Pothys presents exclusive quality sarees and other garment products. It is a chain of showrooms mainly in south India. It also provides a better option for purchasing various garments simply by starting an online shopping site. This site consists of designer sarees, silk sarees, casual or trendy sarees, wedding sarees and many others. Pothys main store is in Chennai, and it’s called “Pothys Palace.” Traditional dresses also have a boutique collection that quantifies their sales. Recently, it started a supermarket by venturing into the retail business.

Amazing and Beautiful Pothys Sarees with Images:

There are 9 trendy and traditional Pothys sarees with pictures available here.

1. Red Pothys Silk Saree With Golden Border:

This designer red saree is a special collection of Pothys. This saree is special indeed for the wedding purpose mainly. The simple golden border enhances its outlook for any special event. The self-designed work on the red saree, along with its silky texture, enhances the beauty of this silk saree. This is one of the best traditional pothys sarees.

2. Blue Tussar Silk Pothys Saree:

Pothys collections not only have designer sarees but also have simple trendy sarees. This blue and golden combination of tussar silk has a fine texture and an exclusive collection of pothys. The blue base has sleek blue strips and reflects light to provide a shiny look.

3. Yellow-Blue Pothys Kanjeevaram Saree:

Kanjeevaram sarees are exclusive traditional outfits for wedding events and are also used as bridal outfits. This saree in the picture has half blue with intricate golden designs, and the other half is vibrant yellow with golden works. The golden designs reflect light and highlight even more.

4. Pothys Pink Georgette Designer Saree Multi-Colored Border:

This pink-coloured georgette saree is another exclusive collection of pothys. It has a designer outlook. The golden border with stoneworks amplifies the grace with a blue and pink border alternately with the base colour. The soft texture which is draped over your body shows the curves of your body. It makes you look elegant, and these trendy designer sarees are best for young ladies.

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5. Green And Blue Mayuri Menpattu Silk Saree:

This special silk saree is from south India. This light shade of green and blue complements each other with multi-coloured strips of knitted threads. To look fashionable, the lower half of the pallu is added with a blue shade with dark pink designed works on that part.

6. Pothys Black And Cream Georgette Designer Saree:

Black is the colour of elegance and chic. All must love this georgette piece of saree for its black tinge all over the pallu. The other half of the saree is of cream colour with simple dotted designs. These sarees also have another speciality: intricate floral border and touch-up with slender red and yellow stripes. This is one of the good-looking georgettes of saree in pothys sarees.

7. Pothys Off-White And Orange Kanjeevaram Silk Saree:

It is a proper traditional silk saree without any modern designs. If you like beautifying your look, you must go for this outfit. Middle-aged women can wear this off-white and orange mishmash. Ladies can wear this to bring that customary look. Fringes at the end of the pallu enhance its beauty.

8. Pothys Maroon Kanjeevaram Silk Saree:

Ladies of all ages can wear maroon and golden amalgamation of colours if you prefer dark colours over light ones. Intricate pallu-designed works with period golden works in the maroon part of the saree give a magnificent look for religious or wedding occasions.

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9. Cream And Maroon Samudrika Pattu Pothys Silk Saree:

Cream and maroon silk saree have half-half portions of these combinations. This saree has strips, intricate designs, and a golden border, which is the speciality of the south sarees. This saree can be worn exclusively without any age bar.

The different collections of Pothys sarees are provided here with traditional and recent trendy sarees blended with traditional wear. These can be worn in any particular event to magnify your look.

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