Portrait tattoos are preferred by many tattoo lovers these days because of the realism they offer. They can be inked on the skin for a multitude of reasons like showing respect, love, appreciation or paying homage. The tattoos are very much attached to the bearer for they act as a reminder every time they look at them.

Best and Stylish Portrait Tattoos With Images:

Having said that, let’s take a look at 9 such portrait tattoos.

1. Abstract Portrait Tattoo:

Abstract tattoos like the above design are one of the best tattoo portraits. This one looks figuratively unique and eye-catching. Plus anyone can pull off abstract tattoos with ease. On the thigh, you can take this face portrait tattoo design too.

2. Girl Portrait Tattoo:

With a mysterious element, this female portrait tattoo looks no less than art. You can get any girl’s picture inked on your body, be it is your daughter, girlfriend, or mother and show them how much they matter to you. You can take the design as per your special one.

3. Three Dimensional Portrait Tattoo:

This 3D portrait tattoo is a stunning replica of a kid in three dimensions. There is depth and shadow in it which makes it look so realistic and artistic. Only expert tattooists would be able to ink such type of child portrait tattoos. If you plan a good design in a unique way, then you can try this from special tattoo artists.

4. Animal Portrait Tattoo:

Most of us have pets and love animals and in order to show affection to them, you can go for animal portrait tattoos. In this tattoo, a dog is beautifully etched and invokes emotions. You can feel your pet is with you by this tattoo design.

5. Baby Portrait Tattoo:

Your baby’s picture can be stunningly transformed into a tattoo like this baby portrait tattoo and that too with an artistic touch. Memories would be preserved in a different way. Girls like to try this design for their special feeling towards babies.

6. Color Portrait Tattoo:

Now, this is another life like a tattoo. Vivid and bright colors can be used to create a wonderful color portrait tattoo like this Breaking Bad tattoo. Also, they exude realism. This one cool tattoo among youngsters too.

7. Black and White Portrait Tattoo:

This tattoo portrait design is realism at its best. Black and white add much depth to any portrait, giving that shadowy effect and creating a very artistic look. A tattooist can be experimental with such portrait tattoos. If you are ok with a normal and dark tattoo, go with these black and white colours.

8. Celebrity Portrait Tattoo:

It is surely a thrilling and exciting experience to get your favourite celebrity’s portrait tattooed on your body. And this amazing portrait tattoo of Audrey Hepburn is a striking example of it. You can try different celebrities too.

9. Cartoon Portrait Tattoo:

You can get tattooed on with your favourite childhood cartoon’s portrait like this colour portrait tattoo. And it will act as a reminder of your good and jolly days and ooze out a cute look. College going girls are like to make this design on their bodies to show off.


Portrait tattoos are one of the ideal options to go with. The tattooist gets to do great detailing and adding life to the tattoo. No doubt the tattoos are complex and take a lot of time to make yet the end results turn out to be satisfying and realistic. So go, get one portrait tattoo inked on, for they are so in demand.

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