Polka dot pattern, a design which has become trendy off late. Used on clothes, accessories and used for various designing purposes. Polka dot is a pattern that consists of an array of circles that are equally sized and are placed with equal space in between the circles. But with the advent of modern nail designs these restrictions broke off. Now varieties of experimentation are done on the basis of the size of the circles, spaces and placing and definitely with the colors. With the advent of nail art which is fashion activity as well as a form of art carried out on nails, polka dot was not restricted to fabrics and garments only; it gained entry into nail art as well. Not only the nail artists appreciated it and used it vigorously, but they came up with various wonderful polka dots nail paints.

Beautiful and Stylish Polka Dot Nail Art Designs with Images:

Here is an attempt to bring out the top nine polka dot nail paint designs.

1. The Bubblegum Pink:

This nail paint with a pink background and white polka dots with black outline is highly feminine and perfect for events such as Valentine’s Day or might be just a casual date.

2. Black And White Dots:

Perfect example of a modernised version of polka dots, this nail art would go with a multitude of outfits from gothic to modern dresses. This one is a true eye catcher.

3. Holiday In Wonderland:

Be it a festive mood or a holiday season. A casual outing or a little garden party. This nail art is best suited for it, soothing light shades, a sunglass, and this beautiful bright yet soothing nail paint adds up to a relaxing holiday mood.

4. Love In The Air:

This one is perfect for girls having an eye on a bachelor. This polka dots nail paint is bold and beautiful. The rose on the nail of the ring finger is a sign of love, whether u propose or u get engaged. It is all about the love that is in the air.

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5. Flowers And Dots:

This one again depicts a romantic mood. This is a perfect combination of bright designs that certainly look good for almost any event thus making it a very nice design for you. The design can be made with a variety of different colours so that you have the option of choice when making this design.

6. Quick And Smart:

Running short of budget? Not much time left for the party? Then this is the perfect nail art design for such situations. Simple, funky, smart yet beautiful. Fit for young people.

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7. Christmas Time:

The Christmas tree on one of the nails adds a sort of festive mood to the whole art. That is again complemented by the festive sky blue colors and the green and red polka dots. The colors so befitting the theme of the nail art.

8. Gold And Girly:

So feminine the nail paint, specially the nails in the middle with the polka dots design. The golden paints on the other nails complement them in an odd way. But overall the feminine appeal of the paint is bound to catch the eyes of ages from teens to twenties.

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9. Polka And Pearls:

Elegant, extravagant, sensuous all praises fall short for this beautiful piece of nail art. The combination of jet black background and pearls adds this royal and aristrocratic feel to this nail art. Best suited with gowns and other gorgeous dresses, this is bound to be an elegant and gorgeous women’s first choice.


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