Plastic chairs are one of the most used furniture in decorating home or in an office surrounding, because of its easiness in carrying them. Plastic chairs can be made from various synthetic compounds which include polypropylene, acrylic, PVC which falls under Thermoplastic Category which is used in making mono bloc plastic chairs, Injectable molded plastic chairs. Thermostat resins are mostly used in making the rigid plastic chair which cannot be deformed once designed.

To know more about the type of plastic chair in detail which will definitely help in giving a wide knowledge to people who are planning to change their office outlook or designing your house with simple and pleasant interiors.

Simple and Modern Plastic Chairs:

Here are top 25 plastic chairs types pointed out in this article, which will help in designing the home or office interiors with ravishing colorful plastic chairs.

1. Plastic Foldable Chairs:

Plastic folding chairs are less space occupying furniture which not only helps to make a guest comfortable, but also provides a lot of space when chairs are not in use. This type of chair is made from a single block plastic material with a smooth finish. To make a rigid  plastic chair, thermoset plastic can be used.

2. Molded Glossy Plastic Chairs:

This single monobloc plastic chair falls under cantilever category which gets its support from the base instead of four stands which is the usual design of chairs. This type of plastic chairs is mostly used in restaurants, gardens and small pubs due to its eye catching design and glossy finish made from a single color. The legs are designed with curves which curls inside which forms a perfect shape to rest the leg. Since it is a cantilever chair, the chair should be thick enough to bear the load.

3. Plastic Rocking Chairs:

Rocking chairs are always the favorite chair design among old age people. Old people like to sleep off by listening to old songs and small movement provided by the rocking see-saw movement provided by the rocking chair. The chair is made up of arm rest, lower, upper and middle rail. The rocker base can be changed only if the chair is not made form the single plastic block.

4. Plastic Chairs with Cushion:

Plastic chairs are sold mostly without a cushion design which makes it less expensive and affordable for all level of people. For people who feel uncomfortable sitting on a hard and a pliable surface, then cushion designed plastic chairs are definitely the best choice. The cushion can be customized or purchased from store separately. The cushion can be given the same color as the plastic chair or to give a kick a designer cushion can be used which can either made form velvet or embroidery material.

5. Fancy Plastic Chairs:

The fancy designer chair is most commonly seen in Hotel Lounges, beauty salon or a small dabba. The shoulder rest of the chair is designed in different shapes on such commonly used design is the Leaf design. The most striking difference from the usual plastic chairs is the finish of this fancy chair, they have a slightly rough and rigid finish which represents like a thick plastic chair.

6. Plastic Ball Chairs with Cushion:

The plastic ball chair is also called as the orbit chair design, which has a round curvy design and in the center sitting arrangement is provided which has an oval design with a wide backrest. The cushion can be purchased separately along with the chair or plastic chair with glued cushion is available. This type of chair can give a modernized look to the house. The base of the chair is very much different from the leg chair, here the chair is provided with a circular hollow base, on top of it oval shaped plastic ball is attached which has scooped out appearance at the center which gives the chair look with cushion attachment.

7. Kids Rock Chairs:

Kids rocking chair are the most colorful plastic chair which has the dual color combination. For girls pink and cream combination sound the best and for boys, any color other than pink is used!! The lower part of the chair is provided with the curved base which facilitates the rocking motion which is attached to the usual chair design. To a cozy feeling the seat is made from a cushion which can be designed with cartoon characters which makes it more attractive for kids.

8. Plastic Baby High Chairs:

Baby chairs are unbelievably costly when parents to use it only for a few months later the kid definitely tries to avoid using them. In that case, it is worth opting for plastic high chair of the babies which can be used and sold later too, and the price of this chair are quite less than wooden high chairs. The legs of this high chair are quite long with a small rectangular table attached along the small sitting base.

9. Plastic Geometric Design Chairs:

This designer chair has the usual seat and lower rail attachment with four stands. The striking feature is the lack of upper and middle rail instead these chairs are made up of a continuation of lower rail with a single plate of plastic material designed into interlaced lines which act as the shoulder rest. This chair is devoid of the arm rest and Manchette.

10. Plastic Shower Chairs:

For people who are used to sitting and having a relaxing bath then this type of shower chair is suggested. The seat is quite wide with a perforation, which helps in letting the water sip out which helps in avoiding water stagnation. To bear the body weight the stands are usually made from metal and plastic combination design.

