One of the difficult things to follow at this point must be your core exercise. They may be hard during your pregnancy. This is because your core is in the pit of your chest, a little above the stomach which is the area that houses the baby. The good news is, there are a few core exercises that you can practice during this time that will strengthen your abdomen and help you to deal with childbirth in an even better manner. Therefore, planks during pregnancy can be your real saviour.

This will article will detail out some of the most helpful and efficient planks for pregnancy that you sure can try at home.

Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy:

Of what help can planks while pregnant be? Here are some benefits.

  1. Strengthens the abdominal muscles, along with your lower back.
  2. This helps relieve back pain that you may experience during pregnancy.
  3. It helps alleviate stress and will relax you. It will bring in a lot of positivity.

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Is It Safe to Do Planks During Pregnancy?

It sure is! Merely eating a healthy diet will not help. Your body also needs some exercise to make sure you experience a healthy pregnancy. You need to exercise caution on the kinds of planks you may want to indulge in. Talk to an expert before you set your foot forward to begin doing planks.

Risks and Side Effects of Planks During Pregnancy:

Just like with other exercises, planks can also have some risks associated with it. Here are some of them.

  • Stressed muscles
  • Injury to the back
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Planks for pregnancy might mean you need to watch out that your spine is in a neutral position. If you have diastasis recti, you need to step away from doing planks.

Types of Planks to Do in Pregnancy and How to Do Them:

1. Side Plank for During Pregnancy:

Planks while pregnant are very good for your baby if you know what you are doing and the side plank is one of the oldest exercises in the book. There are two sides to this side plank which includes the traditional side plank and the modified side plank. The modified side plank is actually used much more today as it helps increase core strength much easier and faster than the traditional side plank.

  • Begin this on your left side
  • Your feet should be stack and the left elbow should be below your left shoulder.
  • Lift your body up
  • Extend your right arm, so that it points up.
  • Stay in the position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat with the other hand now.

2. All Fours:

The traditional means of planks during pregnancy requires you to kneel on all fours and push your wrists inwards for the best results but this will put quite a strain on your stomach when deep into your pregnancy which is why it is very necessary for you to go through dome modification.

3. Vertical Plank:

  • Vertical plank is less stressful for the body.
  • Begin by standing straight and facing the wall
  • Place your palms on the wall
  • Make sure your forearms and elbows touch the wall
  • Now, gently push back against the wall
  • Your shoulders should be pushed away from your neck and should be close to your spine.
  • Remain in the position for 10 seconds and repeat.
  • Tips for doing planks during pregnancy

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Planks During Pregnancy First Trimester:

At this point, here is something that is absolutely safe to try.

  • Begin in the modified plank position, which is on your knees and hands.
  • Slowly raise the right hand across your body and tap on your left shoulder.
  • Keep repeating the hand to opposing shoulder every time. This should go for about 15reps.

Planks for pregnancy is an excellent way to ensure that your pregnancy goes smooth and you remain healthy. However, it is always best to consult your doctor on the planks you indulge in. Be sure that planks will relax your muscles and you will feel great about it.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. Is it Safe to Do Planks While Pregnant?

Ans: Yes, it sure is. You just need to know what is the best one to be practised and what should be kept away from.

Q2. When to Stop Planks During Pregnancy?

Ans: Understand your body and stop them at any point if you experience any sort of discomfort or pain. The best judge is you. Further, you can consult your doctor before you begin again.

Q3. How Much Time Should I Spend on Plank Workout During Pregnancy?

Ans: There is no specified time. You can take time and practice at your own pace. Do not try to do it fast or pace up the speed. As the belly grows, it can be difficult for you if you start to pressure your body too much about time.

Q4. Is it Safe to Do Planks After Delivery?

Ans: Yes. But the kinds of planks you perform might vary from what you practised earlier. You need to consult your doctor to understand when you can begin.


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