Who does not dream about their big day? While we want to look our best on the most important day of our lives, it is vital not just to apply makeup on that day for the best look, but rather enhance it enough to produce an inner glow and shine. Pre-bridal makeup tips are hence essential to take care of skin and hair and to look picture perfect and with a glow on your D-day, but how to do them? Worry not, we are always there to help you out with all pre-bridal makeup at home and tips which are required for the best look on the day. Continue reading this article to know how.

Best Pre-Bridal Makeup Tips:

This list gives you the exact pre-bridal makeup tips that a woman should swear by. Check them out and follow each one for perfect outcomes.

1. Cleansing is Important:

For any makeup to be successful on the wedding day, it is important for the skin surface to be free of dirt and grime. Cleansing will keep the base healthy and give you good makeup results. Cleansing the skin is, therefore, a strict routine that you should maintain. Use a good face wash at least twice a day to get the results. Along with this, it is important to exfoliate the skin every 4-5 days. It will remove the layer of dead skin cells and give you a clean and smooth surface to work on for the wedding makeup.

2. Toning The Skin:

Toning is as required as moisturising. Moisturise is among the essential pre-bridal tips for glowing skin. It will help to rejuvenate the skin cells and further remove any impending impurities due to pollution beneath the skin.

3. Moisturise The Skin:

The skin needs to be really healthy, soft and nourished if a bride wants good makeup results on her wedding day. For this, it is important to moisturise the skin daily without fail. It should be done after the process of cleansing the skin and twice a day. Try to use 100% natural products for nourishing the skin. You can even use homemade moisturisers for maximum benefits.

4. Exfoliate Well:

This step will help you to remove any excess of white and blackheads near the nose and chin area. Many women suffer from this common problem, and these are dead skin cells accumulating around the corner. Hence you can either buy a scrub or make it at home for this. It is among the essential pre-bridal beauty tips and home remedies as well.

5. Get Regular Facials:

A one month cycle is perfect for the bride to be where facials are concerned. Facial is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of the wedding. Bi-weekly gold facials can be taken if there is less time to prepare. It will help in adding glow to the skin that is required for the bride on her special day.

6. Haircare Routine:

Haircare is not to skip steps. Start to think about the best hairdo for the wedding. Begin by going to a good hair spa. Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and a good conditioner. Use good serum for silky hair. Apply hair masks.

7. Manicure and Pedicure:

Work on the hands, legs and feet both, do not neglect them. Mehendi should be good, and hence, the key is cleansing both hands and legs. Trim and shape your nails well.

8. Use Homemade Treatments:

For any problems on the skin or to add cleanliness and glow to the skin, various homemade remedies and face packs can be used on a daily basis until the wedding day. It will only add to the aim of making the skin flawless for makeup on the wedding day. Homemade treatments can remove fine lines, pigmented spots, acne and any other such problems safely and effectively.

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9. Nails Treatment:

Work on cutting, shaping, and trimming the hails and clean it thoroughly. Apply natural ingredients as well like hydrogen peroxide which can remove dirt around the corners of the nail. Remove the dead skin cells from the corners. Do not use much of nail polish at this time as the nails should be able to breathe now.

10. Remove Unwanted Hair:

Starting from something as common as eyebrow shaping to removing facial hair and even body hair is important. Start doing it at least six months before the wedding day every month. It will help the skin to adapt itself to this routine removal of hair. Hair removal from a new area usually leads to rashes on the skin that can be avoided by this tip. Use it bi-weekly if there is less time in hand. Hair removal gives a clean slate to work the makeup on the wedding day. Pre-bridal skin treatments like these will definitely help you look prettier.

11. Have a Good Diet:

Having a good and healthy diet is one of the prerequisites for good skin and better makeup. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet along with fresh fruits, juices and at least ten glasses of water. Diet will add suppleness to the skin and hydrate it from the inside to bring a glow that you will love.

12. Gym and Mediation for Good Mental Health and Peace:

There is nothing like good mental peace. A happy mind and happy individual can be easily seen through the face and give happiness and an inner glow from within. Hence meditate and remove all tensions from the mind.

13. Have a Good Sleep:

Sleep is very important as a pre-bridal makeup tip. Rest will avoid the bride from getting dark circles, and make the skin look tired. Have at least 8-9 hours of beauty sleep for a skin that is perfect for makeup on the day of marriage.

14. Massages:

There is nothing like having a good massage. A facial, back and body massage will help blood circulation and help in having good peace of mind. Do not skip this step.

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15. Maintain The Skincare Regime:

Make sure not just to do these steps once and leave it. Pre-bridal skincare home remedies should be followed regularly and adequately per schedule. They will get you results only if you tend to follow the routines and stick to it. Hence do not skip on the required pre-bridal facial every month as well.

Hope you liked our article on pre-wedding makeup tips. These will help you to look at your best on the most important day of your life. Hence do not skip, make sure to follow these steps much in advance in order to teach a routine and give it time to show the results. We are sure you are going to look your best and be a beautiful and glowing bride on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Is regular facial bad for the face?

Ans: It is essential that wedding skin treatments are started almost a month before the wedding. Once a month, a facial is always good. They do no harm but rather help in renewing blood circulation and work wonders through treatments and work with skincare concerns.

2. How to avoid acne issues like pimples before a wedding?

Ans: Pimples can be really annoying in case they arrive just before the wedding. Make sure to avoid fried foods, outside new foods, and foods with fat. These may tend to aggravate the skin and lead to acne and pimples on the face. Further good sleep is essential daily. Pre-bridal facials are essential and must be started at least a month before the wedding. Ensure that you apply safe herbal remedies to the face as well.

3. When is the correct time to start with my pre-bridal makeup tips and packages?

Ans: There is nothing called the right time. However, it is always good, to begin pre-wedding skin treatments at least 4 to 6 months before your wedding day and make sure you have a checklist on all that is required and schedule everything accordingly.


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