Is your acne-covered face causing you to worry? Tried all methods, but in vain? Rest assured! There is Pomegranate to your rescue! This juicy, tangy fruit not only makes for a great snack but also offers cosmetic benefits! With the numerous anti-oxidants and anti-microbial agents, pomegranate for acne is a sure-shot method to achieve flawless skin.

However, not many are aware of the methods to use pomegranate for pimples. Along with a direct consumption for good health, the juice of its seeds can be combined with different ingredients to improve the potency and effectiveness of the treatment. Read along to find out more details about the benefits of Pomegranate and ways to use it

How Does Pomegranate Treat Acne?

A common question that most people ask is, “Is pomegranate good for acne?” and the answer is Yes, it is! Pomegranate juice is rich in crucial nutrients which are essential for healthy skin. Take a look at the exceptional nutritional profile of this fruit and how each of these agents works towards treating acne:

  • Vitamin C: Pomegranate contains a very high percentage of Vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant. Along with reducing skin damage, this agent can also boost collagen formation to promote healthy skin.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The seeds of pomegranate are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly Puninic acid, which can reduce dryness of skin, along with fighting the breakouts.
  • Phytochemicals: As per studies, certain compounds like Ellagic acid have shown anti-bacterial effects on infection-causing microbes, which are primary causes of acne.
  • Vitamin E: Pomegranate juice also contains Vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin cells. This agent can repair scars and blemishes of acne and lighten your tone.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Agents: Many agents like Flavones present in Pomegranate juice can bring down inflammation and redness associated with acne.
  • Dietary Fiber: The seeds of this fruit are rich in dietary fibre. By improving the digestion rate, the internal toxins get eliminated in the form of stools. This can purify your blood and reduce the chances of breakouts.

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How to Use Pomegranate to Treat Acne?

Now that you have understood the pomegranate benefits for skin acne, let us understand the two ways to use pomegranate to treat pimples:

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1. Pomegranate and Green Tea for Acne:

This is an anti-oxidant creamy mask that can effectively fight free radicals, which harm your skin. Pomegranate juice can control bacterial growth, while green tea clarifies your skin pores. This mask can also help in draining out the abscess inside the pimples to bring down the size and intensity.


  • Pomegranate Juice – 2tbsp.
  • Green tea Packet–1.
  • Water – 1 cup.
  • Honey- 1tbsp.
  • Cotton Ball – 1.

Preparation Time – 10 Minutes.

How to Prepare and Apply?

  • Prepare green tea by infusing one packet in a cup of hot water.
  • Now take 2tbsp of this tea and add pomegranate juice.
  • Mix 1tbsp of honey.
  • Dip a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture.
  • Apply it on the affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash with plain water.

How Often Should I Do This? Twice a week.

2. Pomegranate, Lime and Ginger Detox Drink:

To achieve clear skin on the outside, you need to clean your system from inside. This ginger, lemon and pomegranate drink can help in removing acne by eliminating the toxins. Along with making for a refreshing beverage, the pomegranate juice for acne can make your skin glowing with health!


  • Pomegranate – 1 large.
  • Ginger – 1 Slice.
  • Lemon – ½ Slice.

Preparation Time – 10 Minutes.

How to Prepare?

  • First, remove the skin of the pomegranate fruit.
  • Separate the seeds and transfer them to juice.
  • Add a ginger slice to the seeds and blend well.
  • Strain the liquid to remove the pulp.
  • Squeeze lime juice into this mixture.

How Often Should I Do This? Twice a week.

Serving Tip: Add some ice cubes to enjoy a delicious drink.

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We hope this article has given you a basic idea on the uses of pomegranate for acne. Pomegranate is one of the healthiest foods on the planet that can satisfy your dietary needs. Apart from strengthening your body from within, Pomegranate juice also repairs and renews your skin. It is also is known to do wonders for acne-prone skin by tackling the problem from the roots. If you are not very fond of eating pomegranate, it’s time you develop a taste for it, at least for the sake of beauty!


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