From food sellers to furniture suppliers, every area of the commercial industry requires poly bags as they are made from low-density polyethene and provide an easy and unique way to protect and package products. Polybags design is chosen so that they protect the items from dust and damage during stocking and shipment, allow buyers to transport their purchased items and much more.

Useful Polythene Bags for Packing:

Go through the list of the top 9 poly-carry bags to find a bag that fits the items you need to store.

1. Flat Poly Bags:

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They are the most common and most affordable poly bags to package products. They come in different shapes, sizes and types such as standard, crystal clear, heavy-duty and much more, which have their own features to protect and store items.

2. Gusseted Poly Bags:

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Gusset poly bags are pleated from both sides, thus allowing to store of large items and are available in a variety of sizes and colours. These large poly bags are suitable for packaging bulk items and bulky items such as candies, nuts, gift bags, baked food etc. They are also used in food packaging, hardware items, crafts and much more.

3. Ice Poly Bags:

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As the name is given, these poly bags are suitable for keeping ice as they are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and rough handling and reduce leaks and tears caused by melting water and ice. This printed polybag are highly customizable and are available in a variety of sizes.

4. Clear Door Knob Poly Bags:

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These durable and strong poly bags are easy to use as these bags come bundled in outer bags or on hangers made of cardboard. Clear doorknob bags work great for displaying different items as they are open at the top above the hole for easy loading and come as loose, single bags.

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5. Zipper Poly Bags:

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Zipper poly bags are some of the widely used bags in every industry as they hold the products in place, keep the air out and seal the items for better use. There are different types of zipper bags available such as crystal clear, PE zippers, white block zips etc., and each has different specifications to meet individual needs.

6. Mattress Cover Poly Bags:

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The mattress poly bags offer extraordinary clarity while providing protection against dust, dirt and water damage. These bags also prevent damage when storing or transporting and are available in different sizes depending on the mattress.

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7. Trash Can Poly Bags:

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These poly bags are highly durable and tear-resistant and can be used to keep your homes and offices clean and in organized way. The trash can poly bags come in various sizes such as 7-16 gallons, 20-30 gallons and much more to meet one requirement.

8. News Paper Poly Bags:

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These are the clear LDPE bags that are delivered, the newspaper catalogues, and flyers in any weather condition. Newspaper poly bags come bundled with a cardboard hanger for easy holding, tear-off and easy to use and are available in different styles and sizes.

9. Static Shielding Poly Bags:

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These poly bags are ideal for packaging electronic items as they come with or without zip closure and protect electronic items from static issues. Static Shielding bags are transparent and come in different sizes and styles.


Polybags are part and parcel of everyone’s life as they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials that help them protect and store items. Whether it is a flat bag, printed bag or bag on roll each has its own features to satisfy individual needs. The Polybags have ultimate strength at the bottom, which makes them durable.

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