Whether it is cartoons or movies, princesses are popular among kids of all ages, and young children connect emotionally to these characters. So we have curated some popular Princess coloring pages in this article that will lighten up your kid’s face with excitement. By giving these princess colouring sheets to your kids, you can help them transform the simple page by unleashing their creativity.

15 Free Princess Coloring Pages for Kids:

Scroll down this article to explore the collection of Princess coloring pages with some simple tips.

1. Cute Princess Coloring Page:

Cuteness comes to mind when you look at this princess coloring page. Two beautiful dwarfs hold a mirror for the princess to look at her face. This coloring sheet might be a perfect option for younger kids below six years. You can help your kids choose colours that help bring the princess to life. For example, you can use coloured glitter for the hairband that looks similar to a tiara. Brush pens, sketch pens or crayons can be perfect coloring tools.

2. Princess Peach Coloring Page:

The fictional character in Nintendo’s Mario franchise is the Princess Peach toadstool. She is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and is a popular character loved by kids. You can choose golden yellow for the hair of the princess and shades of pink for the dress. But you can let your kids choose the colour if they would like to experiment. Suitable for kids below six years with crayons as colouring tools for mess-free work.

3. Realistic Princess Coloring Page:

Suppose your kid loves extensive designs for colouring and is a fan of princess stories. In that case, this realistic princess coloring page can be an excellent option. This colouring sheet has intricate details which require close attention, making it an ideal choice among kids above ten years. Kids of this age group might need suggestions, but let them choose the colours of their choice, giving the page a personal touch. Sketch pens are the perfect tools that help you reach every nook and corner.

4. Barbie Princess Coloring Page:

Barbie has been a famous doll among kids for decades. However, Barbie has been a tremendous variation and transformation to include each generation exceptionally. This stylish Barbie is relatable to every teenage girl and is best suited for kids above eight years. Let your kids use their creativity to colour this barbie princess coloring pages, making them relate to the character even more.

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5. Princess Jasmine Coloring Page:

Princess Jasmine is yet another famous princess known because of the animation feature film Aladdin. The rebellious and independent nature of princess Jasmine is represented in this picture which you can further elevate by using the right colours. It is suitable for kids above seven years; if you wish to give the page to younger kids, make sure parents provide guidance. Crayons are perfect tools for younger kids. Brush pens or oil pastels can be ideal colouring tools for elder kids.

6. Elsa And Anna Princess Coloring Page:

Elsa and Anna are famous princesses of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle from the super hit animation movie Frozen. Choose a golden yellow colour for anna’s hair and snowy colour for Elsa’s hair. You can let your kids experiment with the colours used for the princesses’ dresses, adding a personal touch to the sheet. Kids of all ages like this Elsa and Anna princess coloring sheet.

7. Princess Celestia Coloring Page:

Princess Celestia is the most magical pony responsible for creating light and darkness in Equestria by raising the sun and the moon. She is also popular because she is the only pony with Pegasus wings and unicorn’s horn. Traditionally, the body of this princess is white with rainbow coloured wings, tail and hair. But you can also let your kids experiment with different colours if they don’t want to stick with the suggested colours. This page is best suited for kids above five years with brush pens, sketch pens and crayons as colouring tools.

8. Princess And The Frog Coloring Page:

Princess and Frog is a popular animation movie, and this colouring sheet is a perfect representation of the same. This page is best suited for kids above seven years with crayons as colouring tools. Use brown for the cupboard on the side and a variation of bright and light colours for the princess dress. Brighten the colouring page by using glitter.

9. Princess Sofia Coloring Page:

Have you heard of “Sofia the first” animated television series? Princess Sofia is the titular protagonist of this Disney junior animation series. Young kids love this princess and would love colouring this page. You can use a combination of bright and light colours for the dress, creating a beautiful look. Use a glitter pen to finish the jewellery, tiara, and dress borders, making it more realistic.

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10. Princess Belle Coloring Page:

Adults and kids are familiar with the storybook The beauty and the beast. However, it has become more popular with Disney movies with the same name. Princess Belle is the protagonist’s name in this movie, and this colouring page represents the same beautifully. This sheet is suitable for kids above nine years because of the many details present in the sheet. Let your kids choose the colours as per their wish, and brush pens or sketch pens can be the perfect colouring tools.

11. Princess Aurora Coloring Page:

Princess Aurora is a fictional character from Disney movies, also known as Sleeping beauty or Briar Rose. You can use different shades of a single colour for the dress or multiple colours per your kid’s choice. Hair colour can also vary from black, brown to blonde. You can also use glitter for the crown, adding a shiny touch to the coloring page.

12. Princess Tiana Coloring Page:

Princess Tiana is a fictional character from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog. The beautiful ball gown with a floral belt will make your kids squeal with joy making them want to get their colours and start colouring. You can choose various colours for the dress, giving it a multi-layered look. This sheet is suitable for kids above six years, and crayons or brush pens can be ideal colouring tools.

13. Princess Ariel Coloring Page:

Princess Ariel is the first non-human and fourth in the Disney princess line-up, popular among movie lovers, kids, and adults. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids above the age of seven years. Although using light blue colour for the water and green colour variations for the plant life, go for bright and radiant colours for the princess and her friends. Brush-pens sketch pens are the perfect tools for colouring this sheet.

14. Hello, Kitty Princess Coloring Page:

Hello, Kitty is a popular Japanese anime character that is popular worldwide. This is the reason why many kids own merchandise related to this character. You can go with the original colours of the kitty or even let your kids choose their favourite colours, giving it a personal touch. This sheet is best suited for kids under six years, and crayons can be the best colouring tools for mess-free work.

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15. Fairy Princess Coloring Page:

Fairies are among some famous characters in our kid’s life irrespective of gender. This cute little fairy princess coloring page is suitable for six-year-old kids. You can use golden or brown colours for the princesses’ hair. Go for bright colours for her dress and add glitter on the crown and wand. You can also leave the colour selection choice to your kids, encouraging creativity.

These are some of the best Princess coloring pages suitable for kids of all ages and adults. Go through these ideas that will help your kids engage themselves productively. We have tried to provide you with an essential guide for colours. With minimal parental intervention, you can let your kids experiment with different colours. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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