Labour is a time when all mothers are under a whole lot of stress and this is because labour is a time when your body and mind is put under a whole lot of physical and mental stress because of the amount of pressure that you have to put into giving birth to your baby.

Though labour is a difficult time for any woman it is also very special because it is at this time that with a little bit of effort you will have your baby in your arms.

Maintaining a calm composure during your labour is very important to give you the support that you require to give birth naturally so stay calm at all times and give yourself that peace that you need to slowly give birth to your baby. Giving birth isn’t a walk in the park and you need to know this going in. The internet is a great place to learn as to which is the best and most efficient way to give birth so that you do not have to put your body through too much stress.

With the advent of internet information many websites put up public information that is both handy and informative making it easy for you to learn a number of things both on pregnancy and which is the best way to manage your labour so that you do not have to face any issues.

Positions to Help you Focus During Labour:

Given below are the best positions that you can take in order to enjoy a fast and easy labour.

1. Lunging:


Lunging is a great position to take if you are having extreme pain during your contractions. It also helps your baby to rise. In order to this effectively get a chair and place one foot on top of the chair. When having a contraction move towards that foot in order to help your baby rise and deal with the pain of the contraction making it one of the best positions to induce labour.

2. Flexing:

Flexing is a great process by which if you extend your legs and flex it gives your baby a lot of room to move around and it also helps you greatly to be quite free during your contractions allowing for a safe delivery in the long run. This is actually practised in the hospital when going through contractions and is very easy to do making it one of the best labouring positions.

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3. Raised Feet:

You could raise and keep your feet on a chair while sitting down elevated. This is great because all you need to do is lean towards your feet during every contraction helping your baby to rise helping you reduce your pain quite effectively.

4. Squatting:

Squatting is again something that is very helpful for you if you know what you are doing. It helps give your baby room to move and also gives you a whole lot of relief from contraction pain making it one of the best positions for labour.

5. Kneeling:

Kneeling down during your contractions is another great way of helping yourself give birth and is absolutely effortless.

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6. Lying on Your Left Side:

This is a great way to increase blood flow and remove any sort of back pain if you are facing any situation when in labour noting it to be one of the best labour positions.

7. Rocking:

Gently rocking on the side of the bed or any comfortable surface is a very supporting factor when it comes to childbirth.

8. A Hands and Knees Position:

This would help give your baby room to move around freely along with helping you with your contractions.

9. Breathing:

It is very important to breathe at all times because it helps to relax your muscles during child birth.

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childbirth is a time of great stress yet if you follow the right methods you can easily give yourself a safe and easy childbirth with the right ingredients necessary to help your baby to move around.


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