Platinum is an expensive metal in white color. Platinum engagement rings are so classy in looks and gives satisfaction to the wearer. The designs of platinum engagement rings are very nice and delicate. When you wear platinum engagement ring, it conveys your richness. Platinum metal is stronger than Gold. You can also mix platinum with gold. It will look awesome.

Engagement rings are precious for couples. They always like to choose the best ring for each other. They can opt for the same design ring, i.e. couple ring. Platinum engagement ring will look gorgeous than gold ring.

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Platinum Rings for Engagement:

Here we enlisted below some of best designs and styles of engagement rings in platinum metal.

1. Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring:

In this platinum ring, there is one big solitaire diamond and a series of small diamonds. A beautiful shape has been given to a series of small diamonds. It is looking fabulous and will enhance the beauty of wearer.

2. Thick Platinum Engagement Ring:

It is so expensive and amazing platinum engagement ring for men. It will look classy when you make you would be wear this ring and he will be so happy. Diamonds signifies the true love for your life partner.

3. Classic Platinum Engagement Ring:

This is a classic design in platinum engagement ring for her. It is simple in design yet covers half of ring with small diamonds. It looks like diamonds are floating on ring. It is very delicate and need care in handling.

4. Couple Platinum Engagement Rings:

This is couple engagement ring of same design. Lovers usually choose couple ring for their engagement. It is like giving commitment to each other to marry. It is plain without any diamond but still gorgeous one.

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5. Platinum Gold Engagement Ring:

This is something really fantastic. This ring is a combination of platinum and gold. The middle diamond is shining so bright. You don’t need any other finger ring when you have worn this one. Only one is enough to show.

6. Chain Design Platinum Engagement Ring:

Now this is a new design in platinum engagement ring. It is looking like a chain is tied with a platinum string. It is unusual and won’t find any lady wearing this design ring. This will look unique on her hand.

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7. Platinum Engagement Ring with Bow Design:

This platinum engagement ring has bow design with diamond studded on it. It is looking lovely and charming. It is going to look attractive on your lady’s hand. She will cheer up seeing this design in her engagement ring.

8. Multiple Platinum Engagement Rings:

This is a collection of five platinum engagement rings. From my point of view this can be the best designs, as you can easily handle these. Heavy and delicate designs need attention. But these designs are rough and tough.

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9. Two Layered Platinum Engagement Ring:

This is really unusual design in platinum engagement ring. It is embossed with one diamond in middle area. And nice design is given to outer border. It is having delightful design. It will fetch heart of your lady.

Though there are various designs in platinum engagement ring, yet simplicity will win. Engagement ring is such that you need to wear it regularly so it should be simple and sober. You can easily wear and work without any problem. Platinum engagement ring is a sign of devotion and love for each other. It is a promise to love each other till eternity. There is a chance that you may get confused regarding choosing an appropriate design for your engagement ring. The ring design should be such that it arrests your mind forever. You never get dislike for it.


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