Rings have been an important part in the celebrations of any occasion. Whether it is wedding or merely a small celebration, rings have always shown dedication, love and sensuality between the two. Gold rings and silver rings are now replaced with platinum rings which give a dazzling effect to the fingers of the wearer. When the platinum is combined with diamonds, the ring takes the charm to another level.

Platinum Rings with Diamond:

Let’s move to some selective platinum diamond rings design widely chosen by the platinum lovers.

1. Holding Side Platinum Diamond Ring:

The platinum ring here is given a princess cut design. The ring is composed with a medium size diamond in the center which is held with two sided lanes designed as a hand. The ring sides are also studded with tiny diamonds for an amazing look to any lady’s finger.

2. Platinum Diamond Ring with Gold:

A widely selected platinum diamond rings for men is given a beautiful combination of platinum, gold and diamond for an attractive look. The ring is made with a square in the center which is fixed with several small white diamonds in it. The sides of the square are made in platinum with a gold filled line with diamonds also. It is a best gift for the groom on engagements.

3. Prince Platinum Diamond Ring:

As the name suggests, the diamond platinum ring is fully decorated with small white diamonds in round shape. It is a royal piece selected for marriages or engagement mostly by the royal families. The diamonds used in the ring are also a combination of two different sizes for a proper fixing on the ring.

4. Platinum Zigzag Ring Design with Diamonds:

Another platinum ring with diamond fixed in a curvy way is the prime choice for the men for a sophisticated appearance. The platinum ring is given two edges in between which a curvy zigzag is designed with two curves, one of platinum and the other is attached with diamonds. It is also an ideal design for the lovers as a perfect loving gift.

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5. Heart Designed Platinum Couple Rings with Cute Diamonds:

A simple but elegant couple ring design would be the best when made in platinum. The platinum diamond engagement rings are made for couples for a memorable day. The form heart when combined in platinum with a lovely diamond on the ends. It gives a sensual touch to the engagement function.

6. Pink Diamond Platinum Ring:

A cute design in the platinum diamond wedding rings collection with a simplified and stylish look is made with a pink colored diamond. The platinum ring is also given several white diamonds around the finger and surrounding the main pink diamond.

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7. Eye Designed Platinum Diamond Ring:

The design can be called a cross arrow design and also an eye design. The platinum diamond rings is given two layers where the top layer is given a lines pattern while the lower is given diamond studded design. The ring is widely gifted on small occasions to express love.

8. Simple Crystals Platinum Diamond Ring:

Want to present something simple and yet catchy! The platinum ring with diamond designed in it is the perfect ring you are looking for. The single lace ring is given several crystals in it. The simple ring can be the best gift to your valentine this season.

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9. Rose Designer Platinum Diamond Ring:

A designer ring designed for the newly wedded bride is a quite decorative on designer lehenga and sarees. The ring is made as a branch wrapped around the finger with a rose flower design on the top with a diamond. The ring is also designed with crystals to give it a justified look.

The platinum diamond rings are given unique effects when combined with different birth stones. The first thing which comes to your mind when you see a platinum ring is purity due to its shining and metallic effect.


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