The charm and beauty of gold bangles cannot compete with anything else. Whether to wear them separately or add them with other designer bangles, the plain gold bangles design is versatile to style with several elements and looks. They can instantly elevate one’s traditional and ethnic appearance and add style and grace to Indian and Western wear. So, we have something for you if you want to get a few plain gold bangles designs. These plain gold Kada for ladies are gorgeous and perfect for versatile, timeless wear.

Beautiful and New Plain Bangle Designs in Gold with Images:

Here is a list of 10 traditional and beautiful plain gold bangles for Indian women.

1. Twisted Plain Bangle:


This twisted plain bangle design from Bluestone is perfect to wear both as a bangle with other designer kadas or as a bracelet alone. It is pretty simple yet elegant and brings a catchy and attentive vibe. The bangle weighs around six grams and is budget-friendly too.

  • Design: Twister Design Plain Gold Bangle
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Festive
  • Style Tip: This bangle is suitable when styled with a pendant chain and dress or anarkalis.

2. Plain Simple Gold Bangle:


This PC Jeweller’s plain simple bangle in gold is another in our choice of favourites. Given the shiny, elegant appearance, it looks casual yet very rich and plush. Wear this one, particularly with other metal bangles or traditional wear kadas, for a perfect vibrant style statement. This is among the perfect gold plain bangles design must-have for everyone!

  • Design: Simple Plain Gold Bangle
  • Metal: 22kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual, Festive
  • Style Tip: These bangles are perfect for Indian ethnic wear such as churidars or sarees.

3. Sleek Plain Gold Bangle:


This sleek casual one is perfect if you are looking for a very basic and regular gold bangle design. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and good to go for several versatile occasions in hand. Check these thin plain gold bangles or churi out, and we bet you will like them too!

  • Design: Sleek Plain Gold Bangle Design
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Regular
  • Style Tip: This is versatile and can be worn on various occasions and outfits.

4. Tanishq Plain Gold Bangles:


How about this beautiful Tanishq gold plain bangle? This charming piece is perfect for women and modern young girls who like contemporary designs with bright hues and style statements. One can wear this multipurpose piece for informal occasions and festive ones. These plain golden metal bangles look elegant and mesmerising.

  • Design: Plain Gold Bangle Design by Tanishq
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Informal Gatherings, Parties
  • Style Tip: These are good to go with Indian ethnic and indo-western wear and are suitable for paired with rings and a simple pendant necklace or chain.

5. Thick Plain Gold Bangle:


This plain simple one is perfect for women who prefer a heavy and dense gold bangle. It looks rich and is filled with grandeur and elegance. The gold-plated plain bangles weigh over 16 grams and are ideal for women.

  • Design: Thick Plain Gold Bangle
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings, Festivities
  • Style Tip: This bangle is perfect when paired with other designers or colour bangles in sarees.

6. Gold Cuff Bangle:


This gold cuff bangle can be an excellent choice if you want a new contemporary design. The bangle comes with two motif designs at the edges, appears stylish, and is unique and edgy. It is perfect for young millennials who prefer something light and classy.

  • Design: Plain Gold Cuff Bangles with Two Motif Designs
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Outings and Parties
  • Style Tip: This is suitable for simple looks in indo-western and Western outfits.

7. Casual Gold Plain Bangle:


We have another gold bangle design from PC Jewellers, and here is one. It is pretty simple and good for those looking for casual wear. In addition, it can also be good when paired with other bangles during festive and special occasions. Check it out!

  • Design: Plain Gold Bangle from PC Jewellers
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Casual, Regular
  • Style Tip: This is good to pair in a single or add with other bangles and gold accessories.

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8. Gold Clasps Bangle:


This unconventional design gold clasps bangle is perfect for those who seek certain uniqueness in looks. The bangle comes with curved edges and a patterned look on the sides. It is simple, basic, and elegant yet looks stylish.

  • Design: Gold Clasps Bangle Design
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Regular Outings
  • Style Tip: This can be good when paired with casual looks and accessories for dresses and regular wear.

9. Plain Gold Studded Bangle:


For women who don’t wish to plain design, yet not with heavy looks, this studded gold bangle is a perfect choice to look for! This thick, dense, studded bangle looks grand, plush, vibrant, and stylish for women. It is among the best-selling design right now. This is a beautiful choice in plain gold bangles designs for daily use.

  • Design: Plain Gold Studded Bangle
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Regular Celebrations
  • Style Tip: Ethnic wear is the perfect choice with the studded bangle.

10. Plain Gold Bangle with Floral Design:


Women love floral and intricate designs, and this petal floral symbolised-looking gold bangle is perfect to light up one’s style statement. The trendy and beautiful designer bangle looks seamless and stunning, ideal for wearing a bracelet or single bangle. Try this plain gold bangle bracelet out, and you will like it too!

  • Design: Floral Motif Design Gold Bangles
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Cocktails
  • Style Tip: This bangle is perfect with partywear, elegant, simple accessories and drop earrings.

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Choosing the correct design for daily use is very important; the right amount of Gold and another alloy combination is the key. The designs like flat plain gold, the plain thick bangle is the definite choice since the dirt deposit will be comparatively less than the designed bangle. Designs like a completely plain bangle, which has no hollow inner surfaces, are the best to wear daily, not giving a chance for dust accumulation. Going for pure gold bangles can be very fragile, so one has to be cautious when worn routinely.


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