Pomegranate Side Effects

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Among one of the most nutritious and the most health beneficial fruits, one of the best ones to be known to mankind comes in the form of pomegranates. One has to understand, that no matter how advantageous any food is, excessive consumption can always leads to side effects and dangers on the body. The fruit is mainly available during winters and included in the daily diet by millions of people around the globe solely because of the health and beauty benefits. There are loads of vitamins and minerals that you can expect if you use pomegranates in the right amount.

pomegranate side effects

Side Effects of Pomegranate:

To know about the dark side of pomegranates is as important as the positive aspects, which will help you keep overeating of the fruit at bay. The list below provides some of the known and worth the mention side effects that you should definitely read.

1. Disorders with Digestion:

Digestive problems like nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea are some of the critical situations that you might get into with pomegranate consumption. This usually happens when you have pomegranate juice. Problems with gastrointestinal tract might also arise. These however get treated in a couple of hours. One only needs to avoid oily food intake with this fruit to prevent this side effect.

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2. Leads to Low Blood Pressure:

Pomegranates lead to regulation of high blood pressure and reduce it. However, over consumption of pomegranates will only lower the blood pressure to an extreme level. Also, it is not a fruit that is recommended for people with low blood pressure. Pomegranates also affect the medication intake that is taken during high blood pressure and reduces its effects on the body. For the very same purpose, a professional should be consulted with.

3. Issues with Metabolism:

The juice of pomegranates hampers the functioning of certain enzymes that is needed for metabolizing certain medications like that for cholesterol. For those who are on some regular medications should definitely consult their doctor before adhering to pomegranate juice.

4. Allergies:

It has been seen, that some people have allergies to pomegranates. Also, those people who have asthma are seen to have aggravated situations of allergy and its symptoms and should avoid taking pomegranates. Some of the signs here include facial swelling, pain in the mouth, rashes, hives, painful swallowing and problems in breathing.

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5. Adds too Much Sugar:

For people who suffer from diabetes, pomegranate and its juice adds too much sugar to the blood stream. It has been advised by a lot of doctors that those who have high blood sugar levels should stay away or have pomegranate juice or fruit is limited amounts.

6. Heartburn:

Once pomegranates lead to GI tract problems and stomach issues and pains, the next it shows signs of heartburn as well. It is yet another side effect of the fruit on the body.

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7. Pomegranate Roots:

The roots and the bark of the pomegranate plant is quite poisonous and should not be consumes. A pomegranate becomes unsafe for the body in this kind of a situation and is one of the side effects that need to be mentioned here.

8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

The irritation in the bowel system can be experienced and is seen in a lot of people with over intake of pomegranates and its juice. Irritable bowel syndrome is what the situation generally leads to.

9. Bad Effects on Enzymes:

There are certain enzymes that are secreted by the liver whose functions can be hampered with the intake of pomegranates. It also leads to build up of various toxins in the body that can again prove quite fatal. This only means that one should consult a doctor or else limit the consumption of pomegranates to a good level if it is affecting their system.