Prenatal Yoga – Best Poses And Its Benefits

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What Is Prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal yoga also called as pregnancy yoga which means doing yoga asanas during pregnancy for better and simple baby birth. Prenatal yoga is a latest trend in Yoga. Women are becoming more aware of the health and psychological benefits of light physical activity in form of easy yoga asanas and pranayama during pregnancy. The health benefits of prenatal yoga can be maximized when coupled with a mild form of cardiovascular exercise like walking. Practicing prenatal or pregnancy yoga helps you stay fit and more in shape during pregnancy it also helps to tone up your muscles and keep your blood circulation healthier. A very important component of prenatal Yoga is deep breathing and relaxation techniques or pranayamas. These techniques impart immense help during labour or parturition.

prenatal yoga

Apart from making the entire experience of child birth more comfortable for a lady. It imparts many other benefits during pregnancy too like Inducing a healthy sleep, alleviating anxiety, reducing lower back pain, morning sickness and headaches. It also reduces the risk of preterm or pre mature labor, pregnancy-related hypertension and promotes a healthy intrauterine growth of baby and increases the chances of a normal delivery. It is of utmost importance to practice prenatal yoga under a specifically trained person and with consultation from your genealogist. Also, do only as much as you are comfortable with and stop when you begin to feel uneasy. You should not push your body to do it.

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When To Start Prenatal Yoga?

According to experts, one should not wait too long for starting this yoga poses. You an start prenatal yoga just after the first trimester of the pregnancy which means after 98days. Resting and relaxation are recommended during this phase. The yoga postures should be performed properly for the betterment of your health.

What Does A Typical Prenatal Yoga Session Consist Of?

This prenatal yoga includes gently stretching different areas like neck and arms. such are light form of stretching exercises.

Pranayama During Pregnancy:

The deep breathing technique that forms an inseparable part of Pregnancy yoga is  known as Ujjayi Pranayama. This breathing technique is relaxed breathing marked by a resonating sound in the practitioner’s throat. Mastering Ujjayi pranayam during your pregnancy helps you stay composed during child birth and may help you get rid of the anxiety and apprehensions. Being very scared during child birth increases the production of Adrenaline hormone and slows down oxytocin production and prolongs the labour. With regular practice of prenatal Yoga, you can avoid such a scenario by helping you relax. It also helps you fight the tendency to tighten up your muscles when you feel a pain wave coming.

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Best Prenatal Yoga Poses And Its Benefits:

Here we given the best very important prenatal yoga poses and their benefits with pictures. These include a set of different positions that help a pregnant female in developing strength, flexibility and balance. I am describing 3 of most simple asanas below:

1. Konasana Yoga (Angle Pose):

This asana increases Flexibility of waist region and also helps in avoiding fat accumulation in belly region.


  • To perform this asana, you need to stand erect with your feet 2 feet apart by standing against the wall.
  • Raise your right hand. Try keeping your elbow straight.
  • Give your arm an upward stretch and Inhale. Bend side wards towards your left, as per your comfort.
  • Slowly bring your right hand downward towards the ankle of the left foot and bring left hand towards sky.
  • Repeat the same routine with other side.

Benefits For Pregnant Women:

  • This asana is very helpful to giving smooth and safe delivery.
  • This angle pose cures and improve the reproductive system function.
  • And it can develop blood circulation.

2. Vakrasana Yoga (Twisted Pose):

The one described here is a simpler version of this asana for pregnant women. It is one of the best prenatal yoga asanas for women.


  • Sit erect with feet stretched in front of you.
  • Breathe in and raise your arms to shoulder level, palms should be facing down.
  • While breathing out, twist your body towards your right moving head and hands simultaneously to the right. Swing arms back as much as possible.
  • Inhale and come back to original position maintaining your posture.
  • Repeat this exercise routines on the left side also.


  • This asana gives gentle massage to abdominal organs.
  • It can improve the spinal chord and nervous system functions.

3. Savasana Yoga Or Corpse Pose:

This is practiced before, in between and after other Asanas. This is one of the best parental yoga poses to relax.


  • To do this one has to lie down straight and try to keep their mind still.
  • Lie flat on the back. Spread your arms and rest them.
  • Along the sides of the body, palms facing upwards.
  • Then Legs are extended. Relax your entire body.
  • You may make slight adjustments in this pose to feel more at ease.
  • Now close your eyes and focus on a spot between your eyebrows that is also called the sun centre and try to still your mind.
  • You may stay in this pose for 5 to 15 minutes.
  • To make this asana more relaxing you may lie on your left side; place a pillow between your legs and below your head for support.


  • Best asana for improves the circulation of blood.
  • Removes stress, fatigue, depression and tension in pregnant women.
  • Improves mental health and concentration.

