Pooja room is undoubtedly the heart of any house. It attracts such great warmth, positivity, and happiness that couldn’t be explained in words. Since the pooja room holds such an important place in our lives, shouldn’t it be made special with some amazing marble pooja mandir designs or pooja room wall tile designs?

Different and unique marble and tile designs add a splendid charm and look beautiful. Moreover, it’s also quite hassle-free to maintain its shine for longer than any other available design or wall paint. These pooja room tiles and pooja room designs in marble can be used for all types of places – your home or office. The best part about trying these designs is that they are affordable and last long.

Best Pooja Room Tiles & Marble Designs In India:

Adding a different touch to your pooja room is possible with varying designs. Interested in knowing the unique yet eye-grabbing designs? Here are some of the modern pooja mandir designs in marble, along with some trending wall tiles for your puja room that you can choose to make your pooja room truly divine yet the centre of attraction.

1. Printed Om Wall Tiles:

Image Source: flickr.com

The symbol Om represents the divine meaning in the Hindu religion and thus holds a special place for the devotees. Imagine having your pooja room well decorated with printed Om wall tiles. Wouldn’t it bring a fresh air of positive air and warmth?

The printed Om wall tiles are among the most common and popular pooja room tiles designed by people. These ceramic tiles are glossy, making your pooja room look attractive. These tiles for God’s room are available in 250X375mm size and make the best choice for both homes and offices.

2. Printed Ceramic Tiles:

Image Source: 99acres.com

These trending pooja mandir tiles are available in the market, making your pooja room beautiful and attracting positivity. These ceramic tiles for pooja rooms make the perfect choice for all kinds of homes.

To help the devotees connect with the divine power, these tiles are made using different colours, which have their own charm and spiritual meanings. These puja room wall tiles will make your auspicious room livelier and thus will help you to relax and pray with sheer attention in the pooja room.

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3. Small Mandir in Marble:

Image Source: sanideas.com

Another design that makes all positive and good news amongst the users is a small marble temple at your home. The marble pooja mandir is simple yet acts quite attractive in the best possible manner.

Rather than attracting the eyes with too many colours, it stands for purity and sincerity in the pooja room. You can try having some creativity with the marble pooja mandap, or you can also keep it simple and sober. White-coloured marble will bring maximum mental peace and relaxation and help people connect easily with divine power.

4. Shree Printed Wall Tiles:

Image Source: lycosceramic.com

If you want to keep your pooja room simple and beautiful, then this is the right pooja room tile design for you. These tiles have the symbol Shree printed on them and are suitable for homes and offices. These are ceramic material and 250X375mm in size.

The white coloured tiles with this spiritual symbol indicate to bring all good luck, peace, and happiness to the house. The simplicity of the tiles will also attract many eyes towards your pooja room while offering the needed prayer vibrations for showing honour and sincerity to our God.

5. Simple God Idols Printed Wall Tiles:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the creative ways for pooja room tiles design is to try either the simple wall tiles or the God idol printed tiles. Both styles of wall tiles look great and also beautify your pooja room. On the one hand, the simple puja room tiles models will help to focus better during the prayer and highlight the placed statues.

The God idol printed tiles will attract all eyes towards the room, enhancing its spiritual energies. You can try as many variations as you want and use these Godroom tiles in offices and your house.

6. Digital Printed Wall Tiles:

Image Source: tileswale.com

Ditch the old design ways for your pooja room and try these trending and latest digital wall styles instead to give your pooja room an attractive combination of style and spiritual aura. These tiles for God’s room are trending in the market because of their latest design, which is affordable.

These wall tiles for puja rooms are available in plenty of designs, from simple to more stylish ones. These tiles are mostly used in homes because of the many creative options that they bring along. Try these pooja mandir tiles and turn your pooja room into a stylish place to connect with our Almighty creator.

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7. Printed Symbolic Wall Tiles:

Image Source: indiamart

It is always wonderful to have all the spiritual symbols right in front of your eyes in your pooja room while offering prayers. Isn’t it? It certainly enhances attention and concentration during the prayer. But one thing these printed ceramic tiles pooja rooms add to the pooja room is the style quotient.

These printed symbolic puja room tiles perfectly combine simplicity and uniqueness for the pooja room. These make the best choice for both homes and offices and are available at an affordable price. You will love the warmth and positivity these tiles bring to your pooja room.

8. Marble Mandir Design:

If you have a small space in your home or office and want a compact yet stylish way to make a pooja room, you can try marble temple designs. These designs don’t consume much space but offer the same spirituality as big pooja rooms. You can also make them look more attractive by adding a little detailing.

Place the idol of your favourite God in these marble pooja mandir designs and find the most relaxing and easy way to pray your thoughts to our one and only creator.

9. Marble Platform Pooja Room:

Image Source: pinterest

You can try varying marble stone pooja mandir designs and have marble platform designs in your pooja room. You can use these marble platforms to put God’s statues and idols and place decorative items.

This idea in your white marble pooja mandir will bring positivity and pure blessings to your house. You can also decorate the room in different colours to make it look more stylish and creative. Also, using different colours will enhance spirituality in the room for all the right reasons. These marble platforms are undoubtedly one of the best home-made marble temple designs.

10. Marble Mandir with Backlights:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another style of marble pooja mandir designed for the home that you can try. These mandir designs are just like the other marble mandir designs and offer a backlighting effect to the mandir. The overall combination of the marble mandir with the backlighting enhances the beauty of the pooja room while keeping it subtle.

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You can also try craving God’s statue or idols along with the backlighting to make the marble God mandir designs even more attractive. Another important aspect of these mandir designs is that they do not consume much space and thus can be placed both at your home and office.

If satisfied and happy, you can try as many designs as you want for pooja room tiles. The main motive of the puja room tiles design should be to add warmth and positivity to make the pooja room attractive and charming.

Please write us if you need help or suggestions for selecting the best pooja room designs in marble or the unique pooja room wall tiles design. We will help you with unique ideas for making your pooja room the heart of your home.


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