Trying a new design in a pooja room can be risky, but if you are trying the latest wooden pooja mandir designs for home, you can be sure that your pooja room will look splendid and beautiful in all ways. The pooja room designs in the wood come in many varieties and options; thus, every user can find something that excites them.

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Considering the attractive pooja mandir images, you can use your creativity and innovative ideas for wooden pooja mandap designs or try the readymade wooden pooja room designs available in the market at your place.

Simple & Modern Pooja Room Designs In Wood:

If you are looking for ways how to make a wooden pooja mandir at home, then here are some of the ideas that you can try to get the most amazing and attractive wooden pooja mandir designs for your home at an affordable price range:

1. Wooden Cabinet for Pooja Room:

To add the touch of wooden decorations in the pooja room, there can be nothing better than using a wooden cabinet. The wooden pooja cabinet saves the maximum space and adds charm to the room with minimal effort. Match this wooden idea with an attractive pooja room wall colour to make it look stunning.

This idea is one of the traditional wooden pooja mandir models most users use. You can also add the needed little details to the available wooden pooja cabinet to make it convenient and suitable for your needs and requirements.

2. The Wooden Pooja Room Cupboard:

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You can also grace your pooja room by making use of a wooden cupboard for the pooja room. The pooja wooden cupboard looks attractive and is one of the easiest ways to transform your pooja room into a space saver auspicious room. Plenty of designs are available for the wooden pooja mandap, which can complement your home décor.

The available designs of wooden pooja cupboards vary from simple to quite decorative. You can also add the details in these cupboards to reflect your personality and liking.

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3. Wooden Framed Pooja Room:

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One of the oldest yet most common wooden pooja mandir designs that can be tried at your place is the use of wooden frames. The wooden pooja room’s frames will ensure enough space for all your other requirements and needs.

Using wood is one traditional way of making and decorating the Indian wooden pooja mandir with minimal effort. Along with using the wooden frames, you can also use the various wooden pooja mandap designs that complement the wooden frames. Another great thing is that these frames are available at an affordable price range.

4. Wooden Doors for Pooja Room:

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Using wooden doors for your pooja mandir is one of the traditional ways to have a wooden one at home. Plenty of options are available in the wooden door designs for pooja rooms, which can be seen in several wooden pooja mandir images.

The wooden doors are an excellent way for a simple wooden pooja mandir that catches people’s attention right at the entrance. You can also use a wooden pooja cupboard to make the room look stylish and auspicious.

5. Wooden Shelves for Pooja Room:

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Use the various available wooden pooja shelf models in your pooja room to make it simple and attractive without using any effort or without going out of your budget price. This is one of the common yet different ideas for wooden pooja mandir.

It is common in the sense that many people use wooden shelves in their pooja room, and it is different because you can try different varieties of these wooden pooja mandir designs to make them unique. Combine this look with different pooja room wall colours to give an edge to your pooja room and the chosen wooden pooja shelf models.

6. Wooden Wall Background for Pooja Room:

If you want to make your pooja room look slightly different from the traditional one, using a wooden wall background would be the perfect solution. Nowadays, this is one of the trending designs for the Indian wooden pooja mandir, which many people are trying. You can use the wooden background there rather than trying a complete wooden pooja temple at your place.

To make the look more interesting, you can add details to the design, like the backlight or decorations. You can also play with your pooja room wall colour to make a different statement.

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7. Glass and Wood Combination for Pooja Room:

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Combining glass and wood is another way to make your pooja room design slightly different. This idea of incorporating the woodwork designs for the pooja room uses glass and wood, which altogether enhances the beauty of the pooja room.

This is one of the latest pooja room designs in plywood, which is also popular amongst many users. Depending upon your liking and preferences, you can use these glass and wood shelves by mounting them on the wall or placing them on the floor.

8. Wooden Pooja Room Mandap:

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If you are a fan of a large pooja room, you would also love to have a large pooja mandap. Usually, a large pooja mandap can look over the top if special care is not taken about that. But you can overcome this problem by trying the wooden mandap for the pooja room.

One of the latest popular trends in the wooden mandap is using small details in the wood itself. You can also go for a small wooden pooja mandir or choose the large mandap for your place. To add charm, you can use the teak wood pooja door designs.

9. Small Wooden Mandir for Pooja Room:

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You can easily find the use of wooden pooja mandir in many homes. The reason behind this is that these mandir designs are compact in size, which preserves the maximum space, and they are also stylish in their looks, which catch the attention of all the people.

With the changing way of living, there are many different varieties in the pooja woodwork design, which enhance the beauty of the overall pooja room. The latest and trending design of pooja ghar makes storage space for every requirement of the pooja room, which is, again, an added benefit.

10. Wall-Mounted Pooja Room Design in Wood:

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Last, you can always try the wall-mounted wooden mandir for your pooja room. These mandir designs have been the traditional choice for many people looking for stylish and subtle designs for their place. The plywood pooja mandir design is the common design which many users prefer.

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Considering the changing times, many new innovative ideas have been included in the wall-mounted design to make it look more attractive to users. You can get enough space for all your requirements in these woodworks for pooja rooms.

These are some of the famous and trending pooja room designs in wood that you can try. These simple wooden pooja mandir designs will add charm to the mandir and fit in your affordable budget range. Customize your own design, or go for the readymade wooden pooja room. You won’t be disappointed with your decision.

If you need further information or suggestions for choosing the best wooden pooja room for your home, please write to us. We will provide you with the information that will be extremely useful for your needs and requirements.


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