Pregnant and lactating mothers have one thing in common. They all want comfort above all else. Night gowns for pregnant women need to serve the purpose of comfort as well as breastfeeding ease. Most of these nighties have a front opening that makes it easier for mothers to feed their babies.

1. Warm Pregnancy Nighties:

This is an ideal nighty for pregnant women as it is a pajama style night wear. The comfort of wearing a pajama nighty is very huge. The nighty has an open front flap for nursing your baby. This is a very cool looking nighty with cartoon prints that your baby will love too.

2. Short Pregnancy Nighties:

Here is a cool and chic pregnancy nighty that is perfect for petite women. The breastfeeding night gown is comfortable when made in soft fabric. It is best for lactating women and the prints are sophisticated and cool. Select this wonderful short length nighty for a very comfortable night.

3. Zipper Pregnancy Nighty:

This is one the most common nighties that pregnant women wear as it is high on comfort and can be worn the whole day through. The cotton nighties are made in wonderful prints. The front of the nighty has a long zip that opens up and gives the mother the ease of feeding her baby. Choose this beautiful nighty in various colors and prints and you can wear them for day as well as night.

4. Princess Cut Pregnancy Nightgown:

Choose this pastel shade princess cut night gown to look stunning and fabulous. The pastel nighty has a wonderful V neck and is fitted a bit at the waist giving rise to the lovely princess cut. This makes you feel fashionable too. The nighty is loose fitting enough to give you comfort and the short sleeves add to the style.

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5. Pajama Style Pregnancy Nighty:

Pajama style is considered to be one of the most comfortable nighties ever. Here the lovely striped pajama nighty is made daintier by the use of lace on the bodice, sleeves and the trim. The front portion has buttons and that is great for breastfeeding the baby.

6. Shirt and Pant Pregnancy Nighty:

This is a great addition to the wardrobe of a pregnant or lactating mother. The shirt has a collar and is open in the front with buttons for ease of breastfeeding. The pants are comfortable and easy to wear and move around. The simple pastel color nighty has a lovely contrasting trim on the edges that give it a designer look.

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7. Long Sleeve Pregnancy Nighty:

Here is a wonderful nighty that is high on comfort. The nighty has a loose flared top that has full sleeves for added warmth on winter nights. The bottom of the nighty is leggings that are fitting and give that extra warm and cozy feeling. Choose this in bright colors or pastel colors and prints that are chic. The frills on the collar and the sleeves give a very dainty look to the nighty.

8. Cotton Pregnancy Nighty:

Choose this super cool and elegant cotton pregnancy nighty that comes in the classic polka dot print. The pink and white combination is perfect and makes a very lovely nighty. This nighty has pleats in the front of the nighty and that makes a good flare at the bottom. The round neck is classic and the short sleeves are very cute.

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9. Spaghetti Pregnancy Nighty:

This is a very sexy nighty for pregnant women or even lactating mothers. The lovely soft fabric is perfect and the spaghetti straps give you the freedom to nurse your baby easily. The prints are dainty and delicate and the colors are also bright and cheerful.

Pregnancy nighties are open ended for nursing and comfortable to wear. They are either long or short and can be pant style or dress style.

Meta -Pregnancy nighties are perfect for women who are growing in size and then later for breastfeeding their babies. The nighties are comfort driven and easy.

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