Preity Zinta is one of Bollywood’s hottest actresses who also sports other hats, including directing, producing, and owning a cricket team for the Indian Premier League. Her fun personality and witty repartee make her fun to be around. Apart from her acting, her dimples have also made her famous, and she is well-known for playing the girl-next-door with absolute ease. However, do not let those cute dimples and big smiles fool you. She has also excelled in dramatic roles that require depth and poise to portray. She has acted alongside the best in Bollywood.

10 Unseen Pictures of Preity Zinta Without Makeup:

Preity has been spotted on a number of occasions without makeup. here is a list of them:


Preity decides to keep herself snug with a brown shawl. Despite the presence of no makeup, her face still manages to glow, partly due to that dimpled smile that she is well known for. The small diamond studs are the perfect way to keep things simple.

Paparazzi Favorite:

Preity cannot seem to get away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. However, despite not having any makeup on, she makes up for it with this bright red hoodie that is cool and spunky, just like her personality—the sleek black watch and grey tote complete the casual look.

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Luscious Locks:

Despite having no makeup on, her luscious locks are in full flow. The very famous Louis Vuitton bag is front and centre. Trust Preity to know what will look good on a night out in town. The green ring on her finger adds a nice style element.

For The Sake of Art:

Preity Zinta goes without makeup in a scene from one of her movies. She believes that she does not mind baring her facial features for films. However, in this photo, she is fully immersed in her role, and the intensity she brings to her eyes makes you not notice that she is not wearing makeup.

The Cheerleader:

Preity is seen here supporting her team in the Indian Premier League. The clap of approval says it all, and so does the stylish red sweater shirt she is sporting. The no-makeup look does not hide that beautiful dimpled smile that she always wears. Her hair also looks well-groomed, and those streaks of brown highlight her rich, luscious locks.

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The IPL Owner:

Preity is the proud owner of her cricket team participating in the Indian Premier League. She is seen here sporting the Kings XI Punjab team jersey while also giving us a glimpse of her competitive side. The pink wristband is also a great addition to the streaks of grey and red found in the jersey. Her signature rings round out her causal, sporty look for the day.

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The Emotional Side:

Preity is seen here from a still in one of her movies where she decides to get into character without wearing makeup. The washed-up look bares her features, thereby making her emote better. The green scarf is a great style statement in addition to the small gold hoop hearings that add that extra touch of class and grace.

Desi Girl:

Preity is seen in traditional Indian clothes in a bright shade of orange that accentuates her lovely features and brings out her flawless complexion. The statement neckpiece and nose ring complete the look and make her look beautiful despite having no makeup.

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The Kiss:

Preity’s more fun and jovial side is highlighted in this picture. She is without any foundation or lipstick but still manages to stun. Those shades are a real style statement and suit her face well.

Out Shopping:

Preity is seen coming out of a grocery store with a bright orange jumper complemented by her shades and big tote bag. Her no-makeup look highlights her natural beauty.


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