Plazo are a type of pants that are worn on kurtis that is, these have some bell bottom kind. They are attractive, quite comfortable, and don’t forget the cozy feeling. There is this new trend of long kurtis with plazo; they are worn on long kurtis because that’s the trend. This plazo with long kurta is a desi style adopted which gives a very nice traditional look.

Best And Stylish Plazo With Kurti Designs:

Here are some top 15 plazo with kurtis design for women in fashion.

1. Flared Plazo:

These are the kind of kurti plazo dress with flared bottoms they can be worn on short or long kurtis both type will go. They have a plazo kurti design that is; it can have a different kind of design on the plazo they have flowers print, fish print or any other kind of print that will make it look good. They have flared legs print.

2. Layered Plazo:

The layered plazo is a kind of design which will go with the long kurti design; this kind of plazo is a flared dhoti type design designed with two levels, can be worn with kurta and this plazo and kurti design is very popular as it suits everyone.

3. Slit Plazo:

The slit plazo is a kind of plazo which has a slit in it this plazo with long kurta is a great design for people who want to wear the slit plazo and at the same time want to hide it, this can be worn with long kurta to give it a nice design.

4. Trouser Style Plazo:

The trouser style plazo is a kind of plazo style which is worn on a long kurta, because it has this trouser style which brings out the design of kurta when worn with this trouser style. There are different latest plazo kurti style are given by many designers.

5. Pleated Plazo:

The pleated plazo are the type of plazo which have pleated bottoms, they can be worn on long kurtis, long kurti and plazo are a great combination as they are the latest trend in the market. They have a different design on every plazo and different design on every kurti that is worn; they go best with the long kurti as they are pleated and kurti looks best on them.

6. Culottes Style Plazo:

The culottes style plazo is short plazo above the ankle length this plazo with short kurti design will match the best, under this kind of style, short kurti can be worn as it gives a good look to the plazo style.

7. Plazo Suit:

The plazo suit is a designer plazo kurti design which is a complete set of suit, it has the kurti with plazo of matching you don’t have to match the plazo with your kurti it comes in a set with whole design in it. Same color with same kurta and the kind of design that you need. It’s just a complete set that you can buy easily.

8. Dhoti Style Plazo:

One of the latest kurti design with plazo is the dhoti style plazo this kind of plazo is worn with short kurta and long duppatta’s this have lots of pleats in them that is the side pleats in them, which comes from the sides. These are the latest trend in the plazo style which gives a good traditional look.

9. Wrap Plazo Style:

This kind of kurti plazo design looks like pants with leg sleeves and all but the two legs serve as separate body for wrapping and wrap up plazo. They generally have a draw string to tie them along on the waist line but buttons come as a sort of design on them, these can be worn even on t-shirts and kurtis both, they are a party wear kurti with plazo.

10. Floral Plazo:

The floral plazo is a plazo design which has floral that is flower print on the plazo making it more attractive and looking good, this can be worn as a white kurti with plazo set as floral print becomes better with the white kurti giving it an elegant touch.

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11. Net Kurta Plazo Set:

Net is a very trendy material that people are usually wearing these days. And black net kurta are in fashion these days, these black kurti with plazo is a great combination and the one which has a slit in between and it looks good with the white plazo. A lot of people like to wear this plazo with kurta on traditional days or some functions because they look really good.

12. Pink Kurti with Plazo Style:

This pink kurti with plazo is a very elegant short kurti with plazo style that gives a very nice look as pink is a color that suits to almost everyone out there; it’s a color that can be best worn in summer, and gives a bright look to your face.

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13. Yellow Plazo Set:

The yellow kurti plazo set is a complete plazo kurta design it has this yellow kurta with red or some other combination of plazo with it, which looks really good the plazo is not just a plain plazo it can have some pattern or what you call gota attach on it, which is a decorative things attach underneath it.

14. Slit Kurta Design:

This slit kurta plazo design is a very nice look, the kurta has this long slit from your waist level or higher till it goes down, the ankle length and it looks really good with the plazo basically with the trouser style plazo, this gives a nice look when matched with the black kurta and yellow plazo.

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15. Cigarettes Style Plazo:

The cigarette style plazo are the type of plazo pants that are very thin that is they do not have a bell bottom rather they are stick to leg kind of things. The plazo kurti image is very clear it can be worn on short or long kurti as in the picture; these also come in heavy material clothes.

There are a lot of plazo styles that can be worn and you can get your plazo even customized as the type that you need. These plazo are very trendy these days, as they are very comfortable to wear some have bell bottom some are stick to legs some are like a trouser shape.