Do you have enough pooja shelf in your mandir? Do you know that no two idols of God should be facing one another? They all should be facing in the front for getting the maximum positivity in the pooja room. But how are you going to manage this with the limited space in your pooja room? The solution to this is quite simple. You can try the various pooja shelf designs to suitably organize the variety of God idols that you have in your mandir. With these simple pooja stand designs, you can manage to get enough space in your pooja room for organizing each and every necessity.

Latest Pooja Shelf Designs In India:

Using the correct pooja cupboard designs will make your temple look big and thus ensures that it receives an ample amount of ventilation. Getting the proper ventilation is an essential necessity for any pooja room so as to maintain its décor. So, are you interested in knowing some of the best pooja cabinet design ideas?

Here are some of the simple and modern pooja room shelf models that you can try in your pooja room for getting the desired and expected benefits:

1. Pooja Room With Glass Shelves:

One of the basic and common pooja shelf ideas is to have glass shelves in your pooja mandir. These glass shelves are quite an attraction even in their simple look. Further, it is really very easy to clean these shelves and you can do it quite often for making these glass shelves last long.

You can have these glass shelves in many different shapes and sizes along with trying many different designs with them. One of the trending designs that are on peak these days is to have an entire glass pooja room showcase with a simple and elegant design on it.

2. Pooja Room Wooden Cabinet:

Embracing your pooja room with a wooden pooja shelf is one of the easiest ways to get the required space in your pooja room along with maintaining the glamour factor. You can also use the wooden cabinet for storing many things if you have chosen the suitable small pooja cabinet designs.

This is the best options for small-sized mandir as the market is full with a number of options for small pooja cabinet designs. These are also affordable and are easy to maintain and clean with minimal efforts. You can decorate the pooja room with many other accessories which goes well with the pooja cabinet images.

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3. Small Pooja Wooden Shelf:

If you don’t want to go for the obvious large and simple wooden shelf design in your pooja room, then you can always look for small wooden shelf designs. You can organize some small wooden shelves together and can use your imagination and creativity to give them as your pooja room cabinet.

This pooja shelf idea is one of the best when you have limited space to keep all your idols and yet want to make your pooja room look stylish. You can either use glass shelves or wooden shelves or a combination of both, depending upon the colour of your pooja room.

4. Pooja Room Wooden Cabinet and Wooden Shelves:

With the proper and suitable combination of the wooden cabinet and wooden pooja shelf ideas, you simply don’t have to worry about anything. This combination offers the maximum space by covering very minimal space. You can use the cabinet to store pooja things and wooden shelves for placing your idols.

One of the recent trends which are quite popular amongst the users is to have a bright coloured wall with the combination of the wooden cabinet and wooden shelf. You can make this combination according to the size available with you and without a doubt, trying these pooja room cabinet designs would make the best decisions for your pooja room.

5. Wall-Mounted Pooja Shelves with Doors:

You can also try to get the pooja room shelf in the wall-mounted design. You can get the entire small pooja cabinet in the wall-mounted design which can be used in the matter to save space. Try keeping the pooja room shelf models simple and you can try a fancier pooja room door design for making it look stylish.

You can try different combinations of different sized shelves so as to store different things without any hassles. The only thing needed is to have a proper planning with the pooja room shelf design so as to get maximum benefits from it.

6. Marble Pooja Shelf Design:

Along with the wooden pooja shelf design, you can also try using the marble shelf design in your pooja room. These types of cupboard designs for pooja room are simply elegant in design and yet offer the needed charm to the pooja room.

You can try having different shapes and sizes in the marble shelves for making the best use of space as well as making your pooja room look glamorous. Also, have your very own pooja mandir cabinet in the marble shelf design. You can complete the entire look of your pooja room by accompanying the pooja room shelf with some decorations.

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7. Wooden Pooja Stand with Shelves:

You can always rely on the wooden pooja stand with shelves options for getting the perfect combination of enough space and a beautiful look. The entire pooja room stand is designed in such a manner that they offer enough space for each and every detail for the mandir. You can either try getting the readymade pooja stand or can customize the same according to your requirements.

The market is full of various designs of simple pooja stand designs as well as fancier pooja stands. Pair the simple pooja stand with a bit dark-coloured wall and pair the fancier pooja stand with very little pooja room decorations to create a lasting impression.

8. Small Pooja Almirah with Shelves:

One of the popular designs nowadays is to have small pooja almirah models in your place. There are plenty of pooja almirah designs available in the market ranging from simpler ones to fancier ones. You can not only decorate the interior of the almirah but can also use some of the pooja room accessories for making the almirah’s exterior look stylish and amazing.

The best benefit that you can get with these pooja almirah designs is that you can cover the entire space when not in use. You can play with your creativity for getting a unique design in the pooja almirah models.

9. Pooja Rack Designs with Shelves:

Even if you have limited space for your pooja room and you don’t want to go for the obvious style of pooja room shelf design or pooja room cabinet designs, you can always rely on having a pooja rack. These pooja rack models are the ultimate rescue for getting a clean and attractive pooja space in your place.

You have all the liberty to customize your own pooja rack design according to your needs and requirements. You can also add some little decorations and designs in the pooja room racks for making them look stylish and eye-catchy.

10. Single Pooja Shelf Showcase:

A single-shelf pooja room showcase is all you need in the present time when you have to adjust a lot many things within a limited space. These single-shelf showcase is an effective solution for people who don’t want to use large and big readymade pooja room cabinet.

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There are some options available in the pooja showcase designs which are quite an attraction for the people. The best benefit of these single-shelf showcases is that you can place at any place without any worries and hassles and they will make the corner all glowing and stunning.

These are just some of the pooja shelf ideas that you can try for turning your mandir into a real attraction. You can find plenty of other options with pooja shelf designs in the market which will be a great deal for turning your pooja room into as awesome as you want. You can try using the readymade pooja cabinet or can also customize your own pooja cupboard.

If you further need any assistance with the pooja room cabinet design idea, then please do comment them below. We will offer you the best possible to help with accurate information and details about the matter.

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