“Bangles”are always at a reachable and affordable range of jewel. Indian women are known for wearing Gold ornaments which are a traditional indian culture. Ladies wearing a gold earring, chain, and Bangles in their daily routine life is commonly seen. Though the concept of wearing decorative and heavy Gold jewelry is fading out slowly due to a recent fashion of wearing light and simple weight Gold ornaments which has come into play. Plain Gold Bangles are commonly seen nowadays which can be worn regularly as well as during any occasion.

Plain Bangle Designs in Gold:

Here is a list of 9 traditional and beautiful plain gold bangles for Indian women.

1. Plain Gold Thick Bangle:

A plain thick bangle can be the simplest and the perfect ornament for kind of occasion which will go well with ethnic wear. A thick and width of 3mm bangle will almost resemble like a kada bangle without any design.

2. Plain Thin Gold Bangles:

Thin plain gold bangles can be matched with any kind of colorful glass bangle which can be a good combination. Thin bangle can less of less weight as well as heavy which depends on which is the personal choice.

3. Grooved Plain Gold Bangles:

Bangles which has a serrated finish on the bangle which can be hand carved as well as machined or laser carved bangles. Hand carved bangles take a lot of time to finish the bangle design. Grooved bangles will go as center bangle along with kada bangles.

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4. Floral Design Plain Bangle for Girls:

Floral design is the most common pattern seen on the bangle. The floral pattern is usually engraved on the bangle using the modernized techniques combination with a shiny or matte finish look.

5. Laser Designed Plain Gold Bangles:

Laser cuts give a precise work output due to its neat cut made by the laser machines which are installed by the design input on these laser machines. The designs can be of a line pattern or circular pattern.

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6. Machine Cut-Shiny Plain Bangles:

Machine cut bangles are produced a lot nowadays due to its accurate pattern of work around the bangle. This gold bangle is made shiny once the machine cut design are embossed on the bangles. Usually, the corners of the bangles are made glossy.

7. Shinny Laser Work Plain Bangle:

Laser cut bangles are most durable and have high resistance against load and wear.The laser designed can be worn as a daily use when compared to other flimsy design.

8. Filigree Worked-Plain Gold Bangle:

This type of design is also called as Tarakasi which is originated from Orissa. In this pattern of bangles, Gold is melted and wires of gold are formed and then they are designed into various pattern. This is a very delicate bangle.

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9. Flat Plain Gold Bangle:

Gold bangle can be made into various form. The most common pattern is the circular rounded edge form the next on the list is the flat gold bangle. This kind of bangle mostly worn by aged people due to its simple pattern. Flat gold with designs is worn by all age group.

Choosing the correct design for daily use is very important with the right correct amount of Gold and another alloy combination is the key. The designs like flat plain gold, the plain thick bangle is the definite choice since the dirt deposit will be comparatively less than the designed bangle. Designs like completely plain bangle which does not have any hollow inner surfaces are the best to wear daily which does not give chance for dust accumulation. Going for pure gold bangles which can be very fragile so one has to be cautious when worn routinely.

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