The Prasarita Padottanasana or the wide-legged forward bend asana or yoga posture is one of the most effective and complicated yoga postures of all time. This yoga exercise is good for the legs, the groins and also for the lower back. The prasarita padottanasana is being practiced by a number of people since ages and has positive effects on a number of harmful diseases.

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It is suitable for men as well as women and should be practiced every morning. This half inverted asana or yoga posture is mainly recommended to people dealing with depression or insecurity issues. People who are pursuing personality development course are also recommended to perform this asana twice a day.

It is considered that this particular posture somehow builds the interconnection between the mind and the body and improves the practitioner’s ability of concentration. In this particular asana, the feet and head are kept on the floor whereas the rest of the body is assisted by the hips and the back muscles. Sirsasana, which is another effective yoga posture, comes after this posture and this is considered as a good warm up or the best start for before jumping into Sirsasana.

Through this inverted yoga posture, the hamstring, and the lower back muscles are stretched and strengthened. Practicing this asana properly will effectively cool the body and will provide the body with aesthetic features. Proper practice of Prasarita Padottanasana will cool the mind and grant the feeling of repose and tranquility.

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How To Do Prasarita Padottanasana:

First, you will have to stand with the hands rested on the waist. If needed, do a little stretching before performing this inverted yoga posture. Now, spread the legs wide apart, while inhaling. Now, exhale and stretch the spine and bring the hips forward.

The second step demands you to release the hands and place them on the floor by touching the ground with your fingertips only. If you have a short height, then you can simply use bricks for touching instead of the plain floor. The hands should be placed shoulder width apart.

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Now, lengthen the legs and slowly lift the chest. By keeping the back rigid, try to look up. Take the head to the floor, by bending your elbows to support your torso. Rest the crown of the head on the floor and try to place the hand in with the feet. Maintain this posture for 30-40 seconds. Don’t put much pressure on the arms. Try to keep as much pressure as possible on the legs.

Now, come up slowly by raising your head and straightening the elbows and arms. If you’re a beginner then your arms will be sore by now.

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This yoga exercise has tons of benefits. Some of the best benefits are discussed below.

  • Firstly, this inverted yoga posture will reduce depression and boost your confidence level.
  • Secondly, the nervous system is rejuvenated by this posture and the heart and lungs are electrified. People suffering from blood pressure problems will find this yoga exercise very beneficial as it will effectively reduce the blood sugar levels.
  • The Prasarita Padottanasana also harmonizes the abdominal muscles and also relieves headaches caused due to excessive stress.
  • Since there is a lot stretching associated with this yoga exercise, the wide-legged forward bend yoga posture will successfully reduce lower back pain.

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