We all must have heard the stories of “lord Krishna”. In every story there is a great significance of butter and curd or yogurt. Lord Krishna loved these food items the most. Well it s a true fact that every homemade dish is always better than any restaurant one! Though it is a simple curd! Our grannies used to make delicious food items which contained all homemade or home processed ingredients. It is really important for girls to know how to manage stuff at home when outsourcing is not easily available. In India every woman has a super power to make most of the dishes at home though the dish is continental or traditional.

So in this article you will me knowing a super easy method or recipe to make delicious curd at home itself.

Here are the Step be Step Process of Preparation of Curd:

This is the most common and easiest method of making curd at home.

  • You need curd (preferably plain one).
  • Milk.


  1. Take one spoon of curd and mix this spoon in hot/ warm milk. Make sure that you stir the spoon properly in the bowl of milk.
  2. Keep in mind that the quantity of milk you pour in to the bowl the same quantity of curd will be made.
  3. Keep this bowl overnight in a warm place and do not refrigerate this! As fermentation needs heat!
  4. During winter season you may provide heat to this mixture by enveloping this bowl with a warm cloth.
  5. To make thick curd with less of the water content bring milk to full boil and then by turning off the burner mix a spoon of curd in to it.
  6. And the next day you will get a yummy homemade curd.

When you are not available with curd but still you want to make curd with some other methods please follow the method below.

There is a very powerful and effective age old method of making curd without using curd! This method has been followed by many rural women in Southern part of India.

1. These women were used to make their own culture to make curd and used it as a starter.

2. Bring the milk to a full boil.

3. Then turn off the burner and Let the temperature come down to warm.

4. Then you may add 7 to 10 stalks or stems of red chilies for every 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the warm milk. Set the ratio accordingly.

5. Now after doing so Set this aside in a warm place until set.

6. It takes around 5 hours for in a warm temperature to set the curd.

7. But this may not be good to use directly, I am not sure if it is healthy to eat.

8. After the time you will get thick and delicious curd at home.

Once you made this curd you may further make more curd by following the above procedure of making curd with the help of curd.

Some Tips:

  • Always use full cream or whole milk. As any other diluted milk will not set the curd.
  • Winter Season needs more warmth to prepare curd whereas summer season do not
  • If you will use sticky starters such you will get a stick curd only.
  • In homogeneous milk more starters are required as compared to processed one.
  • If you add more curd to a non- homogeneous milk it will make your curd sour than required.
  • If your starter contains the amount of gelatin particles then you need to pour more amount of starter but if it
  • Does not contain gelatin a reasonable amount is enough.

Hope these two recipes will help you to make healthy, delicious and nourished curd for you and your family.


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