The fruits of the plant we know as prickly pear cactus is what are famously distributed as prickly pear. You might be wondering how can a cactus plant be edible or of any use?

Yes! Prickly pear is one of the tasty and oval shaped fruit from the cactus that are also loaded with huge benefits for the health. The colour of the fruit can range from greenish yellow to deep red and even purple. Along with being a part of the diet, prickly pear is also quite known for its medicinal properties. It can be eaten both raw as well as dried. The south-western region of United States and Mexico sees a lot of growth where prickly pear is concerned.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Prickly Pear Fruit:

However, before you can actually use the fruit, it is important to know what’s in store for your well being. This will help you make easier and better decisions. Check this list below to know more:

1. Treatment of Diabetes:

The hypoglycemic effects according to the professionals is one of the major properties of prickly pear that you can make use of. It is one of the natural products that is used for diabetes and for about more than 1000 years now. This is especially valid for people who stay in Central America.

2. Aids Digestion, Treats Constipation:

Dietary fiber is present in a lot of fruits, vegetables and even grains and is insoluble in nature. This fiber helps in the regulation of the digestive system as well as in curing issues of constipation. The same is present in prickly pear as well. This helps in aiding digestion and prevention of stomach and bowel related issues.

3. Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

Well again, the high levels of dietary fiber works here in your favour and flushes out the levels of bad cholesterol also known as LDL from the body thus keeping the heart problems away. It helps in reducing the risks of strokes and attacks and thus protects the heart well.

4. Provides Essential Minerals:

Minerals like potassium and magnesium helps in secretion of enzymes in the body that helps in regulating all the functions of the body. In fact, they also help in enhancing the metabolism and produce good levels of energy. It also helps in regular heart beat and proper function of the muscles and the nerves.

5. Bone Strength:

Along with the development of the bones, prickly pear helps in providing proper strength and good health to the bones. This fruit is one of the best ones when it comes to high levels of calcium. About 1 serving of the fruit is enough to contribute well to the daily requirements of calcium.

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6. Helps in Managing Weight:

The unsaturated fats and limited calories are important for the right weight management. Prickly pear is no doubt one of the greatest options when it comes to managing weight as well as losing it. All you need to do is include a portion of this fruit in the diet for the best purposes.

7. Gives Amino Acids:

There are about 8 amino acids in prickly pear that the body is not able to prepare and needs from food sources. Amino acids are very important for the right functions and needs of the body. There is not a single question that prickly pear has the most amino acids as compared to others.

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8. Treats Hangovers:

To reduce the effects of a bad hangover, prickly pear is certainly a good option to consider. All uncomfortable feelings associated with alcohol hangovers like nausea, vomiting and dry mouth can be treated with this fruit.

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9. Strengthens Immunity:

There are polysaccharides in prickly pear that helps in stimulating the immune system and is another of the benefits that helps in combating diseases and infections.


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