Prachi Desai is one of the most talented young and beautiful actresses in the Hindi film industry at this moment. She started her career with soap operas and now is a big-time television star and endorser of some of the best beauty brands. Being where is she is right now wasn’t easy for Prachi. With extreme screenplay capability which she acquired because of her drama background, she had that innocent yet dazzling natural beauty which reflected on her every time she came on-screen.

Though she as to go through a lot of makeovers and apply a lot of beauty products, she is completely natural from the core. In fact, she is one of the few actresses who like to display her natural beauty a lot more than her mascara face. Don’t believe it.

Unseen and Cute Prachi Desai Without Makeup Photos:

Here are some of the best makeup-free pictures of Prachi for you then.

1. So Natural. So Pure:

This is a makeup-free picture of the young big screen beauty. Here, she sports a casual look by wearing a white kurti. You can simply look at her face and say that she is wearing zero makeup. Her natural beauty is so unique and so elegant that she hardly requires any external help to enhance her allure.

2. Beauty Comes From The Inside:

Those who know Prachi Desai well might be able to tell you about her humble personality. This down to earth woman always finds it awesome to give autographs for the fans. Her inner beauty is expressed through her beautiful face which is one of the prime reasons why she doesn’t need much makeup. According to Prachi, if you’re good from the inside, it will show.

3. Women in Black:

In this picture of Prachi she is looking very attractive, that too without wearing any mascara. The black dress goes in perfect contrast with her fair skin complexion.

4. The Simple Glam Look:

When everyone is working hard for the glamorous and attractive look, Prachi Desai is keeping it simple. For her, being simple is the best way one can look attractive. Let’s admit it. This woman hardly requires any help from the beauty product sponsors to make herself look more glamorous than she is.

5. Sister Love:

Prachi Desai loves her family a lot and craves to spend time with them, whenever she gets a chance. This is a picture of Prachi with her sister who she went to visit in Sydney. Here, she sports a simple and completely natural look.

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6. She Loves Her Fans:

Prachi was spotted in the airport clicking some picture with her little fan. This woman barely requires any makeup to make herself look good in front of the camera. She is one of the few women who hardly worry about their beauty touch ups.

7. A Makeup-Free Still:

This is a still from one of Prachi’s movies where she displays her natural face. The role demanded her to go natural and she did without any hesitation. Without any mascara, she looked pretty good to get more than 1000 likes within a few minutes for this picture.

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8. An Old Picture:

This is an old picture of Prachi Desai and yet another makeup-free one. Here, she proudly displays her no-makeup natural face and looks very beautiful. Prachi looked beautiful even when she didn’t start her career in the film industry.

9. At The Airport:

This picture of Prachi Desai was snapped at an airport in Mumbai. Here, Prachi is sporting her casual look as she prefers that the most. How can a simple white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans make a woman look extremely attractive was proved by Prachi Desai that day.

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