The young rebel star of Telugu films, Prabhas Raju Uppalapati is one of the greatest young talents of Tollywood and has earned recognition through his wide base of films. But this 38-year-old has lots more than just films. He has the expertise, the talent and definitely the looks. But what happens when he is confronted off-camera sans makeup? Does he still live up to his reputation? To find that out a series of certain pictures of him without makeup has been explained:

Prabhas With And Without Makeup Photos:

Below you can see your favourite Telugu handsome hero Prabhas without makeup pics that are awesome.

1. Clicked At Shooting Place:

Hard work. Nothing can be achieved in life without hard work. Even a little pressure in doing something can help man accomplish anything. Prabhas’ motto is ‘take the “I’m” out of impossible’. Throughout his life, he has always maintained the strong and confident demeanour that has got him to the stage that he is at today. His secret- regular exercise with an average but healthy diet. On-screen and off he is quite the jolly person says the people that know him but when it comes to business then he means business. In this image fully beard says he doesn’t wear any makeup on sets.

2. Snap From Movie:

Good looks can be physically altered today. But when a person is naturally born with ‘to die for’ good looks then people are just left speechless. Why would you ruin an already well-sculpted face with makeup? And that is what is incorporated on set. The only makeup that is used is maybe skin toner that is required for the camera. Other than that any makeup is a no-no. In his rugged look in the picture above prabhas is showing off his good looks with no regrets.

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3. Handsome Style:

This movie star has been in the limelight for quite some time now and it is quite obvious that he is not going anywhere anytime soon. On-screen he is just like a tiger and sometimes acted like a natural boy without makeup. No mess up or fooling around is all he asks for. Though his early movies were average rated he still pursued and rose to the star he is today. To reach the top one must have the ability to climb the ladder and he had the capacity to complete that.

4. Stylish Pose:

Prabhas has also done many photoshoots for various brands. Even in these photo shoots he still maintains a distance from heavy makeup only that which is necessary is used.

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5. Hit Movie Still:

He is a style icon now to millions of people and works hard to maintain the assets he has. He encourages the intake of fresh juices every day that not only provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals but also help in cleansing your body of any impurities so as to help make your body much more active and healthier. His favourite look is the rugged look as he always wants to look like that ‘macho man’ with a makeup-free getup. He is well known and famous for this look. And rightly so, this look is well suited to him.

6. Trendy Look:

As mentioned above prabhas has done many such photoshoots for brands and the picture above is proof. Prabhas claims that makeup is the downfall of a person’s skin. It’s okay to apply the bare essentials when necessary but otherwise, avoid as much as possible.

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7. Handsome Guy Without Makeup:

This chocolate boy look was for one of his movies with little makeup. It was a rare picture that was taken while he was exiting the set and a man who is fond of the limelight he did not hesitate to strike a smile and a smart pose. In the world today you hardly get more genuine people like prabhas.

8. Comfort Sit:

Prabhas is also a fan of tattoos he says that tattoos are a person’s soul that is drawn on the body as a canvas. He has no specific liking of colour for the clothes he wears and looks good in all his choices. A natural person true and true he is driven to reach the highest peak of his career and quite rightly he will, in the end, achieve his goals. here he shows his makeup-free face along with his favourite tattoo designs.


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