Polo T-shirts can be considered as the most comfortable outfit which matches with casual shorts as well with a formal pant. This advantage of casual as well as formal outfit makes it as the first choice for both Men and Women when it comes to selecting clothes. Polo T-shirts is a design wherein extra collar attachment is designed to a plain t-shirt. Spending few minutes in reading this article will give an idea about the types of polo t-shirt design starting from the classic type to colorful polo t-shirt.

Latest and Stylish Polo T-Shirt Designs for Gents and Ladies:

Let we have to look at the top 9 polo t shirts.

1. Classic Collar Polo T-Shirt:

This classic polo t-shirt made from thick cotton material gives comfortable feeling when worn on a sunny day or during a windy day as well. This classic t-shirt is made from single color with non-rigid collar.

2. Shoulder Patch Polo T-Shirt:

To give a different view to men’s polo t-shirt, which is brought out using patchwork design, which is concentrated on the shoulder part of the polo t-shirt. Patchwork material can be cotton, leather or any synthetic material which has contrast color to the t-shirt.

3. Tri Color Polo T-Shirt:

Tri-Color t-shirt can be made interesting by applying Indian flag color or any other country flag color. For people who like to have their favorite color combined into a single piece t-shirt then this tri color polo t-shirt is worth the buy.

4. Polo T-Shirt with Pocket:

T-shirt as we know it lacks the facility of keeping small items, for people who like to carry small cloth, small wallet or any other important items, for them this pocket fitted polo t-shirt is the best. The pocket is seen on the left top part of the t-shirt.

5. Full Sleeve Polo T-Shirt:

Full sleeve polo t-shirt comes handy during a windy or on a mild cool day, the sleeve is similar to the body color which makes it look like a formal shirt except the fact that the collar is not rigid when compared with formal shirt.

6. Contrast Color Collar Polo T-Shirt:

For ladies who are like changes all the time when it comes to clothing, for them this type of polo t-shirt which has contrast collared collar from the body and sleeve. The color of the collar is usually mild when compared with the body and sleeve.

7. Floral Print Polo T-Shirt:

Floral print polo t shirt can be classified as a unisex polo t-shirt which is usually worn as a beach wear or a summer wear clothing type. The floral print can be colorful or can have similar colors the background color of the polo t-shirt.

8. Sleeveless Polo T-Shirt:

When it comes to clothing for ladies during a hot summer day, it would be comfortable clothing line which includes sleeveless top. This sleeveless polo t-shirt designed for women is most commonly worn as semi-formal as a casual wear with a pair of jean or short.

9. Branded Jersey Polo T-Shirt:

Branded Polo t-shirts are one of the must have a top for both men and women. Men who are sports lover this branded jersey polo shirt would serve the purpose. Girls try to avoid collar t-shirt as a sports jersey t-shirt.

Polo T-shirt is definitely a must have T-Shirt which gives a modest look due to its attractive design. Women can wear this polo t-shirt as a semi-formal along with a pair of slack combined with a boot shoe and for Men polo t-shirt with chino would best option as a semi-formal t-shirt.

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