Pooja Hedge is one of the leading actresses in the South Indian film industry, is quickly gaining popularity in Bollywood, and has established herself as a great actress. The media posts and upcoming projects always create buzz among the audience. Pooja Hedge, an avid social media user, gives fans a glimpse into her life through the most adorable pictures. The fans appreciate the actress for her style and beauty, besides her acting. In this article, we have presented you with some stunning pictures of Pooja Hedge without makeup.

20 Pooja Hedge Without Makeup Pictures:

Pooja Hedge has carved her share of the fan following with her exceptional performances in commercially hit movies. But as fans, many of us are curious to know how our favourite star looks at home. So, we have presented you with some pictures of Pooja Hedge without makeup.

1. Quirky Selfie:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture shows an intense look at Pooja Hedge. The actress showed herself to her fans during the Beast Chennai schedule. The look in her eyes is pretty fierce; no wonder she has a crazy following.

2. Pre-Gym Class Picture:

Image Source: Instagram

This no-makeup picture of Pooja Hedge shows her determination to exercise. It is a picture taken just before her gym class.

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3. Happy Workout:

Image Source: Instagram

Workout sessions can leave you sweaty, and this picture of Pooja Hedge is one right after her workout, where she looks sweaty but happy with herself. The two ponytails make her look like a cute little kid.

4. Family Love:

Image Source: Instagram

In many of her social media posts, we know that family is vital for the actress. This picture depicts happy memories she made with her grandmother during a break she took from her busy schedule.

5. Messy Hair:

Image Source: Instagram

This no-makeup picture with a message on Instagram showcases the funny side of the actress. She compares her messy hair to the club Messi goes to, but she and her hair isn’t going anywhere but staying home during corona.

6. Workout Pose:

Image Source: Instagram

Pooja Hedge stays fit and healthy as part of celebrity life by following a consistent yoga regime. This picture is right after exhausting yet gratifying sessions that left the actress sweaty but happy.

7. Chilling:

Image Source: Instagram

Most of Pooja’s no-makeup looks were during the quarantine because she got to pause and treat herself. The carb glow shows on her beautiful face.

8. Quarantine Diaries:

Image Source: Instagram

Quarantine during COVID-19 has been life-changing for many of us, and Pooja Hedge is no exception. Starting with her hair, the actress got rid of everything old and drab in her life during the quarantine, giving life a new look.

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9. Underwater No-Makeup Picture:

Image Source: Instagram

We all need a break from the workload and responsibilities. This no-makeup picture of Pooja Hedge was taken in 2019, and it is her relaxing by taking a dip in her pool before starting the movies lined up.

10. Sunkissed:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture beautifully immortalizes the sunset in an image that also covers our adorable Pooja Hedge in her no-makeup look. She seems to be enjoying the sea breeze and looks peaceful.

11. Liberating:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture of Pooja Hedge shows her all-natural face taking a day off from her hectic schedule to destress by hearing some music. The smile is enough to bring a glow to her face.

12. Cute As A Button:

Image Source: Instagram

This beautiful and no makeup picture of Pooja Hedge makes us wonder if happiness is what we all need to feel pretty. Because the actress looks absolutely the best without any makeup, calling herself a happy puppy.

13. Cutie Pie:

Image Source: Instagram

Family plays a vital role in keeping us going through life, which holds for the DJ actress. This picture of Pooja Hedge and her baby sister is taken during her weekend getaway, fuelled with kisses, hugs, and love.

14. Pretty As Always:

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another no-makeup picture of Pooja Hedge that makes her more relatable to many of us. According to her Instagram post, the actress is pretty hungry, sporting a simple white tee and loose hair. It makes you want to offer her something to eat.

15. Elegant Without Makeup Picture:

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes simple things can have a tremendous ability to show things differently. For example, Pooja Hedge dropped this beautiful picture without makeup on her Instagram handle between modelling gigs.

16. Monday Blues:

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another all-natural picture of Pooja Hedge that makes her more retable to us fans. Like many of us in a Monday world, she is a Friday person. The Garfield picture on her T-shirt symbolizes that the actress hates Mondays and prefers weekends.

17. Morning Looks:

Image Source: Instagram

We all have a bad hair day, though we might not accept it. This Pooja Hegde without makeup pic shows the actress’s good hair day. She, funnily enough, quoted the picture ‘when your hair deserves its very own post.’

18. Selfie-Time:

Image Source: Instagram

The Mohenjo-Daro actress posted this no-makeup picture when she was awaiting the release of her film with Akhil Akkineni’s “Most Eligible Bachelor.” The subtle smile lightens her face beautifully.

19. Nerdy Look:

Image Source: Instagram

Reading comic books must have been a memorable part of our childhood. But to think an actress as busy as Pooja Hedge will be a comic-book reader makes your inner nerd happy. In this picture, the actress looks relaxed and naturally beautiful.

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20. Cute As Always:

Image Source: Instagram

Like many of us, Pooja Hedge is seen enjoying a warm home-cooked meal during the covid-19 lockdown, sending a positive message to her fans to eat healthily.

21. Precious Smile:

Image Source: Instagram

Pooja Hedge has uploaded this cute picture of herself on the occasion of Children’s day on her Instagram handle. The beautiful smile seems like it urges you to keep the child in you alive.

22. Sibling Love:

Image Source: Instagram

Siblings are a beautiful reminder of our childhood. This picture of Pooja Hedge with her brother is a perfect example of the same. The actress posted this picture stating that her brother Rishabh Hedge is the Yin to her Yang.

Exciting Facts About Pooja Hedge:

Popular in both Bollywood and Tollywood, Pooja Hedge is a South Indian actress who mesmerized the audience with her performances. Here are some of the exciting facts about Pooja Hedge:

  • Pooja Hedge made her Bollywood debut in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjodaro alongside Hrithik Roshan. At the same time, her Telugu debut was in Oka Laila Losam alongside Naga Chaitanya.
  • The actress studied at MMK College in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • She was a Miss Universe India 2010 runner-up in the past.
  • Ashutosh Gowariker’s wife, Sunita Gowariker, saw the actress in a scooter commercial and was later approached for the role opposite Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro.
  • Since she worked for Mohenjo Daro, the actress rejected a Mani Ratnam movie.
  • Pooja Hedge is fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi, though her mother tongue is Tulu.

Being a fan of a superstar will make us want to know more about their personal life, their likes, dislikes, and how they look without the silver screen. We hope that the pictures of Pooja Hedge without makeup presented in this article have doused your curiosity; made you a bigger fan of the star for flaunting her naturally beautiful skin.


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