Love those beautiful and comfortable lounges or chairs besides the pool! Willing to have a different and a modernized touch to the old wooden chairs! Yes, with the change in the interior designs, the wooden chairs are now replaced with stylish and prevailing pool chairs. Made from metal, soft leather, fiber, etc. they give a new touch in the decoration of the poolside.

Best and Modern Pool Chairs:

Here are few up-to-date designs of swimming pool chairs, which might grab your vision at the first sight.

1. Wicker Lounge Pool Chairs:

The rich look, this kind of pool lounge chairs come with light weight. They carry a classy and smooth design, made from wood and fiber material. The top of the lounge is set with cushion cane is also given a rolled pillow design for resting your head.

2. Aluminum Pool Chairs:

The designer aluminum gives a great monitored look to your pool side furniture. The pool chairs lounge is given a cured design with aluminum rode on the sides. The top of the chair is given a net look covering which comes with a small cushion attached with resting arms on the side.

3. Fiber Pool Chairs:

Want to combine a classic and voguish look for your lounge pool chairs! Designed with steel borders, the chair is given fiber filling on the top making cute curvy designs. The chair is capable to help you in getting rid of the extra water on the chair giving you a dry effect.

4. Group Tube Pool Chairs:

Going with a group or family for a pool picnic! Here is a new lounge design which helps you to rest in the water too. Yes, the pool chair float comes in a circular design made from tube material in the fiber. The chair is also portable as it can be folded when not in use.

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5. Floating Pool Chairs:

Floating pool chairs are given a new design similar to the sofa sets. The chair or say lounge is capable to carry three people at a time, which also carries comfortable cushions to sit with. Made from resin like material, the sofa comes with light weight and the utmost durability.

6. Woven Pool Chair Lounge:

Made from fiber material, this woven pool deck chairs gives an exclusive touch to your pool furniture collection. The chair bed is designed with a curved top giving you good shelter in the hot sun. The sitting of the bed chair lounge is given smooth cotton covers and cushions to rest in peace.

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7. Designer Pool Chair:

This light to carry lounge pool chair is given a designer touch with light fiber material and curvy points it carries out. The chair is also attached with a small drop curve pattern which gives due rest to your legs while taking sun bath. The curve gives a table like look on one side for your accessories too.

8. Couple Pool Chair:

Made with a curvy design, the wooden chair base is given a new design where the ends of the curve are reposed with bed cushions for giving you utmost comfort. The design is widely selected on destinations favorable for honeymoon for couples. The design also gives shelter with the top curve.

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9. Swing Pool Chair:

Love resting on swings after having a swimming session! Try this lounge chairs for pool which comes with a swing attached to it. Made from metal borders, the chair is given a cotton cushion covering with an umbrella on the top of it. The chair is also given an arm rest on the sides for your hands.

The new designs of the pool chairs are given the best design according to your body texture and necessities for giving you the best luxury. All the designs are also given a waterproof and UV resistant covering and draught which is beneficial for taking sunbath after spending some time in the pool.

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