Gowns are sure the simplest kind of engagement dress. Some of them are plain simple in white, while others come with heavy work and designs. But the secret to looking great on the gown comes from choosing the right colour and pattern. Some gowns are more adapted to the Indian wear, while others look Westernized and thus becomes a highly modern engagement gown. The novelty of the designers and their ability to tailor something beautiful comes with a lot of thought and effort, often consistent with the modern-day preference. Some are also custom made in order to fit the body and sit comfortably. So, where are your ideas coming from? Pull, up your socks and throw your inputs to make the finest engagement gown of all time and get inspired from our ideas.

How To Pick The Right Engagement Gown?

Before we discuss about the types of Engagement gowns, let’s understand the basics on how to pick the ideal engagement gown. These tips are shared by experts and designers to guide the brides on choosing right:

  • The first and foremost tip for considering a gown is to understand your basic body type. This helps in choosing the right outfit that flatters your figure.
  • Style without comfort is no good. Especially when it’s your big day and when you are spending a fortune on the dress, you need to make sure the gown is comfortable and let’s you breathe well.
  • Go for colours that complement your skin tone. This is the age of pastel colours. Try one of these shades to look trendy and classy at the same time.
  • Avoid heavy prints and florals. These can make you look gaudy and bombastic. Keep it sober and choose detailed embroidery and lace patterns to make you look like a princess.
  • Bride and groom co-ordinated outfits are the latest vogue this wedding season. Plan well to see if the outfit complements the groom’s suit and the backdrop setting as well.

Indian Style Engagement Gowns:

Love to flaunt a gown on your engagement? Well, if so, let us tell you how gowns are downright pretty. But is going to be your engagement gown idea? Here are some gown ideas for engagement you can get inspired to try on your own.

1. Designer Gown:

Half of the beauty of the gown comes from the colour you choose. This engagement gown for Indian bride is blood red and has designer work on the torso. The bottom is frilled like that of a doll. The high neck dress has a collar and thus you don’t need to find a matching necklace for it. Match it with appropriate hair updo and earrings to look ravishingly beautiful.

2. Western Gown:

The Western gown is truly mesmerizing. It comes in white or off white, with very minimal designer works. Some of them are sleeveless and the gown below is typically a beautiful frill. While managing it could be slightly an ordeal, it will sure pose no trouble when you see how beautiful it looks. A good hair updo and with less or no jewellery is the way to go about it.

3. Anarkali Gown:

Did you know you could modify the anarkali dress to make it look like a gown? Well, the down portion, near the waist becomes freer as against the classic anarkali that holds tight at the waist. The bottom portion of the anarkali sports a range of designs and works that might make it heavy, yet stunningly grand. Match it with traditional jewellery and look dashing in this evening gown for engagement.

4. Lehenga Gown:

Like your lehenga and gown to the same degree? Well, here is a classic combination of the lehenga and the gown, one that looks like a frill skirt below with modest lehenga style stitching on the top. Go for moderately bright colours and elevate the look of the gown below with varying shades of design. Try out some traditional jewellery to go with it and good hair do.

5. Salwar Inspired Gown:

Here is another classic Indian style gown. While this one may not look to ‘gowny’, it however manages the look of a gown below. It is a on piece stitched dress with a tiny waist band through which a dupatta runs through. The below part is closer to the body and is not frill like. It manages to pull off like a classy gown, with heavy inspiration from the Indian style. Matching it with the right jewellery will complete the look.

Gowns are girls’ all-time favourite! What makes them even more favourite is the classic combination it has started to come out today. With the influx of some amazing Indian style, coupled with the gown makes it an irresistible gown dress for engagement. They are beautifully stitched to perfection and made sure to fit the body. The best part about them is the comfort they provide. Take inspiration from our ideas and start coming out with novel trend. Get ready to be trend setter next!


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