For any woman who is always on the go – the one-stop solution for comfort, elegant, contemporary, and yet beautiful look is the pixie haircut. The pixie haircut for round faces requires special attention for all apparent reasons – given the facial cut and to get a plush makeover, one needs a kind of style that can make a face look elongated, and not broad. So, here we are with pixie cut ideas to enhance and elevate the style statement.

Wait, not just it! Be it for vintage and classic looks, celebrity makeovers, or even a luxurious yet simple convenient style statement, the pixies are trending all across the globe. All the more reasons to get started, right? Let us treat you to some of our favourites!

Best Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces 2023:

With this, let us explore the world’s most trending and loved beautiful and simple pixie for round faces. These include the short variants, long, messy, pixie ideas for chubby and fat faces, different textures of hair and more!

1. Very Short Pixie Haircut for Round Face Women Over 40:

This very short pixie cut for a round face is suitable for women over 40. The haircut gives a youthful look and suits any Asian nationality women. Those with any hair texture, whether straight, curly, or wavy, can try this look. It is low maintenance, can be styled in a jiffy and perfectly fits the requirements of any woman who is always busy and on the go. From your office occasions to outings and casual gatherings, it is versatile and can let you style in myriad ways.

2. Pixie Cut with Bangs for Round Face:

Transforming a round face to look elongated and not chubby may be challenging. But it isn’t difficult. Here is a quick fix. With these super short pixie cuts for round faces and bangs hair falling in a trimmed manner near to the forehead, this look is not only very convenient but also gives an immediate style transformation. Further, the trendy modern appearance is unbeatable in terms of its comfort, plush and bold looks! What do you think of this haircut?

  • Women with wavy hair and smooth hair texture can try it out
  • Besides round faces, women with oval and heart faces too can try this very short look
  • This sensible and lovely look can look youthful for ladies below 35 years old.

3. Modern Messy Pixie Cut:

Now ramp up your usual style to look more mesmerizing and bounty with this adorable yet appealing hairstyle. This messy short pixie for thick hair and round face is all about charming and composed looks to give a cheerful appearance. It is best for girls and women who aren’t going to settle for any less!

  • Besides the round face, women with oval and diamond face shapes can also try this haircut out
  • Wear this style for wavy hair thick texture only to look gorgeous.
  • This style is ideal and best suitable for women in the 20s and 30s age groups.

4. Pixie Cut for Chubby Round Faces:

If you have a chubby or bulged face shape, be it even a double chin, worry not. The trendy and attractive, cute short pixie cuts for round fat faces can now brighten up and make your face look sleek through the look. With dazzling looks and a fantastic stylish style statement, your pixie haircut can change the way you look easily and give you electrifying results in a matter of no time!

  • Those with any face shape in chubby looks can try it out too
  • Women with smooth and curly hair texture can be ideal for this style
  • Try this look for women above 35 years of age group to look youthful and fabulous.

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5. Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut:

Well, by now, we all have seen the pixie cut. But did you ever hear of an asymmetrical pixie? Just like an asymmetrical bob or any other makeover, this medium pixie cut for a round face has uneven layers coming across the forehead and sides. In this picture, we see a more extended trim near one side and a shorter one on the other, with a mild messy parting on the side. If you are in look for some unique and bold looks, what is best than this cut?

  • Those with chubby and oval face shapes can try it out
  • Women with curly and wavy hair textures may look fabulous in this style.
  • Women and girls, who are in their 20s and also those above 40 years can look stylish and trendy.

6. The Punk Pixie:

While the punk hairstyle has got famous given its association with art and music forms, this punk pixie look is new in the fashion town now. This shorter trimmed hair with short fringes, spikes near the crown, and a unique makeover are what sets the entire haircut apart from others. If If you are searching for these trends in new looks, what best than this one? Further, if you have thin black hair, this pixie cut for a round face is ideal too!

  • Women with rectangular and heart face shapes can also try this style.
  • Do you know, you can look absolutely trendy and top in the fashion game with this makeover, and this can be tried by any hair texture absolutely!
  • Women in their 30s and early 40s can look youthful effortlessly in this style.

7. Pixie Haircut for Asian Round Face:

Not just the West, do you know that Pixie is widely acclaimed and fashionable even in Asian countries and regions? Here is one such example. Besides their youthful and clear skin on Asian females, we quite admire the way they carry such kind of gorgeous looks and look all glowy and heavenly. This particular variant with a bit of longer trims is super beautiful. What do you say?

  • Those with oval and heart face shapes can try it out too.
  • Women with any hair texture can be ideal to try this pixie variant.
  • Girls and women, those of any age group, can try this versatile variant and style – given that anyone can appear youthful effortlessly.

