25 Best Pixie Hairstyles For Women

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Short haircuts have been in trend since a long time in fashion industry. These have become popular and are easy to make and maintain too. Pixie is one such haircut that can give you a voluminous look and when done professionally adds life to the hairstyle.

pixie hairstyles

Stylish and Cute Pixie Hairstyles with Images:

Listed are a few pixie hairstyles that are evergreen and can be easily maintained by all. Read through for what’s in fashion and one might be the right one for you too. Moving for a pixie haircut and confused to go for which hairstyle? The perfect hairstyle that one can rock like a celebrity.

1. Razor Edge Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie Hairstyles1

The look with this textured pixie is very feminine and soft. The haircut is short into ragged edges and teamed with wispy bangs that are long. These are then blended with razored side burns. Along the wispy edge the hair around the ears is like a feathered nape. At the crown, the hair is cut into short layers adding a lot of volume.

2. Super Short Spikes Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Hairstyles2

The cut is for those fond of a chic look with very short hairstyle. The fringes are textures and very short in length. The entire crown and back is textures with layers and kept short and blended. Thereafter, with a good gel the top is spiked up making the cut look edgy.

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3. Curled Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie Hairstyles3

Those who have natural coiled curls and fond of short hair, the look is like a pop star. This is a form of top heavy pixie that adds a lot of volume to the crown and is gradually softened towards the sides and back. Since the hair itself is high-maintenance a short length makes it manageable.

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4. Grown Pixie Haircut:

Like many things, pixie is also not a permanent hairstyle. Many are fond of keeping the hair short, but it gradually becomes out of shape. The good news with this is, that your outgrown locks can also be styled into something very beautiful and fashionable. This hairstyle is all about a few trims here and there while you are growing your hair.

5. Shagged Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie Hairstyles5

The shagged pixie has a lot of texture that adds volume to the hair. Moreover, the roughly chopped edges give a very trendy and stylish look. The shags also add volume that fall across the chin and over the forehead making the look complete. It suits best on oval faces.

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6. Chopped Curly Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Hairstyles6

Curled hair adds a lot of volume to any hairstyle and requires very less maintenance. The hair is chopped into very small strands around the neck and cheeks but left a little long around the forehead to give a soft look. It is a very feminine cut and well suits heart shaped face.

7. Red Hues Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie Hairstyles7

Well suited for tall face. This hairstyle is thick at the crown and tapered well around the ears. The back is left uneven adding to the texture of the style. It gives a complete rock chic look with the gradient of red shades. The edges are razored giving an overall soft look.

8. Colored Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Hairstyles8

The style of this cut is enhanced by the cinnamon coloring. This is perfect for those who have natural soft curls. The look is very feminine with hair kept short from all sides and well suited for all face shapes. It is one of the popular pixie haircuts for women.

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9. Snowy Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie Hairstyles9

The hairstyle looks stunning with the long uneven back and back-combed blow dried front. It gives an overall voluminous look to the crown and suits well for most of the face shapes. In addition it is a quick hair do when you are in a hurry.

10. Pixie Brushed To One Side:


One side brushed hair is a common hairstyle but making it with pixie, an extraordinary one. The one side brushed with combo of blonde hair and blue eyes make one look stand out. This hairstyle frames the face making the cut look feminine and pretty in spite of being so short.

11. Hawk-Like Hairstyle:


Hawk-like hairstyle is one of the most popular pixie haircuts. It’s long on the top and tapered on the sides. This is fabulous fake Mohawk, right down to the silver shade. This haircut is excellent to hold the high spikes. It will look good without hairspray by looking a bit messy.

12. Edgy Asymmetrical Pixie Hair Cut:


It’s been a long time having well leveled haircut, now try something asymmetrical. This edgy asymmetrical haircut represents the best of both worlds. It is long in front and on top, it’s short and stacked in the back. More volume is added at the back and less in front framing the face and highlights the hair. There is difference in lengths within the haircut which can be highlighted by bright shade to make it look cooler.

