In the list of gemstones and precious stones, there are lists of names of hundreds of them. Whether the precious or the semi-precious ones, the diamonds, beads, stones or simple pearls, the rarely found stones have become scars on the earth’s surface. Finding the perfect match birthstone according to the date month or the gemstone perfect for the solution of human behaviour is a keen survey behind the stones and their effect on people. Among the precious stones, the ruby, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are considered the most precious stones found on earth.

List of Precious Stones and Jewellery Designs with Images:

These precious stones are valuable because they are translucent and rich in colour, shine, depth, and how they are cut, shaped and polished. Here are our top 15 Precious stones jewellery in different designs.

1. Opal Pendant:

The precious stone opal flashes its iridescent colours when one sees it from different directions. Available in different colours such as yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and red, the precious opal looks awesome in jewellery. The play of colour in opal is what people love about it.

2. Peridot Gemstone Pendant Set:

The ancient gemstone of precious and semi-precious stone is the peridot gemstone. The olive green colour of the peridot gemstone is well known for the pharaohs in Egypt and a variety of the olivine mineral. Jewellery made of light green peridot stones look amazing.

3. Precious Ruby Necklace:

Among the precious stones names, ruby is almost on the list. The rarely found real ruby diamonds are pink to blood-red coloured. Jewellery made from ruby diamonds is precious and rich. A necklace of precious rubies is a matter of pride.

4. Deep Sapphire Crystal Stone Necklace:

The deep blue sapphire crystal diamond gemstone is rare and one of the most popular blue precious stones. The glamour of the shining, glittering blue sapphire is so valuable and famous among the riches. Considered an asset of the rich, sapphires keep the glam starring forever.

5. Prive Spinel Diamond Ring:

The semi-precious stone jewellery list has the spinel gemstone’s name, which is the same red colour as that of the ruby. The spinel gemstone is a hard stone widely used in jewellery for its glittering red shine.

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6. Raw Tanzanite Stone Ring:

Tanzanite gemstones are considered one of the stones in the precious stone list. It is seen in a wide range of saturated colours and tones. Famous for its blue shades and hardness, it is used in raw and polished forms in making ornaments.

7. Blue Topaz Stone Bangle:

The topaz stones are one of the precious blue stones among the sapphire and tanzanite’s. A bracelet of the light blue topaz looks so glamorous and rich for its beautiful designs. The blue topazes are rarely found, unlike the brown, yellow, gold, pink or purple ones.

8. Dark Amber Necklace Pendant:

Amber stones aren’t precious but are formed from semi-precious stones and jewellery to aid manifestation. Made out of fossilized resin, dark amber stones help to balance emotions and clear the negativity from the mind. It is a warm stone and comes in colours like yellow, green, red, blue and black.

9. Amethyst Stone Pendant:

Among the semi-precious gemstones, amethyst is very rarely found but is a common stone that is a famous stone for fashion jewellery making. The purple tone of the colour looks royal and gives a ravishing style to your choice of dressing.

10. Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace:

Aquamarine stones of the colour shade from green to blue tone are among the most precious stones. The most famous minerals, grouped Aquamarine stones, are one of the four gems of the world. Jewellery made from aquamarine stones are indeed incredible and has a statement impact.

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11. Citrine Stone Beaded Necklace:

Citrine stones are the most common stones available in the earth’s crust. Natural citrine stones are rare and kind of the semi-precious stones of the world. The bright yellow to dark yellow shades of citrine is not very expensive, but I thought the jewellery made from the stones looked incredible.

12. Tourmaline and Sterling Silver Bracelet:

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is much like granite stones. The colours vary from a wide range from magenta to teal blue, meadow green shade to the bright, vibrant yellowish tint. The colour may even get dark to black. Jewellery made from tourmaline stones looks bold and impressive; those get highlights with glamour.

13. Turquoise Stone Necklace:

Turquoise stones are opaque stones shaded from blue to green tones. The rarely found stone is valuable and one of the names of the world’s precious stones. It has been prized as a gemstone for ornamental purposes and considered unique for thousands of years because of its colour.

14. Morganite Stone Engagement Ring:

The Morganite stones are precious stones of the world that looks best on jewellery ornaments for the beauty of women and men. It brings healing and cleanses the stress and bad components in the human mind and body. The light pink shade of the stone gently affects the heart and enkindles a light within the spirit.

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15. Silver Moonstone Earrings:

Among the precious stones names, the moonstone is one of the world’s rarest stones. The preciousness of the stone depends on how the transparency and blue its adolescence is. The size and shape too make the stone more valuable.

The semi-precious stones include names of many rare stones that come out of the earth’s crust and are incredibly beautiful in colours, shades and shine. Afghanite, tanzanite, Amber, amethysts, benitoite, beryl, and moonstones have beautiful tones and shades that make beautiful ornaments. The morganite, turquoise and tourmaline beads look splendid when beaded together, making beautiful jewellery. These beautiful semi-precious stones also are rare and valuable in price. The rich flaws from the necklaces and bracelets are made from these stones.


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