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8. The Shaggy Pixie:

The shaggy haircut is a new phenomenon for several reasons. With the numerous layers around the haircut which stands apart as the dashing and attractive look, this variant’s pixie look is no less than a dream. The diva-kind of look can be easily achieved for those with a round face, and yet it delivers impressive and luminous looks effortlessly. Try it out, and we bet you can look no less than a diva!

  • If you have wavy hair texture, do not miss this on trying out.
  • Wear this style for oval and heart face shapes too, besides the round face.
  • Women in their 30s can look edgy and sleek in this one.

9. Long Pixie with Shaved Undercut:

Well, here is one of our absolute favorite and unique look. You may have come across a long pixie cut or a shaved undercut style. But how about clubbing both of them for a wild, bold, and ultra-modern edgy style statement? If you love experimental style statements and prefer such kind of dashing and marvelous ideas, work on this shaved haircut for round faces and we bet you are going to stand out with the attention.

  • Those with an oval face too can try this edgy and bold style quickly.
  • Any hair texture can work on this unique look without any hesitation!
  • Women over 40 years can look bold, bossy, and trendy with a contemporary style statement in this haircut.

10. Faux Hawk Pixie Haircut:

Another bold and phenomenal pixie variant is here. The fauxhawk curly pixie cut has got famous and derived its name when those in the music and art field has started flaunting it, including celebrity singers. This round face haircut is refreshing and sparkling, given the sharp and distinct appearance and the bold branded statement it delivers effortlessly. What do you think about having such kind of hair?

  • Any face shape woman can try this style quickly and undoubtedly.
  • Try this look if you have curly or wavy hair texture, it can look dense and very unique.
  • Women in their 30s can appear youthful. Further, this bold pixie haircut can also be tried by women over 50 years to look unique and bossy!

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11. Pixie Bob Haircut with Glasses:

We bet there are absolutely no women across the globe who dislikes bob haircut. The instant lit appearance delivered through this look is unbeatable. Now, what about blending in such lovely bob with a beautiful pixie? Ever imagined that? Here is one such example. This blonde hair colored girl is sportively flaunting the bob haircut with pixie cut makeover for round faces, along with sunglasses and edgy appearance. Isn’t it cool?

  • Heat and oval face shape can also try this besides the round face.
  • Wavy and straight smooth hair texture can be the apt fit.
  • Why not work on this style for women in any age group? We love the fact that this cool and pleasant style can fit in women of any age group effortlessly.

12. Mischievous Elf:

This is the most adorable pixie haircut at this moment. Here the hair looks very neat and it reveals your face wide open. Women with cute faces can sport this cut easily. Here, a portion of the hair falls on the forehead and partially covers it. You can wear this look almost anywhere.

13. Cute Blonde Pixie:

Women with blonde hair can sport this look without much hassle. The hair is asymmetrically parted and the voluminous part of the hair takes the shape of a fringe and covers the forehead. This hairstyle will look very adorable with a party dress.

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14. Wet Pixie:

You need a styling spray for this look. This unique pixie looks very classy on round faces. After cutting the hair in this way, all you need to do is use a styling gel or spray or wax on the hair to sustain the wet look. Then use your fingers to adjust the short hair and give it that desired sophisticated look that you always wanted.

15. Messy Pixie:

This shaggy look has been exhibited by many celebrities over the years. In this hairstyle, the middle part of the hair is messed up. You can do that with the help of your hands only. The front, however, covers the forehead in a sticky manner. You need to us a suitable styling gel which will provide your hair with a firm hold.

16. Punk Pixie:

The pixie has taken a revolutionary change and has now taken this amazing punk look. There is no specific style regarding the Punk pixie. You can style it, according to your preference. In the image below the hair touches the eyebrow level and hides the ears as well. This haircut looks pretty impressive on young girls.

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17. Pixie With Bangs:

This pixie is a bit longer than the previous ones. Here the front part of the hair protects the forehead from public exposure and makes this haircut look like a fringe cut hairstyle. The hairstyle looks very classy and has an old-school touch attached to it.

18. Rounded Pixie:

This short haircut will texture your round face in the best way possible. Your face will look prettier with this hairstyle. The hair doesn’t lay over the forehead and permits you to impress people with our facial beauty.

19. Unity Of Form And Content:

The hairstyle is very popular nowadays as it was sported by none other than Miley Cyrus. It is an absolute beauty that will depict your defiant nature. The length and the colour of the hair can be expanded easily.

20. Pixie With Small Bangs:

In this particular look, the hair is extra short on the front. It will reveal your face and your forehead as well. You can impress others with your neat facial looks and a head full of cute short hair. If you have a round face and want very short hair, then before trying anything else, you should go for this look.


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