A false ceiling is an important element of your interiors and offers much more than just pleasing your eye! If you want to make the first impression on your guests, choosing a unique Pop design for Hall is a great idea! Not only is Plaster of Paris economical, but also extremely versatile compared to other types of false ceilings.

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In other words, if you are looking for a stylish ceiling that is durable and also low in maintenance, PoP is your best bet! In this article, we shall focus on some of the latest Pop ceiling designs for Hall or front room.

Best POP Designs For Hall In India:

Listed below are some of the simple and latest Pop Design for Hall with images to get inspired.

1. Plus Minus Pop Ceiling Design For Hall:

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Who says ceilings are to be done only in white? Take a look at this Pop design for Hall which can elevate the beauty of your interiors. You can recreate this idea by smoothening the surface of your ceiling wall and designing a plus, minus pattern using Pop paste. To add a hint of drama, you can play around with the patterns in the corners. Use contrast colours to brighten up your space!

2. Pop Interior Design For Hall:

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This is a minimally done hall Pop Ceiling that features a recessed pattern. The central portion of the room is kept higher than its surrounding areas. Instead of leaving it empty, you can add these design elements and even LED light fixtures. Adding some hidden lights along the border of the tray can create different lighting effects at night.

3. Pop Ceiling For Hall With 2 Fans:

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This modern PoP design for Hall is an excellent way to decorate a long, rectangular-shaped room. Notice how several designs are well-integrated to create this strikingly beautiful pattern. In the centre of the ceiling, a recession is created to hold the two small fans, which almost seem to blend with the rest of the layout.

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4. Artistic PoP Ceiling Border For Hall:

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This ornately done Pop border for Hall adds an opulent touch to your interiors. Instead of filling up the entire space with elements, a narrow border is affixed along the perimeter of the ceiling. The best way to highlight this piece is to keep the surroundings in white, including the crown mouldings. Try this idea if you want to go for a minimal yet beautiful hallroom space!

5. Wooden Pop False Ceiling Design For Hall:

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Combining Wood with Pop is a sure way to add warmth and cosiness to your living room. Instead of using one dominating element, you can pair them up in this pattern for a sophisticated look. Keep the centre part in Pop and surround it with wooden panels. Adding some LED lights can transform this space into your favourite spot in the entire house!

6. Pop Ceiling Design For Rectangular Hall:

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This spectacular Pop Ceiling for a rectangular hall adds a whole new dimension to the room. The hollow suspended ceiling defines your seating space and actual living area. The centre part can be utilized to suspend a grand-looking chandelier for a special effect. This is also a clever way to conceal the wiring and also insert mood lighting for the room.

7. Pop Ceiling Design For Square Shaped Hall:

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Picking a heavy false ceiling design for a compact-sized room can make it appear even more congested. The best way to address this is by choosing a minimally done Pop design. The square-shaped ceiling features a recessed pattern with a centre-suspended piece. Dark wooden panels are added to accentuate the design and give it a stunningly elegant look!

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8. Traditional POP Ceiling Design For Hall:

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Here is the best POP Ceiling design for Hall if you are looking for a simple way to cover up your room. The neatly done checkered frames on the ceiling with beautiful lighting in the centre can transform your humble space into a grand living room fit for the king! You can go for a simple hanging lamp to brighten up the room and add a glam factor!

9. Modern Gypsum Hall Pop Design:

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The gypsum boards used for POP ceiling designs for halls are the most popular choice in recent times. They are lightweight and easy to mould the shape of the design. All you need to do is, finish your base roof using Plaster of Paris. Use Gypsum boards cut into the shapes and sizes of your choice and suspend them from the roof. Place concealed light fixtures above these slabs to create a dramatic environment.

10. Contemporary Hall Design With Pop:

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If you have a small hall and you want to design your Hall on a minimal budget, then go with this design. Contemporary POP ceiling design for the small hall can give the illusion of a larger space and make it appear stylish. Using a single colour and a touch of white paint will give a fantastic look. The perfect placement of spotlights gives a royal touch to the room.

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11. Colourful POP False Ceiling Design For Hall:

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People like to try some unique designs for their Hall. They prefer to be more creative, so POP designs for Hall can be made incredible with simple, yet outstanding ideas. Playing with bright colours against the sober white background of the Pop material using colours and is sure to bring an interesting character to the Hall. All you need are some colourful Gypsum boards in a variety of shapes to do the trick!

12. Simple POP Ceiling Design For Hall:

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Here is a simple POP design for a hall that uses a combination of white and a striking colour such as Purple. You can keep the base roof in plain Pop design and add a Gypsum board from the ground to the roof. Keeping the other elements like the display unit, flooring or even the accessories in the same colour theme can increase the visual appeal!

13. POP Design In Hall Room With Luxury Lighting:

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This POP design for the Hall is made with metallic colour and lighting is perfect for those who love some bling in their spaces. The glossy gypsum board perfectly complements the shiny, bright LED lights in the background. This impressive design is also quite easy to replicate and comes at a pocket-friendly cost.

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14. Decorative Ceiling POP Design Small Hall:

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Here is a stunning Ceiling design for the small hall which uses a combination of fabric and PoP. The central dome ceiling is decorated with thick fabric to lend a palace-like look to your humble space. The best way to complement this design is by getting matching furniture designed for the room. Also, use the focal point of the ceiling to suspend a lighting system for special effects.

15. POP False Ceiling Design For Hall With Fan:

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Here is another newest POP False Ceiling Design for Hall that can be easily customized based on the interior theme and size of the room. The basic PoP roof is adorned with dual-toned Gypsum Squares in the centre. You can arrange them in different ways to create unique shapes never seen before. This is also a smart way to cover up the ugly fan holders and external wirings.

16. POP False Ceiling Design For Tiny Living Room:

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This POP false design for Hall is suitable for small-sized, circular rooms. You can either go for a pre-made Pop element on the roof or try this concentric circles design. Not only does this add a textural effect to the room, but also increases the overall aesthetic appeal. Go for a similar flooring and put in many boxy-shaped furniture items for a contrasting look.

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17. POP Ceiling Design For Large Hall:

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For those who are looking for a ceiling Pop Design for the hall, this innovative design can be an excellent option. The combination of white and grey colours gives a modern and stylish look. The smooth, shiny texture also brings a classy feel to the room. Not only that, but this design also allows you to partition a larger hall into personal spaces using different concepts in each area.

18. POP Design For Hall Roof:

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Check out this Pop interior design for the hall which transforms the corners of a room into elegant spaces. The black and cream colours and the lights give a fantastic look to the room. Gypsum boards are added along the ends of the ceiling and sealed light fixtures are installed to bring in the Wow factor. Combining this idea with textured sidewalls can leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

19. Latest POP Design For Hall:

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Take a look at this POP ceiling design for Living Hall, which is ruling the trend charts this year. The edgy pattern looks attractive and brings a delightful touch of interior style to the house. The idea is to blend the ceiling with the floor to bring a cosy and warm feel to the room. Be sure to add small LED light fixtures along the edges for better visual effects.

20. Artistic POP Ceiling Design For Hall:

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This Artistic POP false ceiling design for the Hall is made with pre-cast Pop discs. Instead of keeping them in plain white, you can give them an antique touch with some metallic paints. Once ready, just fix them at the centre of your ceiling and suspend some Victorian-themed chandeliers to leave your guests speechless!

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Those are some of the best and latest Pop Designs for Hall in India. If you seek to explore more options, get in touch with a local interior designer and discuss your unique requirements. Don’t forget to talk about your budget and maintenance aspects of the design to avoid problems in future.


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