Daughters are undeniably princesses for every parent. We all would always love to pick the most beautiful and mesmerizing magical name choice for our newborns. Especially if it is the most loving daughter, the name should be extraordinary. That is where comes the princess baby names. These princess inspired baby names are meaningful, beautiful, and simply spellbinding. Check out these latest princess names for girls, which would surely make them feel special and loved.

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Best Trending Baby Names That Mean Princess

We have compiled the list of girl names that mean Princess. These unique and pretty names flaunt out ravishing, cute, and royalty vibes. They are famous and elegant princess inspired baby names right now. Check this list of baby names related to Princess!

Princess Baby Girl Names:

1. Alysa:

Alysa name has its roots in the German language. It means ‘noble.’ The name also symbolizes and implies grace. It is a pretty and cute princess inspired baby name idea for girls.

2. Amira:

Amira is a gorgeous Arabic originated baby name. It means the baby is born during the harvest season. It is a unique and beautiful idea.

3. Alexandra:

The name Alexandra is already pretty popular at many places across the globe. It means feminine of the name Alexander. The name has origins in Greek.

4. Beatrice:

Beatrice means a person who brings happiness with her. The name is popular after Prince Andrew from England named his daughter.

5. Camilla:

Camilla, according to Roman and Latin mythology, means warrior queen. Therefore, the name symbolizes a princess warrior. Camilla is also the name of the Duchess of Cornwall.

6. Damita:

Damita, in the Spanish language, means baby princess. The name also implies little lady or little Princess.

7. Diana:

This is a world-popular name idea for baby girls. Diana originated from ancient Roman mythology. It means moon princess. The name also implies divine. The name Diana is popular after the iconic Princess of Wales.

8. Erica:

Erica is the feminine version of the name Eric. It has roots in the Old Norse, which means aristocrat. The name also implies eternal ruler or sole ruler. Other variations of the name Erica include Erika or Ericka.

9. Elizabeth:

This is a very pretty popular name idea for girls. There are two queens in England with this name.

10. Elsa:

If you love fiction or animation, you might hear this name. It is from the movie Frozen, and Elsa is the fictional queen of Arendelle. However, Elsa is also a German version of the name Elizabeth. This is getting to be among the most popular choice among queen and princess names.

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11. Fiona:

Fiona in Scottish means princess. The name is also popular with fictional characters from Shrek.

12. Helen:

Helen has its roots in the Greek language. It means light. This is a simple and meaningful name idea.

13. Gladys:

Gladys originated from Welsh origin. In the language, it means princess royalty. The name in the Latin language also means ‘small sword.’

14. Ingrid:

Ingrid means a fair and beautiful lady. The name is also famous as Prince of Norway’s daughter. It has origins from Norweigan.

15. Jasmine:

Jasmine is a popular Disney fictional character. It also means ‘gift from God’ in the Persian language.

16. Juno:

Juno means queen of heavens. The name is also famous as the Roman Goddess of Marriage, Love, and Childbirth.

17. Kiana:

Kiana is a feminine version of the name Kian. It means divine, or Princess in Irish origins.

18. Lucia:

Lucia means light. The name has roots in Italian. It is also the name of the Duchess of Genoa.

19. Margaret:

Margaret is the popular name of Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister. It originated in Greek and means ‘pearl’.

20. Mia:

Mia is a short, cute, and very pretty popular name idea for girls. It means ‘mine’ in the Italian language. Gorgeous, isn’t it!

21. Raina:

Raina in Slavic means queen. However, the name also symbolizes paradise and strong.

22. Regina:

This is another very famous name across the globe for centuries. The name is a popular Christian name choice for girls, which means, ‘women who are a queen.’

23. Sadie:

Sadie in Hebrew means Princess. The other meaning of the name also is ‘noblewoman.’ This is a unique and rare name idea for girls.

24. Sallie:

Sallie in Hebrew also means Princess. So this is a cute and pretty short baby name idea too!

25. Sarah:

Sarah, the other variation of the famous name, Sara, means Princess. It has origins in Hebrew.

26. Sophie:

Sophie means wisdom in French origins. The name is also popular because it is the first name of Countess of Wessex.

27. Tia:

The gorgeous name, Tia, has Gree origins. It means Godly or a Goddess like a person. In Greek mythology, Tia is the Goddess of light.

28. Tiana:

Tiana is a unique name idea. It means ‘fairy queen.’ The name has origins in Slavic regions.

29. Zara:

Zara means ‘blooming flower.’ The name also otherwise implies ‘God Remembers.’ It is originated in Arabic.

30. Zarouhi:

This is perfect if you are willing to keep a unique and rarely found yet intense spelled name. Zarouhi has its roots in Armenian, which means Princess.

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Princess Twin Baby Girl Names Ideas:

31. Adele – Adelina:

Both are beautiful princess inspired baby girl names. They both mean graceful and noble people.

32. Aria- Aura:

Aria means air, and aura means a breeze. Both also imply and symbolize a princess. Such short and cute twin baby names, aren’t they!

33. Cecilia – Cleopatra:

Cecilia name has originated from Cecilia from Sweden. And we all know Cleopatra as Goddess from Ancient Egypt. They both make excellent twin-baby names.

34. Belle- Bernice:

Belle has French origins; it means beautiful. Bernice is Greek, meaning ‘someone who brings victory.’So these are unique and lovely twin names for the Princess.

35. Eadlin – Erendira:

Both the names mean Princess. Eadlin has Anglo-Saxon roots. However, Erendira has Spanish origin. These are twin Princess sounding baby names.

36. Grace – Gwenyth:

Grace in English origins means virtue. Gwenyth is the name of an ancient Welsh kingdom. Both are mesmerizing twin name ideas. `

37. Kaia – Kayla:

Both the name means pure. The name also symbolizes a beautiful young woman.

38. Lena – Louise:

Lena means light. It has meaning in several languages. Louise means the female version of Louis. The name is also popular after Prince Edward named his daughter.

39. Malia – Meghan:

Malia means queen in Kiswahili. Meghan is a popular name these days, who is Prince Harry’s wife. It also means pearl in the Welsh language.

40. Iseult – Izella:

Iseult means ice ruler. The name has roots in Welsh and Irish. Izella, on the other hand, means a devoted princess. It has English and American origins.

Indian Princess Baby Names:

41. Adhisha:

Adhisha in Sanskrit roots means Indian queen. The name also means an Empress.

42. Arya:

Arya is a popular name from Sanskrit origins. It means noble and a strong person.

43. Avantika:

Avantika is the name of Princss of Ujjain. The name also means queen and symbolizes royalty.

44. Kiara:

Kiara or Kiyara is a very trending baby girl name, which means little Princess.

45. Princy:

Princy is a trendy baby name in India. It means ‘queen’ or ‘someone like a prince.’ It has Sanskrit origins.

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46. Rahni:

Rahni means Princess. The name also has Sanskrit origins and is a rarely found name across the globe.

47. Revika:

Revika means ‘like a sunray.’ The name also has another meaning, which means Princess. It has roots in the Sanskrit language.

48. Pari:

Pari in the Hindi language means fairy or angel. The name also symbolizes Princess in many instances.

49. Rani:

Rani in Sanskrit and other Indian languages directly implies a queen. It is a very common and evergreen baby name in India.

50. Saira:

Saira in Arabic and Indian languages means Princess. This is also among the most common baby girl name.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of unique and beautiful baby girl names that mean Princess. These are among the most trending and also rare name ideas you can choose from for your little one. Let us know which one you picked from the list. We love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about the latest Princess baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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