Polynesian tattoos are getting very popular these days. Various people and many women are sporting these dark and thick patterns on their bodies. This is quite artistic, but you should be careful how large a design you want to sport. Like any other forms of ancient art, these are done with thick inks that are either dark red or black. These get deep into the epidermal layers and become challenging even to get a cover-up design done or removed with a laser. Therefore, even if you shell out a large sum of money, there may also be patches and traces of inks that can make your skin surface look patchy.

Therefore you should seek the advice of a professional artist before getting something like a large-scale design done. If you want, you can also customize different patterns to suit your taste. This may take more money, and you will have to go to an artist who does customizations. You should also try out something temporary before going for the inking. You can also get various associated designs done, like hibiscus and other floral formats, if you want to make this in a girl-type format. These can be incorporated into those types.

Best Polynesian Tattoo Designs:

The Polynesian tattoos give a beautiful look to the wearer when adequately selected. This season try to look trendy with any Polynesian tattoos suitable to your texture and colour. Below are the top 15 types of Polynesian tattoo designs that can inspire you for your design. You can also get similar customized designs done quickly.

1. Tattoo On Shoulders:

This is a girl-type design, and you can get a similar tattoo done all over the shoulders. You can also get floral arrangements done with patterns like this design. It is one of the best Polynesian tattoo designs for women.

2. Spinal Tattoo:

This is a spinal Polynesian tattoo that can be done like the weaving pattern of the tents of these tribal people. You can also do something like this if you want a vertical design. This tattoo is getting popular with men and teen girls in colleges. This pattern is mainly for the back area, as seen in the image. This tattoo signifies strength and power. The length can be carried out till the lower back to make it as long as you wish.

3. Half-Sleeve Polynesian:

This is a half-sleeve Polynesian design that you can do with other associated patterns. These are pretty trendy these days, and many people are sporting these. The long and dark lines with curves add to its beauty. The spear-shaped designs give it a unique look, similar to the henna tattoos. This tattoo can be carried on the legs and back also.

4. Tribal Polynesian:

This is another form of tribal tattoo, and you can also do this till half the arms. You can also extend this pattern to the wrists, make other patterns with this and then open this to the back or different body positions. The design is so correctly suitable for the biceps as it gives a circular shape in the beginning and later turns square. This can also be carried on the ribs.

5. Full-Sleeve Polynesian:

This is a trendy Polynesian design that has been done on the arms. This is a full-sleeve artwork; you can easily do this with any colour you choose. The unique design with grey inner shadings gives it a marvellous look. The wrestlers mostly ink it. It is getting trendy among many youngsters.

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6. Tribal Pattern Tattoo:

If you want to get tribal tattoo patterns on your various body positions, like arms and the side body, like the side of your head, you can take inspiration from designs like the above image. Different geometrical shapes make this tattoo unique. They are widely carried out by most of the youth in American and African regions.

7. Geometric Polynesian Tattoo:

This is a geometric Polynesian tattoo. You can try out these forms of traditional and tribal patterns for yourself as well. These can also be combined with floral designs in geometric format, which will look like the image above. Flowers are said to symbolise love, care and passion etc. Hence this tattoo carries such meaning to some extent. This is one of the Polynesian tattoo designs for men.

8. Polynesian And Maori:

This is a Polynesian and Maori tattoo design. You can get something like this on half of the arms. You can also later extend these with other patterns, and you can also customize these according to your comfortability. This tattoo best suits the components as it gives a perfect circular shape according to the biceps. Wrestlers, militants and dancers widely carry this tattoo to show their power.

9. Full Leg Polynesian Tattoo:

This is a very trendy-looking Polynesian tattoo that has been done on the whole of the legs. This is for those who want designs done on their legs. You can also use any choice of colours for this design. The big shapes make it more beautiful. Women highly carry out this tattoo.

10. Tiki Polynesian Tattoo:

Tiki is a human figure tattoo symbolising Polynesian semi-gods, similar to ancestors. This kind of Polynesian tattoo design is essential to the Polynesian tradition. Their simple meaning is protection. The organs of the Tiki tattoo are drawn apart to clarify the different meanings of each part. The eyes, nose, side faces, mouth, etc., are essential face organs of Tiki to be represented properly. This kind of tattoo is widely carried out on the shoulders and back by men.

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11. Polynesian Tattoo With Shell Design:

Polynesian tattoos symbolize longevity, protection, fertility, peace and wellness. The shell design of a turtle holds an important place in such tattoos. It is one of the most crucial sea creatures in the Polynesian tribe. Such tattoos have become trendy among college students and other professionals. Mainly this tattoo is carried on the arms and back to give a good view.

12. Oceanic Polynesian Tattoo:

This Polynesian tattoo design for men includes a natural feature, the ocean. Generally, such tattoos symbolize death or the world after death. But on the other hand, the sea is also a food source for them. Hence, it also represents life, persistence and fertility. The ocean waves are used to give the tattoo a circular shape and indicate the home of our ancestors. This tattoo is widely found in shoulders, neck and back circles.

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13. Enata Polynesian Tattoo:

The word ‘Enata’ means human beings and God. This Polynesian tattoo meaning is life, marriage, family, relatives, etc. When Renata Polynesian tattoo is combined with a creature, it symbolizes defending. While the same tattoo, when inked with a reverse creature, means foe. These designs are primarily seen in semi-circular shapes, which indicate the sky. The sportsman, wrestlers, and militants carry them on their arms and back.

14. Gecko Polynesian Tattoo:

This Polynesian tattoo design includes Gecko, which means lizard. The Geckos are believed to be representations of God or ancestors. It is thought that these kinds of creatures can talk directly to God and are the hidden spies of God. It is also believed that they bring good luck to the person who wears it in his tattoo and delivers death to his enemies. They mainly symbolize re-growth and survival. While in the Maori tribe, these designs are used as guidance against evil. This is one of the famous Polynesian tattoo designs for girls.

15. Sunny Polynesian Tattoos:

This kind of Polynesian tattoo for men is mainly found only in round-shaped tattoos. Almost all tribes around the world worship the sun as God. It symbolizes richness, brilliance, leadership, grandness etc. The rising sun indicates rebirth, hope, a new beginning etc. The sunset means death, evilness, sadness etc. The meaning of the sun in the Polynesian tattoo varies according to the design selected. Mainly the rays of the sun are used in tattoos. These tattoos have a tremendously positive effect on one’s life if appropriately chosen.


The Polynesian tattoo designs have a wide range of unique tattoo designs. They have different meanings when associated with varying shapes in the design. They are designed by the tribes residing on the island, and hence, they include various natural resource shapes in their tattoo, such as the sun, ocean, waves, lizards, etc., which are highly seen on islands. These Polynesian tattoo designs for men are now also becoming popular among women. So if you are passionate about islands, get a Polynesian tattoo inked and enjoy your passion.

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