Ring is a jewellery adorned by both man and woman. Rings as jewellery is very old and has traces from history. The people in Old Kingdom Egypt wore a variety of finger rings and since then it’s been in fashion. The ring symbolizes different things. They are worn with stones for the beneficial of the wearer and in engagement rings are exchanged between couples.

The fourth digit or ring finger of the left hand has become the customary place to wear a wedding ring in much of the world. It is associated with the old belief that the left hand’s ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart: the vein of love. Apart from these it is also used as fashion jewellery which increases the beauty of one.

Latest Designs of Platinum Rings for Women and Men:

Platinum is the most beautiful metal and rings out if it is amazing. Here are some platinum ring designs for girls and couples.

1. Platinum Floral Ring Design for Girls:

Flowers as always symbolize boom and success. This platinum ring has three petals flower with diamonds and purple stones. The purple flower with diamonds embedded in the ring makes it look elegant. This is a perfect platinum ring for girls. It looks cool and radiant. Long fingers and this ring is a great match. One can move out with confident with this colourful platinum ring.

2. Simple Round Platinum Ring:

If one have to go simple yet want to radiate then this round platinum ring with small diamonds is ideal. It can be worn on formal dress and occasion since one needs to look stylish on formal meeting without being too colourful. This round platinum ring is an awesome design for teens that can carry them easily on any outfit without having any problem of matching it dresses.

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3. Bow Knot Platinum Ring:

The bow knot is not only in hair bands or shoes but even on rings. The bow knot platinum ring is a big ring which will be clearly visible. The bow knot made on the ring has diamonds all over which glitters. It is a perfect party Jewellery which will dazzle and will steal all focus on it making the wearer look pretty. The big bow platinum rings are in trend now as one wants to show what they wear. Bigger the ring more pretty the look. It will look prettier on traditional outfits.

4. Womens Twisted Platinum Engagement Ring:

The beautiful finish of this platinum ring makes it a platinum engagement ring. The lower portion of the finger will get covered with this twisted ring. It has diamonds embedded in the twisted loops of the ring which are sparkles with great strength. It will give a very stylish look to one. This ring will make the engagement memorable. It can also be worn as a ring for regular basis on workplace and in parties to make your hand look lovable.

5. Girls Platinum Heart Ring with Diamonds:

Heart design is though old but never out of fashion. A heart symbolizes the immense love in relationship and this platinum heart ring is the best way to express it. This platinum ring has a unique design; it has a look of two loops joined together and a heart made with diamonds on the top. The space between the heart is filled with a big single diamond which makes its look super stylish. They can be gifted to the dear ones.

6. Traditional Gold and Platinum Rings for Women:

Gold is itself a precious metal. This Gold crafted platinum ring looks beautiful. The yellow and white metal combination is outstanding. The art work of gold in the ring is similar to the art work found in monuments of Mughals which represents that the flower and curved leaves design is favourite dated back from history till yet. This gold platinum ring will look elegant on traditional attires and can be worn by women of any age group.

7. Solitaire Diamond Platinum Ring Design:

The solitaires are always on top in demands. This solitaire platinum ring has not that shiny platinum and polka dots designs of diamonds on it with a big solitaire on the top. It has no other designs still looks stunning. It can be worn on any outfit and will make the wearer look adorable.

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8. Beautiful Black Platinum Ring:

Black the royal colour when added to anything makes it charming. This platinum ring has black flower with diamonds outline, which looks absolutely amazing. If one wants contrasting colour combination then black and white combination is the best. This ring looks seamless. Wear it on parties to show your beauty.

9. Wedding Platinum Ring with Stones:

Coloured stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald etc when added to platinum make the ring more precious. Platinum wedding rings have stones matching to the outfit. This ring has green stone which is beautifully arranged as flower. This ring when worn on traditional outfits will make the look remarkable. It looks too attractive and eye appealing.

10. Platinum Engagement Ring with Pearl:

Pearls itself looks elegant and when added platinum ring it adds elegance to wearer. The Pearl gives a royal look and can be used in platinum rings for engagement. The pearl with it its majestic touch will make the relationship to last forever.

11. Smoky Platinum Ring Jewellery:

This platinum ring has smoky features and has cased diamonds all round and a big diamond at the centre. It looks classic. It looks old fashioned but it isn’t. It will even give a lovable look on dusky complexion. It will make the wearer look adorable.

12. Wide Platinum Rings for Girls:

Wide rings makes the finger covered quarter and makes the look admirable. This wide platinum ring has sparkling crystals on top which dazzles. It looks very cool and the teens can wear it in colleges and day out to look stylish and different.

