A moisturizer is a cosmetic ailment to nourished and healthy skin where the creamy silky consistency of the product hydrates and moisturizes your skin while retaining the moisture in your skin and locking out the excess grease and sweat by forming a layer on the top of your pores and preventing extra sebum production to show up on your face.

Some moisturizers come with sun protections as well where it protects your skin from the harmful UV rays while still keeping your skin moisturized. Then there are the body moisturizers along with the face that keeps your body as healthy as your face. Either way, be it oily, dry and even sensitive skin combinations, there is always a specific moisturizer for every occasion and every type.

Popular Ponds Moisturizers in India:

1. Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion:


The triple vitamin moisturizing lotion is a special concoction for the dry chaffing skin made of three essential body healing vitamins, namely, vitamin B3, C and E. while vitamin B3 nourishes and provides your skin the lost nutrition, vitamin C being a rich antioxidant takes care of your skin complexion, making it brighter and the vitamin E simply soothes and calms the skin.

2. Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream:


The classic childhood ponds moisturizing cold cream is a personal household name for many of us, rather the winter morning nostalgic memories. Quenching your skin’s thirst for moisture and nutrition essential glycerin, skin lipids and natural mineral oils fuse together in this awesome cream and the after results will leave your skin moist, soft and supple, nothing a gentle massage won’t solve.

3. Ponds Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair:


Dull and limp skin weighs down your look often causing the occurrence of fine lines and sagginess. With Pond’s gold radiance repair moisturizer you can now turn wrinkled dull skin to lively and vibrant. Engaging the power of gold with a side dish of anti ageing complexes, your over night cream will repair and moisturize the limp cells making it vivacious and bright, just like a glittering gold.

4. Ponds Clarant B3 Anti Dark Spots Moisturizer:


Uneven skin tone, patchiness and tan lines can now be tackled well with this Clarant B3 anti dark spot moisturizer that focuses on eliminating dark and stubborn imperfections from your skin while rectifying the uneven skin tone. Vitamin B3 here works as the primary ingredient with Vitamin C as a skin exfoliator.

5. Ponds Men Energy Charge All In One Moisturizer:


The men energy charge moisturizer comes with a gel base that is not greasy and won’t weigh down your face. Engaged with skin clearing properties, this moisturizer opens up clogged pores while the gel base seeps through the tough men’s skin to provide your face nourishment and softness. Regular usage can result in fairer healthier skin tone.

6. Ponds Age Miracle Youthful Glow Tinted Moisturizer:

The ponds miracle youthful glow is a tinted moisturizer, one of those kinds that integrate a BB or a compact into a moisturizer bottle so that you can get a slight base nude tint to highlight your complexion while this enriched in intelligent Pro Cell complex and SPF15 fight off the sun rays and renews the skin from the cellular level, repairing it for a more youthful vibrant look.

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7. Ponds Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer:

Reaction to the sun rays and the pollution outside often results in premature ageing of your skin. Slowly fine lines become more defined until you completely lose your face structure. This is when Ponds came up with the nourishing anti wrinkle moisturizer, a complex moisturization process mixed in with vitamin B and white tea extract to renew and fortify skin for a healthy beautiful glow.

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8. Ponds Perfect Result Multi Benefit Moisturizer:

The multi benefit moisturizer from Ponds is an anti ageing moisturizer with skin rectifying properties that turn dull damaged skin into bright and healthy by repairing the cell complexes with white tea extracts and Vitamin B while the vitamin C and vitamin E acts on the dullness to give you a lighter and brighter look.

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