From Bella Hadid to Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry, most Hollywood celebrities have donned lovely Pixie haircuts, and we can’t get over how beautiful and bold they look. The Pixie haircuts are all about the right attitude and looking smart with the perfect dosage of elegance, grace, and style in the most modern style trends. Pixie hairstyles are all about chic, edgy and sleek looks effortlessly, and this list of the latest and popular Pixie hairstyles has our hearts.

Cute Pixie Haircuts for Girls and Women in 2023:

If you are willing to take the risk and go for a short hairstyle, these pixie styles might be just for you! These 30 versions can inspire you to create the “New Year, New You”!

1. Orange Pixie Hair with Fade:

This modern and ravishing pixie haircut for women is one-of-a-kind. This is among the trending pixie haircut ideas, particularly for those who love a bold, glamorous, edgy statement appearance. The haircut features a low fade in addition to orange hair, bringing on a chic appearance. It is perfect to get a vibrant and contemporary feel.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Women with wavy and straight hair textures can try.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Those with oval, round and diamond face shapes can try this look.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers and spring are ideal seasons.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women and young girls below 40 years must check this out.
  • Coordinated Outfit: Western casual wear and trendy jumpsuits are a perfect choice.

2. Blonde Pixie Haircut Idea:

Women who love blonde hair, this is something for you. The silver hair pixie haircut is perfect for women with round faces. The lovely look is not just contemporary and modern, but also is a clean style statement to work along your professional career. Hence, officegoers and professional women can also try this glamorous, chic and stylish pixie haircut seamlessly.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with wavy or straight hair texture can try it.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Women with round or face shapes can check this haircut.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Any season is ideal for this pixie blonde haircut idea.
  • Ideal Age Group: Young and older women equally can give this look a try.
  • Coordinated Outfit: The pixie cut looks wonderful formal and casual.

3. Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women:

This is a perfect pixie haircut idea for women over 50 or 60 years old. You can look simpler, elegant and much smarter in this pixie look idea if you are into the older age cohort. Undoubtedly, this delivers a very relaxed and cool vibrant glam quotient. Do you agree?

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any hair texture and type can try this pixie cut.
  • Preferable Face Shape: The pixie cut for older women is suitable for oval, diamond and round face shapes.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Any season is perfect to try this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Older age group women can give this pixie haircut a try!
  • Coordinated Outfit: Any casual, partywear or special festive wear is suitable for this look.

4. Pixie Hairstyles for Fine Hair:

If you have such fine textured hair, you are blessed. You must check out this pixie haircut idea for women with fine hair. The smooth and fine hair texture can seamlessly complement the style and glam quotient of the haircut. If you love unique and modern smart looks, this is a perfect choice you must check out. What do you think?

  • Suitable Hair Type: Women with fine and smooth hair texture can try this.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Any face shape is suitable for this pixie haircut.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers, autumn and spring is the ideal season.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women below 45 can try this pixie haircut.
  • Coordinated Outfit: The pixie cut is suitable for both formal and casual or party outfits.

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5. Pixie Haircut for Kids:

How about this pixie haircut idea for kids? We bet you may not have come across such a lovely and smart look. The pixie cut is suitable for even curly hair and can deliver a smart and classic simple style statement. Check this out, and you will be thrilled, just like us!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with thick, curly hair texture can try this pixie hairstyle.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Any face shape can try this simple pixie haircut.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers are ideal for checking this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Any kids in the young age group below 15 years must try this out.
  • Coordinated Outfit: Casuals and everyday wear are ideal for this haircut.

6. The Messy Pixie Haircut:

This layered hairdo is the perfect way to add irresistible volume to your mane. So, if you have always battled with thin, lifeless hair, try this one next time. The pointy layers can be groomed in any way you want to for creating multiple looks. Use gel to spike them up for a gamine style or comb it down to suit workplace norms. Adding red highlights is sure to set you apart from the crowd!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Women with thin and limp hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Round, Oval and Square face shapes can carry it well.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Ideal for Summers and Spring Season to look classy and fabulous!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Best for ladies aged above 40 years to get back to their younger self!
  • Coordinated Outfits: Short dresses, Formal Wear, Skirts and Boyfriend Shirts.

