9 Best Pochampally Cotton Sarees

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Now India is a big country with a big family which she houses within herself. Indians are separated at the crown where each culture follows their own heritage but tied together at the roots where we recognize ourselves as the children of India. Amongst the various versatile cultures, southern India has shown flying colors. The rich designs and the pure colors from the various silk, cotton and soft cashmere jute fabric left us dumbfounded and coming from one of these southern talent hubs, Telengana, Pochampally here are some of the wonderful designs they have blessed us with.

Beautiful and Traditional Pochampally Cotton Sarees with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of pochampally cotton sarees.

1. The Festive Look:

pochampally cotton sarees

Usually when we say festive, it is one of those lightly traded sarees with a hint of elegance mixed in well with sobriety. For the perfect festive morning look, this saree should be paired with a soft white blouse or a faded red. In fact, the base of the saree is in milky white with beautiful red borderlines along with faded water marks in red. A hint of faint yellow on the sides adds to the look.

2. Mix And Match Patterns:

Pochampally cotton sarees Mix and match patterns

This saree is a color punch of patterns where two of the best colors- the navy blue and the softened red gels well together to form the perfect look for the evening. The body color of the saree is a deep royal blue with the rest of the borderline along with the pallu sporting a matte red. The rest of the patterns are in yellow with a mellow golden glow.

3. Satin Grey:

Pochampally cotton sarees Satin grey

The saree is in dense grey with a beautiful shade of red on the outer lines. Whoever said grey was a dark and dull color simply never combined the best of the colors together. The pallu for the saree has a beautiful red, yellow and olive stripe towards the end. The grey in the saree is made of the finest cotton that gives it a chiffon look.

4. Grey And Black:

Pochampally cotton sarees Grey and black

Here we see the color grey in a totally different look. This time the hue is much lighter and has a satin feel to it which screams of elegance. This grey here is paired with a dark black that continues in bits and pieces to towards the end of the pallu. The entire borderline is made of the best georgette golden pattern work with soft golden art on the pallu.

5. The Checks:

Pochampally cotton sarees checks

Checks are one of the latest trends that are ruling the present days and therefore we gather the best of the shades in this saree. There is a bit of a nude and a bit of a black thrown in a mix of red and the monochrome checks appearing out of the blue in the pallu that adds a trendy feel to it.

6. Nude Hues:

Pochampally cotton Nude hues

The entire saree is in soft beige with a beautiful pink ombre shade on the borderline. This ombre has a distinct transition point from the beige which alerts the striking effect. The borderline effect is made of the softest copper gold and the usage of mauve stripes on the pallu end is really astounding.

7. Flowers In The Wild:

Pochampally cotton Flowers in the wild

Portray the summer like never before with this awesome saree in black and yellow gold. However, this cotton saree is in a mellow color where the saree suits the summer needs with the faded yellow and black shades. There are a few hint of white floral on the body of the saree.

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8. Stripe Affair:

Pochampally cotton Stripe affair

The saree is a mix and match of beautiful bubblegum pink and black. The end of the pallu sports a very beautiful grey pattern on the lower end that looks beautiful set against the black.  The use of the white stripe seals the deal.

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9. The Rich Gold:

Pochampally cotton rich gold

The body of the saree is made of white cotton with the softest golden detailing. There are beautiful golden highlights made of shimmering yellow gold that gives a sensuous richness to the look.

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