you consume pistachios daily, say experts. This is because the pistachio helps the body control and lower the cholesterol levels in the blood stream. People who prefer low calorie diets would have most of the good calories coming from a bowl of pistachios everyday. Studies and research has shown that a bowl of pistachios had on an empty stomach helps the calories fall down and brings the cholesterol levels down as well, say sources. This is because the nut has large amounts of l-arginine in it, the reason why arteries within get flexible and no more blood clots to worry off, which if ignored leads to attacks and strokes. Pistachios have a lot of vitamin E in them which helps do away with the cholesterol plaque that builds up in the arteries too.

2. Weight Loss:

Lose weight now, ask the pistachio how. For those who love munching on pistachios and other nuts, would be able to control their weight and waist line, say experts. This is because there is a lot of fiber in the pistachio, which helps control hunger pangs, keeps you feeling full and also would help with lowering the need to over eat as well. pistachios also have healthy fats in it, which actually helps with the calorie count and that’s why one should consume a bowl of pistachios everyday, say experts.

3. Treats Diabetes:

Help yourself stay far from diabetes having a bowl of pistachios everyday, say experts. Type 2 diabetes especially can be done away with or lowered, when pistachios are consumed, say experts. The body needs good amounts of phosphorus for that, and such a mineral is found abundantly in pistachios too. Proteins need help breaking down and turning into amino acids, which the mineral will help with. One needs to have pistachios so that the glucose tolerance is kept in check and the levels are brought down as well

4. Good For Blood:

Clean and healthy blood levels now possible, by having pistachios everyday, say experts. This is because the humble pistachios contain plenty of vitamin B6, a source of goodness for the making of hemoglobin, say experts. Hemoglobin helps our bodies carry oxygen in the bloodstream, to all cells in the body. When there is an increase in the oxygen amounts in the blood, the body would function well and the blood stream stays clean too

5. Healthy Nerves:

Pistachios help the nervous system stay safe and in good health as well, thanks to the abundance of vitamin B6 found in it. Amines are messaging molecules found in the body which need amino acids to aid in development and creation. B6 here helps with myelin formation, which creates a protective sheath around the nerves too. The enzyme also helps with the development of melatonin, serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acids and other acids which keeps the nerves calm and happy.

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6. Best Eye Vision:

For twinkling eyes have a bowl of pistachio nuts everyday, say experts. This is because, pistachio contains carotenoids which have zeaxanthin and Lutein, both of which are antioxidants that keeps the eyes protected. These are antioxidants which help fight free radicals and can bring down the cause of macular degeneration too that happen with age. When macular degeneration is brought down, one wouldn’t suffer from vision loss and other eye problems as well, say experts.

7. Immune System:

A healthy immune system is possible with the consumption of pistachios, say experts. This is because of the abundant availability of B6 in the body. B6 works wonders for the body and the brain, and helps fight infections on various levels too. The enzyme also helps make healthy RBC in the body, maintains the lymph glands and spleen, thymus and lymph nodes too, say experts.

8. Protects From UV Rays:

With the help of pistachios, skin health is taken care of thanks to the abundance of vitamin E found in it. The fat soluble antioxidant would help cell membranes live longer lives, fight free radicals and gives the body beautiful supple skin as well. thanks to the vitamin E present in the pistachio, the skin is also kept protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun too, which can make the skin age before time as well.

9. Skin Moisturizer:

Daily consumption of pistachios or even applying a pistachio face pack would help clean and moisten the skin outside in, and inside out, say beauty experts.

10. Good Digestion:

Pistachio consists of dietary fibers that provide better digestion. This source of fiber is very essential for proper digestion of the food. Apart from other nutrients and components, fibers are essential for digestive issues and bowel problem. It helps in proper functioning of our digestive system properly. Digestive issue or constipation problems are very common among many people. So never ignore this quality of pistachio.

11. For Hair:

Pistachio is highly beneficial for your hairs. It cuts the hair fall rates, helps to make hair stronger and flexible. Pistachio which is similarly beneficial for the skin offers many hair cares. It contains good quantity of biotin which basically fights against the hair loss. The main factor that leads to hair loss is deficiency of biotin. It again helps to nourish the dry hair and helps to increase the flexibility of hair strands. Deep nourishment is being done by using hair mask of pistachios. Pistachios simply provide a solution for dehydrating and split ends or any further damage caused. The roots of the hair get strengthened and also the hair locks are made stronger by consuming pistachios. Fatty acids are very essential for proper hair growth that stimulates healthy growth of hair strands.

12. Removes Skin Dry Skin:

Dryness of the skin gets reduced by consuming or using pistachios for various treatments. People those who are having very dry skin would be beneficial. It consists of fatty acids in considerable amount. For this reason, pistachios are used in various therapies like message therapy and aroma therapy to eliminate the dryness. The vitamin E which is present in pistachio in adequate amount acts as an antioxidant and it protects the skin from the UV rays which leads to various skin diseases. Pistachios also act an anti aging which makes your skin younger and refreshing. The oil present in it provides a moisturizing.

13. Healthy Body Functioning:

Pistachios also consists of various nutrients among those Vitamin B6 is the important ones which is essential for our nervous system. This vitamin acts as a protein in order to carry oxygen quantity in our blood and hemoglobin count gets increased. It basically helps to transmit the nerve impulses properly in order to provide healthy functioning of our body. Nervous system plays an important role in our body. Any disorder in nervous system leads to serious illness. Amino acids are needed for the messaging molecules which are amines and the amino acids are mainly dependent on the presence of vitamin B6 in our body. A sheath which is called myelin is formed by this vitamin around nerve fiber.

14. Improves Brain Functioning:

The different glands work properly and that makes your body healthy. The nutrients in pistachio nuts provide good supply of oxygen to the blood and also proper supply of blood would contain much more White Blood Cells. It is required in adequate quantity in order to fight against any infection or disease. Pistachios help in healthy working of many glands like thymus, spleen, etc. Vitamin B6 is very essential in increasing the amount of oxygen in our blood and hence it leads to increase hemoglobin count. Higher the amount of oxygen in the blood, more active is our brain which makes our brain healthy.

15. Cures Cancers:

The antioxidant properties and the antioxidants present in pistachios helps to neutralize free radicals present our body which basically causes heart diseases, cancer and other diseases. Also the vitamin B6 helps to increase the WBCs that prevent us from various infections and also from cancer. Studies have shown that the antioxidants present in it are very helpful which are also extracted in order to various food items.

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In doing so you would have fullness and the benefits of the nut as mentioned. Yes, you also would gift your body all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs as well.

These were the best fifteen reasons why we love pistachios. If you would like to share some of your thoughts with us, please comment below. We accepting from you as we love sharing with you. The above mentioned points are helpful indeed and provided you with further knowledge regarding pistachios.

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