7. The Vintage Style Pixie Cut:

If you are a lover of the good old times, this can be one of the best pixie haircuts! The sweet and delicate looking hairdo comes in a neat, side partitioned cut, which can highlight your facial features. You can get the “carefree” look or flaunt your feminity by adding a pretty hair clip on the sides. Easy way to get the chic vibe back.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Best for straight and soft hair that doesn’t need a lot of layering.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Heart, Oval and long face shapes can easily carry it.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This retro hairdo works for all seasons.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Anyone can try this style from the 20 to 50 age group.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Stripes, Polka dots, Puff sleeves, anything that can remind you of the vintage era.

8. The Shag Pixie Cut:

This “long” pixie is perfect for those uncomfortable with a dramatic transformation! Try this length before chopping off your bangs if you are experimenting with the fairy cut. More hair in the front can give you a voluminous appearance and allow you to play your “girly” self!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Women with straight hair can take that bounce.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Long face shape to cover up your forehead.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Works for summer and spring. It is not recommended for very windy weather.
  • Ideal Age Groups: This hairstyle suits women below 50 years of age.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Tan tops, Scarves, Jackets and Floral Prints.

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9. The Side Swept Pixie:

This Pixie cut gives you a clean and polished appearance with its side swept bang style. The short pixie falls into the androgynous cut as it is cropped on the back and slightly longer on the front side. So, if you are in the mood for something boyish, use a trimmer to chop off the rear hair and layer the crown until it reaches the desired length. Adding a golden highlight is like the icing on the cake!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thin hair that doesn’t need a lot of texture.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Works well for round, oval and diamond shapes.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Best for hotter months of the year!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Ideal for young girls who love to experiment.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Sweatshirts, boyfriend shirts, unisex clothing.

10. The Curly Pixie Hairstyle:

If you thought pixies were only for straight hair, you are wrong! Curly women can try this style, although the output is slightly different. For beginners, a medium length pixie haircut can give an idea about the lookbook. Adding the “red-headed” effect can get you a warm look on your pale white skin. Use a curl definer after washing to get these gorgeous locks!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Curly or wavy hair of a fairly decent length.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: This style works for women with oval, heart and round faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Try it in autumn to match the beauty of the falling leaves!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women above 40 years can try out this look!
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Semi-formal clothing, Short dresses and Cardigans.

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11. The Blue-Haired Pixie:

With punk styles back in vogue, millennials feel it’s better to go bold than go home! The regular box pixie gets a “blue” finish to look sassy. When all the others are going for safer bets like browns and burgundy, you can go that extra mile and try this exciting look. However, if you have naturally dark hair, you might have to go for multiple rounds of bleaching for the pigment to show up!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Light coloured hair, preferably platinum and blonde.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: This balayage style Suits oval, square and round faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Try it in dull climates to avoid unwanted stares!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teens and young ladies below 40 years.
  • Coordinated Outfits: Colorful clothing, Sweatshirts, Cardigans and Tank tops.

12. The Spiky Pixie Cut:

Let out your free and wild spirit with this super short, spiky cut. The punky pixie haircut is an excellent style for middle-aged women who love getting back to their charming young selves. The buzzed hair must be brushed backwards, with layers getting shorter as you approach the crown. The rear end is trimmed to get a casual boyish look. Try giving the dual-tone pixie hair highlights for a root-lifting effect!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Women with grey or light hair colours.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Ideal for oval, long and heart-shaped faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Best for winters to bring out the snow queen in you!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Looks better on women aged 50 plus.
  • Coordinated Outfits: Puffer jackets, oversized sweaters and Plaid shirts.

13. The Pixie Bob Cut:

Retain your dainty look with this long bob pixie. The neat hairstyle can give you a girl-next-door feel with the lengthy, side-swept bangs—the best part about this is its versatility. You can dress up like a princess by adding a shimmery hairband or go for a biker look with a pair of studs. Either way, this hairstyle rocks!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight hair which has the right volume.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: If you have a heart, oval or long face, go for this one!
  • Best Seasons to Try: Suits all seasons!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women between 20-40 years.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Dresses, Minis, Shorts, and almost every style goes with this hairdo.

