The Pokémon is the second largest selling video game franchise in the world. There are also animated games, card games, movies and animated short films based on this series. And the next upcoming trend is to print the Pokémon replicas on the T-Shirts. From teen to elder peoples love to take such type of t-shirts for their regular outing or trekking.

Latest and Stylish Pokémon T-Shirt Designs for All Age Groups:

Below are the top 9 T-shirts which are printed based on the Pokémon concept.

1. Video Game Based Pokémon T-Shirts:

This piece of Pokemon t-shirt for adults represents phenomenally the Pokémon computer video game back screen. This astonishing white T-shirt is meant for women. Get this pic of your favourite character Pikachu on your t-shirt, it gives soft feeling and represents your nature too.

2. Half Sleeved Pokémon T-Shirts:

This series of collection are preferred by the boys as a whole. The bright red Pokemon T shirt for boys is simply outstanding. It can be considered as the outfit that can be wore in casual occasions. School boys can prefer this t-shirt which determine the unity of strength.

3. Striped Sleeves Pokémon T-Shirts:

Here comes the sensational Pokemon tee shirt with black and white shades. The highlighting thing here is a striped design in sleeves alone. The sleeves used for this particular concept design is half sleeves. And the design is based on half and half concept.

4. Mushrooms Pokémon T-Shirts:

This Pokemon t-shirt for kids is exclusively meant for them. The image of Pokémon printed on the T shirt is as big as its popularity. And the colours chosen here is unlimited with the design of mushrooms. Both boys and girls would love to wear such kind of printed design.

5. Double Sleeved Pokémon T-Shirts:

Here is the kid Pokemon t-shirt which has double sleeves. It is the combination of both half and full sleeves. This breath taking t-shirt comes with Red and grey shades. This one is good comfortable in winter season too for your kids.

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6. Small Print Pokémon T-Shirts:

Discover the new series of collection of Pokemon t-shirts for men. The t-shirt is fully black in colour which has a remarkable small print of Pokémon shaded in its signature yellow colour. This dark black t-shirt will be yours, if you really want some unique meaningful picture.

7. Cartoon Font Pokémon-Shirt:

Here comes another set of astounding collection of Pokémon T shirts for kids. The concept is drawn using only two bold colours namely black and white. Kids would love wearing this set. This t-shirt also comes with the half sleeves and the round neck.

8. Printed Pokémon T-Shirts:

This t-shirt of Pokémon is printed with its trademark font name. No other images are depicted here except the text. They are preferably worn by men.

9. Graphic Pokémon T-Shirts:

Last but not the least, here comes the miraculous shade of Grey Pokemon tee shirt. The exceptional thing here used is, a print using graphics. It is literally preferred by both the genders.

Every cartoon character indicates his own passion and cartoon hero teach us the strength of his power. Try this collection of Pokemon t-shirts and pick your favourite character. The credit of originating this Pokémon series goes to the Japanese people. With the launch of various video games, on this Pokémon series, it has got its renowned position. And hence it became the trend among the kids and young adults, to wear this series of Pokémon T shirts.

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