13. Buzzed Pixie Hairstyles:


The buzzed pixie is super short version of the pixie. This doesn’t mean that one will look like a boy at least when it is paired with earrings. This cut is done with an electric razor to make it look stylish. One can easily desire the length, it’s not necessary to end it up with short length.

14. Undercut Pixie Hair Cut:


The undercut pixie haircut are closely cropped, almost shaved on the sides and chopped on top with the length increasing towards the quaff. It looks like a puff made on top. It gives a very neat look and looks damn cool.

15. Side Design Pixie Hairstyles:


To make the look of pixie more vibrant, the side designing is done. The color is fierce, dark on light base and vice-versa. The real attraction grabber is the shaved. Different designs make it appealing. Undercuts and fades offer plenty of space for artistic designs. This is one of the best pixie hairstyles for women.

16. Tapered Pixie Haircut:


The tapered pixie goes with the oval face and big eyes. Add red lip and cute studs to enhance the femininity on the contrast with male hairstyle.

17. Chick Short Pixie Hairstyles:


In chic short style the sides and back are closely shorn like in a professional men’s cut. To contrast this hairstyle, it is long on the top and softly feathered forward. Pairing it with long earrings is a modern update for classic cut.

18. Cool-Toned Pixie Hair Cut:


The cool-toned cut is perfect for women with thin strands who want to make their short cuts look thicker. It will look super cool on smoke toned hair color. This hue is a complex mixture of silver; purple and dark brown at the base such that it does not look like grey box dye.

19. Deep Red With Wavy Bangs:


If one has a pale complexion, then deep red color is the best option contrasting the skin. The color stands out by itself. It can be styled with straight or spiky strands or by adding waves to short layered cut. This will maintain a soft romanticism within one style.

20. Super Short Pixie Haircut:


The super short pixie cut is for square shape face if one dares to chop off locks to get a very interesting look. Making it a bit messy and ends highlighted added with long earrings a perfect look to rock the party.

21. Short Work Of Art Pixie Hairstyles:


Short pixies are universally appealing and will never go out of trend. To make the look fresh stop painting on paper now one can try to paint a design into the flat section that is the undercut that can be easily washed out at the end of the day. That is a very awesome idea different design for different days.

22. Jagged Pixie Haircut:


The jagged cut hairstyle is a way to be edgy in short styles without bright dyes or crazy designs. This haircut is able to manage pack a punch with subtle details. This is a fun and funky pixie wild texture hairstyle. It even gives a clear forehead. A deep midnight purple color and spiky layers elevate the classic cut.

23. Short And Smoky Pixie Hairstyles:


In short and smoky hairstyle an undercut is done making back and sides clipped short while the top remains long. Brushing the top back for a Mohawk like style or brush it down for long bangs makes it look fabulous. The top highlighted with shades of dark and light purple create a smoky color combination that is both soft and edgy.

24. Short Lilac Flip Pixie Hair Cut:


Cropped cut is difficult in light shade and fine strands but going short is a very nice solution. The pixie with short acicular sides and neatly combed back longer top looks very stylish. This can be added with earrings and nose pins to look completely awesome.

25. Sugary Pixie Hairstyles:


The sugary pixie has sleek parted candy color cut. It will definitely look good on thin strands. This pale blonde color has a soft pinky hue that adds depth and dimension but one can dye it with different shades. It gives is a simple and stunning look.

The hairstyles look simply stunning and most of these are done keeping in mind the normal texture of the hair. it is necessary to use good quality styling products to make the hairstyle stay.

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. Depending on the style, pixies range from as short as half inch in some places to two or three inches in others. Pixie cuts are universally flattering. There have been many great pixie cuts over time, from Emma Watson’s stunning cut to Scarlett Johnson’s impressive quaff. Pixies are very easy to maintain and can be worn casually or dressed up for special occasion. They can be highlighted accordingly and as one wish. They really make one look cool and awesome.

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