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14. The Pompadour Pixie:

The Pompadour blonde hairstyle is a real crowd-puller! It builds massive texture on the top to create a super chic look. However, this is not a real haircut but a short pixie styled into a quiff with gel and tools. Just brush your hair in the backward direction and lift it using a straightener or dryer. Set it with a hairspray and watch as you have some serious “hair raising” moments!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, Layered hair with more length and volume on the front.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Ideal for heart, round and square-shaped faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Good for all seasons, as long as you properly care for your hair!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women aged below 50 years can try this exciting look!
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Mix a girly top with a punk style leather jacket!

15. The Curly Pixie Prom Cut:

This is not a pixie haircut, technically! However, I did my best to put it under the category, and you might want to recheck, though! If you believe in the “old is gold” concept, this vintage prom haircut is a must-try! The classy cut reminds me of yesteryear’s beauties who are looking sizzling in smooth, wavy locks. Although not technically a pixie cut, you achieve similar results using a curler. Roll up your locks and create more volume on the sides to get that glam-doll look!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thick hair that can hold the shape.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Ideal for heart, pear and round face shapes.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Try this in spring for some fun!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women between 30-50 can wear this vintage hairstyle.
  • Coordinated Outfits: Pick retro or vintage clothing to suit the theme.

16. The Fringy Pixie:

If you are inclined towards the dressy element in your hairstyle, this pixie haircut with fringe may be the right idea! It’s an extended version of the asymmetrical fringe style with loads of layers. Using a curler, the bangs are rolled up on the side for a retro vibe. Even the base is neatly tucked above the ears for a glamorous look that you cannot resist!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Blonde, naturally straight hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Works well for round and square-shaped faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers may be the best time to try this style.
  • Ideal Age Groups: If you are between 20-40, go for this without a doubt!
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Tank tees, lace tops and anything chic!

17. The Flicked Back Pixie:

Not a fan of all the hair falling on your face? Try this ultra-glam hairstyle that can cut you through the crowds. A sensual and straight hairdo can be achieved by brushing your tresses in a backward direction. Just lift the bangs and flick them on top. Keep the rest of your mane straight and neat. Modern, Edgy and Impressive – three words to define it!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Brunettes or dark-haired women with straight hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Women with short foreheads can try them out.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers and monsoons to stay maintenance-free.
  • Ideal Age Groups: This cut is suitable for women aged 40 Plus.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Dressy tops, structural gowns and modern silhouettes.

18. The Choppy Pixie Cut:

Try the blunt bangs instead of razor-sharp edges for a wispy look. You can add layers by chopping off the locks in a high-low manner. This creates the proper hair density and volume you always wanted to achieve. It also allows you to go for dual-tone hair colour, with a brighter shade like red on top and darker ones (browns or blacks) for the roots.

  • Suitable Hair Types: The cut works well with straight poker hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Round and Square shaped faces can be it out!
  • Best Seasons to Try: Ideal for winters, especially if you want the coloured look.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Suitable for women of all age groups.
  • Coordinated Outfits: Simple outfits like tees with cosy fleece.

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19. The Unicorn Pixie:

Do you believe in unicorns? Then say it aloud with this happening hair colour trend! The magical pixie look can be recreated by bleaching the natural hair colour into platinum white. Shades like lilac, green and blue are dyed in alternate segments to create a colourful effect. However, the partitions need frequent touch-ups to avtouchupsed the look.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Best for blonde or white hair to reduce bleaching time.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Square, Diamond and Heart shapes can be it out.
  • Best Seasons to Try: The multi-colour look may look appealing during snowy winters.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Experiment with this if you are below 45.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Black, grey, white or any other soothing colour.

20. The Gothic Pixie:

It’s fun to try out this gothic look if you are a brunette or of Asian origin. The jet black locks quickly remind us of the dark subculture of the ’80s. To own this style, start with an asymmetrical cut and keep the side bangs extra long. Add volume to the crown by lifting the roots. Keep the fringes wavy or soft-curled, and don’t forget to show your attitude!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Brunettes and black-haired babes can try this one.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Suits any face shape, preferably round and square.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This soft wavy hairstyle is ideal for all seasons!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Goes well with ladies between 25-45 years.
  • Coordinated Outfits: It’s gothic, so invest in a lot of black clothing!