4. The Standing Mountain Posture:

Standing mountain

The mountain pose or standing mountain pose is one of the most beneficial prenatal yoga asanas. This particular posture has tons of benefits including many mind blowing advantages for women.


  • For performing this pose, you will first have to stand straight with your toes touching each other.
  • Keep the heels slightly apart, though.
  • Now spread the toes and try to stand still as much as possible.
  • Keep proper balance on your feet.
  • Put some firm pressure on your thigh muscles and allow them to slowly adjust to the pressure.
  • Now, slowly lift the inner ankles and put some strength on the inner arches.
  • This whole posture is about self-belief and imagination.
  • You will have to imagine as if a line of energy is passing from the inner thighs which will keep flowing to the middle portion of the body.
  • Now, you will have to turn the inner thighs inwards and keep the back, neck, and the head absolutely straight.


  • It can strengthen the total body parts such are knees, shoulders, neck, buttocks.
  • This pose toned the body shapes and stretched the muscles.

5. The Supported Squat Pose:

The supported squat pose

Here, we have another wonderful prenatal yoga pose which is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. In order to do this yoga exercise,


  • You will have to stand keeping your feet wider.
  • Don’t forget to keep a stack of pillows on the floor to your back.
  • Now, slowly perform a squat by sitting on the pillows already kept behind your.
  • Firmly place your bottom on the pillows and keeps the palms together near your chest.
  • While doing this yoga you’ll have to make sure that your breathe enough. Deeply breathe by closing your eyes and keep performing the squats slowly and steadily.
  • During each squat rest on the pillow for not less than 6-8 full breaths.
  • This posture will assist your during child birth.

One thing should be very well kept in mind that one should never practice this posture if they are experiencing any indications of premature labor.


a) It will keep the back and the waist strong.
b) Help you with back problems.
c) Strengthen the lower back.
d) Good move for going through labor.

6. Bitilasana Yoga Or Cow Pose:

Woman Practices Yoga

Looking for prenatal yoga? This exercise is an effective yoga asana for pregnant women.


  • For performing this posture, you will have to keep your elbows and abdominal drawn in.
  • You will arch your back and have to bring yourself in the position of a cow or a cat.
  • Keep your head up and keeps the eyes up as well.

Now, when you have placed yourself in that particular position you will have to inhale and exhale heavily. Slowly bring your chin towards the chest. This posture can also be called a child’s posture where you have to relax and take one full breath. Repetition and practice will make you a pro at this yoga pose. For cooling down your body before labor you can practice this pose for 5 whole breaths. This posture will be extremely effective during labor.


a) This posture will straighten the back.
b) It is good for the abdominal muscles.
c) Improves breathing.
d) Excessive stretching during this pose will be beneficial for pregnant women.
e) It can increase the coordination.
f) Improves body posture and promotes proper balance.
g) It will assist with promotion of emotional balance.
h) It calms and relieves the mind as well.

7. The Belly Breathing Yoga Posture:

Yoga breathing belly


  • For performing this yoga posture, you will first have to sit straight on a pillow or cloth material made of cotton.
  • Next step demands you top place your hands on your lower belly and take full and deep breaths.
  • While breathing, keep the face and the jaws relaxed.
  • This is probably one of the best yoga techniques for women who are gonna be going through labor.
  • Now, you will have to relax keeping your pelvic muscles on the floor.
  • At this point, inhale and exhale firmly.
  • This is one of the best prenatal yoga poses.


Benefits of this prenatal yoga are as follows.

a) It relaxes the mind
b) This yoga posture can be performed pretty easily and will assist women physically during pregnancy.
c) It slows down the aging process and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone.

8. The Sitting Side Stretch Yoga Pose:

This is one of the most effective prenatal yoga asanas for pregnant women.This posture has tons of benefits which will be discussed shortly. Here’s how you’re going to do it.


  • At first, you will have to sit in a normal position on the ground wit your back straight.
  • Then, slowly stretch the right leg to your right at a 60degree angle.
  • This will help stretch the belly slowly which will help you during pregnancy.
  • Then slowly stretch your upper to the right so that both your arms are in a parallel position as you’re stretching the body to your right.
  • Now, do the same on the other side. Performing this posture for quite some with proper inhaling and exhaling can bring tons of benefits.


a) This pose will be good for the waist and belly.
b) It can help remove lower back problems which are quite common during this time.

Meditation Yoga:

Throughout the session you may continue with chanting of certain mantras. This is supposed to nurture the baby spiritually.

At the end of each prenatal yoga class, you’ll be asked to relax your muscles. Relaxation also helps restore the heart beat rate and breathing rhythm.