The ceilings are often the most neglected part of any room. We often don’t pay much attention to the design, look, colour or details of the ceilings. But do you know, you can make your pooja room look stunning just by trying different pooja room ceiling designs? Yes, it is true.

From bright colours to different textures and designs, the pooja room ceilings are transforming in the best possible way. Remember, if done right, the ceilings of your pooja room can create a lasting impression on all the people. Get the blessings of the Almighty from even the ceilings of your pooja room with these trending pooja room ceiling designs.

Best Pooja Room Ceiling Designs In India:

There are many options available now, which can be tried on the ceilings of your pooja room, including the pooja room false ceiling designs. Here are some of the simple and modern pooja room ceilings which will make it stunning while maintaining the essence of the pooja room.

1. Backlit Panels For Pooja Room Ceilings:

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This is the latest and trending pooja room ceiling design available in the market. The design is simple yet attractive in its terms as it doesn’t overdo the design of the pooja room yet makes it beautiful and complete.

You can use the backlit design for the pooja room ceiling in a single colour or combine it with some design to add more details. In general, most people prefer using yellowish or orange colours in the backlit to get a warm glow in the pooja room. The backlit panel ceiling design helps deliver better concentration in the prayers and meditation sessions.

2. Jaali Designs with Backlit For Pooja Room Ceilings:

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Moving ahead with the backlit ceiling design, you can combine it with decorative jaali designs. This ceiling design is one of the excellent ways for adding elegance to the pooja room along with keeping it light and minimal.

As these pooja room pop ceiling designs don’t go over the top, they help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the pooja room. As a surprise to many people, these jaali designs with backlit are also quite affordable. You can try many combinations of backlit colours and jaali designs to add the required brightness to the pooja room.

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3. Symbolic Ceiling Design:

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This is also one of the favourites of many people for their pooja room ceiling design. In this design, the pooja room ceiling is decorated with a symbolic spiritual design, which can vary according to the likings and preferences of the users.

The symbolic representation on the pooja room ceiling adds a charm to the pooja room which will surely attract many eyes to it. You can also add some twinkling lights along with the chosen symbol to make the entire look more attractive and bright. You can also try a combination of 2 colours, one for the walls and the other for the symbolic ceiling, to bring positivity to the pooja room.

4. False Ceiling Design For Pooja Room:

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The pooja room false ceiling designs are one of the most popular amongst users of all categories. They are tried and tested and are a big hit sensation chosen by the majority of people for their pooja room. Make sure you get this false ceiling design from a professional to get the best results.

You can try the false ceiling design in wood to complement the light-coloured walls of the pooja room. It will truly make the best combination and thus create an impressive impression. You can also add minimal decorations to add life to the pooja room with minimal effort.

5. Pop False Ceiling Design For Pooja Room:

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This is another popular variation of the false ceiling for the pooja room design. These designs come in different varieties and in different colours which enhances the warmth and the positive surroundings of the pooja room. The best part of these pooja room pop ceiling designs is that you can keep them as minimal as you want or make them as grand as you like.

The pop design for the pooja room adds a unique touch to the overall impression of the pooja room which allows the devotees to be more sincere and calm during their prayer time. The beauty of this kind of design can be enhanced by adding some lights accompanying the design.

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6. Wooden False Ceiling For Pooja Room:

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Just like the other pop design for the pooja room, the wooden false ceiling for the pooja room also creates a charming impression for the users. This kind of design looks extremely simple but is impactful in transforming the pooja room into a classy one.

You can complete the overall look of your pooja room by accompanying the wooden pooja room false ceiling designs with some contrasting coloured walls. A little decoration and a bit playing with the dazzling lights and you are done to make your pooja room into an awesome place to relax your mind.

7. Glass Panel Ceiling Design For Pooja Room:

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Another impressive option to try as a pooja room ceiling design is that of the glass panel. You can try the glass panel design either for the entire pooja room or just above the God statue; this entirely depends on your choice and preference. In both ways, it will create a stunning impression.

Using a glass panel will not cost you much and will keep the pooja room well-balanced with the needed calmness and relaxing environment. You can be as creative with the glass panel design as you want by using a plain or coloured glass option for the pooja room ceiling.

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8. Plain Wooden Ceiling Design With Decorations:

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You can always rely on a plain wooden ceiling design for your pooja room as it will never create a bad impression. You can easily pair it up with some easily available decorations like some lights or a chandelier which will add that extra dazzle to the room.

Pairing the plain wooden ceiling with a chandelier will make the pooja room brighter and glowing. You can also keep the ceiling simple to have a simple and sober impression. Trying the pooja room pop ceiling in wooden design is another option in the same design type that can be tried.

9. Decorative Tiles For Pooja Room Ceiling:

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One of the simplest and easiest ways to add spark to your pooja room ceiling is by using decorative tiles. Using the decorative tiles requires less maintenance as they can be easily cleaned from oil splash marks and smoke. Also, it is quite an affordable option as well.

You can use white, gold, brass or off-white coloured tiles on the pooja room ceiling to maintain simplicity along with adding the required charm to the room. The market has many design options for ceiling tiles from which you can choose the best design for your pooja room ceiling.

10. Laser Cut Panel Design For Pooja Room Ceiling:

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They say to keep the best for the last and this is exactly what we have done. The laser-cut panel design for the pooja room ceiling design is truly amazing and splendid. You will fall in love with the design as soon as you witness the same. These designs are cut into different decorative designs which look stunning when light passes through them.

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These laser-cut panel designs come in various designs and colour options. Along with this, you can also customize the design according to your liking. This design will truly embrace the beauty of your pooja room without any extra effort and unrequired hassles.

Transform your pooja room ceiling with something as spectacular as you can expect by trying the above-mentioned ceiling designs. Your pooja room ceiling design can say a lot about your personality; choose wisely the design which can reflect your true side. The pooja room false ceiling designs can be accompanied by many different styles of decorations to make the pooja rooms awesome in all senses.

In case you need any assistance with any of the pooja room ceiling designs of your choice, do comment about that below. We will get back to you with the best possible expert advice to suitably assist you in the matter.


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