13. Feather Touch Platinum Ring for Daily Wear:

A very simple and stylish ring is this feather crafted platinum ring. It gives a rough and tough look and shows boldness of wearer. It is can be worn anywhere and for professional purpose where one has to look simple yet stylish.

14. Bold & Sweet Platinum Couple Rings:

This is a platinum rings for couples. There are very rare designs for rings to get in pair and this is one among them. The bold one is for man which is smooth all the way and only a diamond at the top whereas for the woman is the ring which has designs on side of diamond which looks like wings. A perfect couple must have been looking for these rings. The man can get this and give wings to her wife and supporting her to fly like the rings.

15. Blue Touch on Platinum Rings for Couples:

The sky and water are blue and this blue colour is reflected in these rings. Blue is a royal colour and these rings are half the colour of platinum and half blue which looks damn pretty in very simple design. A small diamond on side is cased with them. One can wear it on blue dress for matching and the couples can silently open their relationship by wearing same rings in public occasions or workplace.

16. Heart Joint Platinum Rings for Wedding:

These heart joint platinum rings are ideal for engagement or wedding. The full heart is only made when it is joined. A pair will have half heart with one and another half with the partner. These platinum rings are best way to express love to each other. May fight happen but these rings magic would surely make the partners closer.

17. Amazing Butterfly Platinum Ring:

The butterfly represents huge transformation in life and call on us to expand wings and move on. This platinum butterfly ring can be used to benefit oneself as well as a fashion ring for nonbelievers. It is beautiful platinum ring with butterfly design on the top with diamonds cased in it. It will give a stylish look to the teenagers and young women.

18. Diamond Leaf Platinum Rings for Women:

Nature lovers would definitely love this leaf designed platinum ring. It has a unique look having look of leaf with diamonds all over and glittering. This pretty ring is adorable and will make the wearer feel awesome. These can be gifted to any age women as it will look lovely on everyone due to its beautiful design and dazzling look.

19. Wired Platinum Rings for Men and Women:

This platinum ring looks that many wires have been ached to each other. It gives a very cheeky look. It can be worn by both men as well women. College girls wearing this with cool attire will make them look glamorous. Men can wear this on black outfits to make it look clearly visible which will surely add charm to their personality. It gives a class to one.

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20. Creepers on Platinum Ring:

Creepers are plants which grow and move on ground. They don’t climb up. This art is copied in this platinum ring. This ring has three round designs as a cluster which depicts a flower and line the stem. Overall the design looks beautiful. It is a very simple design but is no less than other ring designs. In fact it has a class of its own. This will look cool on teens and beautiful on one who’s partner gifts her.

21. Antique Platinum Wedding Rings:

Antique platinum rings are hard to find but this one among them. It looks lovely. It has unique designs with smoky look. It can be used as engagement or wedding ring to make the occasion more beautiful by using this antique platinum ring. The bride or the fiancée will feel above the world with this stunning platinum ring.

22. Simple Star Platinum Rings for Couples:

To get the look of a star couple, this star platinum ring would be helpful in getting this look. This ring is simply stylish ring with no designs and only a small star design accompanied with a small diamond. It gives a very stylish and cool look. The wearers would be clearly noticed to look different because of their eye catching platinum rings.

23. Interlocked Platinum Rings for Lovers:

The way two lovers’ hearts are interlocked in the same way this platinum ring have crafted interlocked designs. The crafted work is in between the ring and has spaces by the ends. They look damn stylish. It has such a look that can be worn both by men and women. It will add glam to one style.

24. Black Stone Platinum Ring:

Black is absorbent of all colour which is used as stones in this platinum ring. This ring is designed beautifully by embedding diamonds and black stone making a spiral view. It is a big platinum ring which will look lovely on brides and on other ladies on traditional occasion.

25. Name Crafted Platinum Ring:

We used to get name printed on key rings, coffee mug and all, now we even have rings with name crafted on them. It’s not necessary to get the names of two love birds; it can be of any type of relationship brother sister, mother with kids and others. The name crafted platinum rings will be there for forever and would look beautiful as well as one would feel proud to show off. This name crafted platinum ring has a big diamond in between and names on side. It looks dazzling.

Rings are jewellery which makes ones hand looks beautiful. They were in fashion and will always remain in. They are used as fashion symbol. It can give the basic information of one by simply handshaking in first meeting. The platinum is a very precious metal and a ring out of it looks best of all the others. The platinum rings are worn by both man and woman and both have different designs to look adorable. There are different design collection for engagement, wedding and couples ring. They all look outstanding.


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