According to the Indian culture and tradition, the pooja room is a very sacred place. A place of high importance in the household. Thus it is quite normal that people would want to decorate and design a pooja room. When it comes to the designing of the pooja room, the door is one of the most vital parts of designing. Besides door to any particular room carries aesthetic and religious values. Like any other doors, the pooja room door can be made of glass, wood, the combination of glass and wood and so on.

Best Pooja Room Door Designs Pictures:

Here we enlisted 9 modern pooja door designs in different models. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Painted Pooja Mandir Doors:

When it comes to religion or sacred issues why keep it constricted inside the room. That is why the images of gods and goddesses are portrayed on the door too. That would give the outsiders as well the people of the house the sacred, religious feeling the moment one stands in front of it. The basic material used for the door is wood with a traditional golden handle and lock system.

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2. Glass Pooja Door Design:

Running out of space? Small apartment? But you do not want to compromise the beauty of the pooja door design. This type of door design fits the modern space-friendly pooja rooms designed for small apartments and houses.

3. Fusion Pooja Mandir Design:

There are people who want to retain the traditional feel of a temple but at the same time add the elegance of modern door designs. This door is made out of wood and carved with traditional designs, but the glass piece adds transparency as well as the modern elegance, making it a fusion of tradition and modernity.

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4. Pooja Glass Door With Wooden Frame:

The glass door is quite common when it comes to interior door designs. This door design with a majority of glass gives the elegant, sophisticated look and at the same time, the stability is provided with the thick wooden framework. The glass portion is again decorated with some traditional mild coloured glasswork.

5. Sliding Pooja Door:

This sliding door design is a definite eye-catcher for everyone. With the metal framework and the glass designs, it is likely to be the number one choice for most people. On top of that, the glass painting of a god or a goddess adds up to this magnificent piece of design.

6. Pooja Room Door With Bells:

Bells are considered to be sacred. Thus designing the doors with bells make it a perfect choice or pooja room doors. This door design has a solid wooden framework with the solid bells hanging in the cutouts made in the door. The simplicity and the sacred value of door are bound to attract people.

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7. Ancient Pooja Door Design:

Many people like the ancient door designs when it comes to pooja doors. This door design resembles ancient temple doors. Carved out of solid wood and attached metal pieces give it the exact ancient feel that people would want.

8. Metal Work Pooja Door Design:

Doors these days are not just functional portals used to enter or exit. The designs have a lot of importance especially to people who want their pooja room door to look gorgeous, expensive. This wooden door design with a huge metal piece in the middle with ancient type carvings on it gives it a sophisticated look.

9. Double Pooja Door Design With Glass:

This is a glass double door design. With no particular wooden or metal framework, this design has got a sleek look. The transparent glass door with translucent designs is a brilliant choice for a pooja room door.

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Let us know if you still have any doubts or concern about these pooja room door designs. We would love to assist you with the best solutions and answers.


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