21. The Wild Pixie Cut:

When it comes to acing the short hairstyle look, none can match the style of Jennifer Lawrence. This glam doll sure knows how to achieve multiple looks with the classic pixie cut. The lady sporting a wild and quirky look for public appearance is spotted here. She crisscrossed the front bangs to recreate the punk effect and it looked like her hairspray did a great job making it stay!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight hair with volume in the front.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Round and heart face shapes women can try out.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Good for spring and summer seasons.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this style if you are between 20 and 45.
  • Coordinated Outfits: Both casual and dressy outfits go well with this cut.

22. The Wavy Pixie Cut:

Kristen Stewart has always gained attention from the paparazzi for her bold hair choices. Recently, she surprised everyone with her unusually wavy pixie that looks effortlessly chic. Her blue Chanel suit was complimented well by her blob of curly locks on a uber-stylish pixie haircut. Needless to say, she had the entire media talking about her!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Sleek hair with front bangs.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Diamond and round faces can carry it off well.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Reserve this style for summer!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Best for women between 25-40 years.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Plaid suits, Casual outerwear and contemporary clothing.

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23. The Barbie Doll Pixie:

Miley Cyrus’s haircuts have been under the constant radar of the fashion police. The gorgeous singer went for this ultra-bleached pixie cut for a pre-grammy party. She silenced everyone with her Barbie doll hair, which she pulled off quickly. This style made her facial features more noticeable and put her ear(ring)s under the spotlight!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thin and sleek hair with naturally straight texture.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Oval and long faces can try this one.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Works for all seasons, as it is short and cute!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this if you fall between 20 and 50.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Dressy tops, T-shirts and Fancy outerwear.

24. The Dual-Tone Pixie Cut:

Scarlett Johnson’s hair choices are anything but boring! She is a pro at trying out new looks and creating an explosion every time she walks out! This pixie haircut is a classic example of how she loves going off-beat. Her front bangs are coloured in two tones and rolled up, contrasting her short undercut. If this celebrity haircut is not bold, then we don’t know what else is.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight or wavy hair with lighter shades.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Suits oval and diamond-shaped faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer and Spring are ideal for trying this one out.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Easily suits women between 20-40 years.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Dresses, Girly Tops and Simple accessories.

25. The Punkrock Pixie:

Katy Perry’s platinum blonde hair and punk style dress are too hot to handle! She transformed from the long-haired diva to the “nearly-gone” hairdo. Her extremely short crop makes us question if she is the same Katy we have seen for years! Those razor-sharp spikes and dreamy eyes make us want to hear her “Roar” again!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Sleek and straight hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Perfect for oval and long faces.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Wait for Spring to arrive to try this one out!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Looks great on women between 30 and 50.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Slimfit clothes, Unisex outfits.

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26. The Short Pixie Cut:

Who says older women cannot experiment with their looks? This elegant silver pixie can knock off at least a few years from your face and make you feel young and active! The classic asymmetric cut suits almost all face types and age groups. It is also straightforward to maintain and saves you a lot of time. You can keep it a monotone or add a hint or two of colours!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thin, straight hair which needs volume in the front.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Long and Oval shapes can carry it off well.
  • Best Seasons to Try: It’s a timeless trend which suits all seasons.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Go for this if you just crossed your 50th milestone!
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Jackets, Sarees, Kurtis and elegant tops.

27. The Ultra-Asymmetrical Pixie:

If you are ok with going bold and beautiful, try this sensational style. It is dramatic, but if you have the attitude to carry it, why not? The super lengthy side bangs are a surprising contrast to the “barely there” undercut! Give your roots a dark touchup to not touch on the feminine look. Whether you’re a perfect pixie or a naughty one, this one grants you all the attention!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, long hair to get the right length of bangs.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Long, oval and inverted triangle shapes can try this Pixie haircut with bangs.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This cut is best for the summer and spring seasons!
  • Ideal Age Groups: This style cuts young girls and women between 20-40.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Shirts, Jackets and Boyish outfits go well with this cut.

