Pistachios are egg-shaped nuts that have a hardcover on the outer top and the fruit inside. Grown on the small shrubs in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Pista, as they are commonly known, are rich in many nutrients. And, it is highly recommended that you consume pistachio during pregnancy for its nutritional value. The following are the various amazing facts about Pista.

Pistachios can be a great addition to your pregnancy diet. If you know how much to eat. Because these small food items are actually rich in proteins and other minerals. Including fibre that helps quite directly in the strengthening of your body. and, the direct growth and development of your baby.

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Is It Good To Eat Pista During Pregnancy?

Pistachios are rich in proteins, fibres, minerals, and various other nutrients and hence are highly recommended for consumption during pregnancy. However, as it goes for all the other products, the same follows for Pista as well – moderation. As we all know anything consumed in excess during pregnancy may do more harm than good, and hence they must be consumed in moderation only to reap its maximum benefits.

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Nutritional Value of Pistachios During Pregnancy:

The following are the nutrients in 100g of pistachios:

Nutrient                         Quantity

  • Calories                            560Kcal
  • Carbohydrates                27.17g
  • Protein                             20.16g
  • Fiber                                 10.6g
  • Fat                                     45.32g
  • Sugars                               7.66g
  • A Vitamin                         516IU
  • C Vitamin                         5.6mg
  • E Vitamin                         2.86mg
  • Folic Acid                         51mcg
  • Pyridoxine                       1.7mg
  • Niacin                               1.3mg
  • Riboflavin                        0.16mg
  • Thiamine                         0.870mg
  • Potassium                        1025mg
  • Sodium                             1mg
  • Calcium                            105mg
  • Iron                                   3.92mg
  • Magnesium                      121mg
  • Zinc                                   2.2mg
  • Phosphorous                   490mg

Where g=grams, mg=milligrams, mcg=micrograms, IU=International Units

Benefits of Pistachio During Pregnancy:

The maximum benefits of Pista can be reaped during pregnancy only if they are consumed in the right quantity. The following are some of the benefits of eating Pista during pregnancy:

1. Aids in fetal growth and development:

Pistachios are rich in proteins. Hence it helps in the development of tissues and muscles of the foetus.

2. Balances the lipid levels:

Pistachios have a high quantity of monosaturated fatty acids. They reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol and thereby balancing the lipid levels.

3. Boosts immunity:

Pistas are rich in various vitamins. Such as A, E, and C and antioxidants. That increase immunity during pregnancy. And thereby makes you less prone to getting ill.

4. Prevents anaemia:

The high quantity of iron in pistachios. Help in the production of red blood cells and thus reduces the chances of getting anaemic during pregnancy.

5. Treats constipation:

The fibres in Pista aid in healthy gut movement. Thereby curing constipation which is a common complaint during pregnancy.

6. Anti-inflammatory:

The anti-inflammatory properties of pistachios. Help in fighting pain and swelling which is most common during pregnancy.

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7. Healthy fetal brain:

Pista contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Which aid in the healthy brain development of the baby.

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Side Effects of Pista During pregnancy:

Pistachios are good for pregnancy to provide they are eaten in moderation. Else they can have the following side effects:

A. Increase in blood pressure:

Roasted pistachios have a large quantity of salt coated on it. Eating them in large amounts can increase blood pressure. Which is not at all a good sign for pregnancy.

B. Digestive problems:

Pista has fructans. When consumed in large quantities. It can cause possible digestive issues such as bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, etc.

C. Allergy:

Pistachios also fall in the category of nuts and contain anacardic acid. Which is known to cause allergies. Hence the possibility of getting an allergy after consuming pistachios cannot be ruled out.

How To Take Pista in the Pregnancy Diet:

  • Roasted Pista can be directly eaten during snack time.
  • Pista tastes amazing with sweets and desserts and also gives a beautiful garnishing.
  • A dry fruit milkshake containing saffron, Pista, cashews, and almonds tastes fantastic and is very healthy too.
  • Try making a Kesar Pista kulfi at home and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Eating pistachios during pregnancy is very good for health and has a lot of benefits in the pregnancy. However, you must always consume it in moderation, or you might get an allergic reaction. Consult your doctor if you get an allergy or to know the safe quantity for consumption during pregnancy.

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Q1. Can I eat Pista during pregnancy every day?

Ans: Eating a handful of Pista every day during pregnancy is right for health during pregnancy. However one should avoid eating too much salted Pista as it may lead to a rise in blood pressure. Besides excessive consumption of pistachios during pregnancy have a lot of side effects. So daily consumption but in moderation is ok during pregnancy.

Q2. Is Pista safe during pregnancy?

Ans: Eating pistachio during pregnancy are safe provided; they are consumed in moderation. Too many Pista during pregnancy has many side effects and will cause more harm than good. They have a lot of benefits also and must be a part of your pregnancy diet.

Q3. Can I eat too many pistachio nuts during pregnancy?

Ans: One of the fundamental rules of pregnancy is moderation. Anything in excess, howsoever beneficial it is, can do more harm than good and this stays good for pistachios as well. Eating too many pistachios can have the following adverse effects:

  • Weight gain
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Allergy
  • Digestive issues


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