11. Round Plastic Chairs:

This is a type of chair is a standard furniture seen in all households as well in small electrical or carpentry store and in small take away hotels. The design of this type of chair is simple and serves the purpose of sitting without any fancy design. The chair is made from pliable plastic with four broad stands with a circular seat. The seat is devoid of cushion.

12. Plastic LED Chairs:

This single monobloc thermoset chair is rigid and steady. The chair resembles like a banquet chair design with a wide seat and a wide shoulder rest without any railings. The lead lights are attached on the lower part of the chair which radiates light in a dark surrounding. The light can be of different color, this type of less expensive led chair has become popular in pubs.

13. Moulded Plastic Square Office Chairs:

This transparent plastic moulded chair is made from the single plastic material which can be of different color. The chair has four moderate thickness stand with a square shape seat without armrest. This chair is best suited for media communication office where the interiors are highly appreciated.

14. Plastic Banquet Chairs:

The plastic chair can be converted into banquet chair with just a normal plastic chair and a long stretchable cloth or nowadays due to highly developed machines the design of the banquet chair can be replicated just by using the colorful plastic material. This type chair has a wide base which forms the stand for the chair with a seat and a long shoulder rest without side armrest.

15. Low-Level Plastic Lawn Chairs:

This low-level plastic chair is easy to sit chairs which are made from thermoplastic or thermoset material. These chairs have side long armrest which gives a more sophisticated look. These chairs are available in a pair or set of 4 and more which is accommodated with a center table.

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16. Perforated Plastic Chairs:

Perforated plastic chairs give an elegant look. These types of chair is used most commonly used in office set up or when creating a new design for a newly renovated house. The chair is made from the rigid plastic material with numerous holes on the seat and on the shoulder rest.

17. Designer Cantilever Plastic Chairs:

This one other type of cantilever design which gains its support only with a front two thick stand which curls down to form a box-shaped base. The front two stands are then continued to form the seat and the shoulder rest. The seat and the shoulder rest can be designed into a continuous porous design which forms a unique design.

18. Plastic Dining Chairs:

Plastic dining chairs are cost effective and can be painted in different colors of our choice which are the added advantage of these type of chair. When we buy a costly dining table set we tend to avoid making any sort of changes, but these simple dining chairs can be modified and adjusted according to our needs.

19. Floral Design Plastic Chairs:

This designer chair is the most simple and easy to decorate chairs which is made by using a simple monobloc chair. The floral design can be either painted or 3D image papers can be glued onto the chair precisely. This type of chair can be used for the theme party function.

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20. Plastic Diamond Shaped Chairs:

This diamond shaped chair is used in restaurant’s, photo studio or interior decoration studios. The whole chair is made from single color which has four thin stands with a wide seating base and the backrest is designed with a diamond shape as the main theme.

21. Plastic Easy Chairs:

Easy-chair can also be called as the Patio chairs which can be used in the patios with a center table which can create a perfect mood for drinking a cup of coffee. These chairs are made from thermoplastic like the Polypropylene.

22. Kids Plastic Chairs:

This is a standard stackable plastic chair which is sold in different colors since kids get attracted to different types of color and the most attractive feature is the shape. The leg is designed into a cylindrical shape with a square seat and a wide backrest. The type of chair is made lightweight, which makes it easy for the kids to carry it around.

23. Linked Plastic Office Chairs:

This type of sequentially arranged chair brings out a neat finish than the normally arranged plastic chairs in an office. The Chair has a wide back rest, then a wide curved seat which is made from a single block of plastic. This setup is attached to a long block of the metal stand.

24. Recycled Plastic Design Chairs:

This thick plastic chair made from a single block of plastic which is made from recycled plastic bottles and plastic kitchenware items. This type of reusable plastic has hit the furniture industry very strongly due to the fact that nowadays people have gained the awareness of making the environment Eco-friendly by reducing plastic waste. This plastic chair has the unique design with a small side arm rest.

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25. Honeycomb Designer Plastic Dining Chairs:

The backrest of these chairs is designed with a honeycomb design which has many perforated uneven circular designs. This type of chair is made from the acrylic material which gives a translucent finish and has a glossy outlook. This chair is also made from the single block of acrylic with four legs extending up to form the Seat and backrest which are designed in a honeycomb pattern.

To make life simple during the process of shifting a house or a workplace, it is best to have light weight furniture. Tables made from plastic are not so convenient for office use since they usually come without any side drawers, but then using stackable and designer chairs can be used along with wooden chairs which can help to maintain the company’s budget plan. Nowadays recycled plastic chair with cushion which can be used by company boss and managers, which is definitely not so low standard as we think.


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