Planks During Pregnancy

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Core exercises are quite difficult to and maintain during your pregnancy because your core lies in the pit of your chest just above your stomach which is the area that is used to help maintain a baby. But there are a few core exercises that you could do during this time to not only make strong your abdomen but also help you to deal with child birth in a much stronger manner. One of the great core exercises you could do at this time is planks which are very useful if you know what you are doing. Planks are very helpful to help build your core strength not only for yourself but to help in adequate child birth as well. Planks are easy to carry out and come with easy instructions all you need to do is stay focused and move into each exercise carefully giving your body the much needed time to cope with each move that you do.

Planks During Pregnancy

Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy:

The best place to get what you need in regards to instructions for doing adequate planks exercises is online and there are a number of organisations that put up free information for you in order to deal with planks on a daily basis. It is always better though that you do not overexert yourself in regards to not hurting the baby. It is good that you are practising a means of strengthening your core but do this without harming the growth and development of your baby. With the amount of information that you can gather online you will be ready to take on any planks exercise freely without any additional issues. To each their own though so each person has a different way of tackling planks therefore it is better to consolidate what you feel comfortable with for the best results.

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Side Plank:

side Planks during pregnancy

Planks while pregnant are very good for your baby if you know what you are doing and the side plank is one of the oldest exercises in the book. There are two sides to this side plank which includes the traditional side plank and the modified side plank. The modified side plank is actually used much more today as it helps increase core strength much easier and faster than the traditional side plank.

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All Fours:

The traditional means of planks during pregnancy requires you to kneel on all fours and push your wrists inwards for the best results but this will put quite a strain on your stomach when deep into your pregnancy which is why it is very necessary for you to go through dome modification.


This is a very important process for you to do while doing planks while pregnant because during your pregnancy you might lose certain means of being flexible which is why it is very necessary for you to make a few adjustments to the exercise like dropping one knee if you feel you are hyper extending yourself. It is very necessary that you find your own means of doing planks in order to customise it your own way.

doing planks while you are pregnant is very good to help build up core strength and give you the ability to handle both your pregnancy period and your labour so stay focused and find your sweet spot for the best results so when a person asks you can you do planks while pregnant you will know exactly what to say.

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