28. The Straight Pixie Cut:

The straight Pixie is an evergreen trend which never fails to create an impression. It is one of the most popular cuts among the long pixies, and women love it for its versatility. You can try a layered, shaggy look or smoothen it for a professional style. Plus, your locks’ wild, rebellious nature can make you look more attractive than ever!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Blondes and brunettes who have straight and silky hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Works well on round, heart and diamond face shapes.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Try this out in autumn to make heads turn!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Ideal for women between 30 and 50.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Illusion tops, strapless dresses and off-shoulders.

29. The Red-Headed Pixie:

Coloured hair raises many eyebrows, especially if it’s a bold hue like this one. Instead of a long hairdo, keep it crisp and short with a wavy pixie. The side-sweep can touch your eyes, and adding layers lifts the oomph factors. This is an excellent idea for those who don’t have straight poker hair but want a pixie’s dynamics!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Natural redheads or blondes with wavy hair.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Oval, diamond and Square shapes can try this technique.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Strictly for winters and dull climates.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this if you are 30 plus.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Denim jackets, light coloured clothing.

30. The Long Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut:

If you want the sassiness of a pixie but are worried about losing out on your lock, this style may be right for you! The “not-so-short” haircut is free from layers and is just a smooth, flowy bunch of side hair. Keep the length slightly below the chin to make a difference. Instead of an undercut, go for chopped locks long enough to tuck behind your ears.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Works best for women with straight hair of a decent length.
  • Preferable Face Shapes: Round, heart and square shapes face types can flaunt this style!
  • Best Seasons to Try: No specific season. It can be tried all around the year!
  • Ideal Age Groups: Suitable for women aged below 40 years.
  • Co-ordinated Outfits: Noodle tops, Tank Tees and Short dresses.

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What to Know Before Getting Pixie Haircuts?

Ok! These pictures might easily tempt you into trying out the Pixie trend! But there are some truths you must know before taking the major decision of chopping off those luscious locks:

  1. Before rushing to the salon, understand what pixie cut you are looking for. Very short, short or long? Based on this, you can collect the relevant pictures to help your stylist.
  2. Not all pixies look good on all face shapes. So, check out its suitability for your face before the chopping work starts.
  3. Next, you must be prepared for maintenance! Unless you want a “wink and go” pixie look, you must go for frequent trims to keep the pixie in shape.
  4. Growing back to long hair from a pixie might take a long time. If you have a dramatically layered cut, get ready to carry a comic style for a couple of weeks.
  5. Pixie cuts work well with different accessories. So, invest in cute hair clips and ear jewellery for a “dressed up” look!
  6. To avoid a bedhead, you might have to use frizz balms and hydrating creams in humid weather!

With all your favourite celebs embracing the Pixie haircuts trend this season, you have plenty of reasons to try it too! These pretty hairstyles can save you from the trauma of blow-drying and setting every time you want to go out. Just wash it with a conditioning shampoo and use a leave-in balm. That’s all! You can walk out of your home feeling like a superstar in just a few minutes. So, if you are ready to take the risk, then “Pixie” is like Ri Ri and Katy!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What Is Pixie Cut Best For A Beginner?

Ans: If you always have had a decent length of hair all your life, then very short pixies may not be suitable for you. Before committing to the shears, you need to ask yourself if you are ok with the idea of a drastic change. Experts, therefore, advise beginners to try out the long length pixie, which can be adjusted later if you want to crop it more. Instead of the dramatically bald undercuts, try trimming it to a boyish length to get the “all is not lost” feeling.

Q2. Which Pixie Cut Is The Easiest To Maintain?

Ans: Undoubtedly, it is a short pixie, with strands not more than 1 inch in length. If you are prepared to take that extreme step, then this hairstyle can give you the comfort of walking out of bed in style. The Shaggy pixie may also work for you, but you may have to care extra for your hair in humid conditions.

Q3. Do I Need Special Products To Style My Pixie?

Ans: If you have a little spare time to style your hair, we recommend investing in some texturing products that can define your layers. They also smoothen out your strands and eliminate dry ends. However, too many creams and balms can weigh down your hair and make it limp and lifeless. So, keep it to just 1 or 2 products.


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