Spicing up the wardrobe is always the thought running in every ladies mind!! Which does not come as shocking news for boys as well as girls by reading the above Statement!! Girls always like to try new designer clothes and matching them with a pair of jeans and a boot, which is one of the simple getaways looks with total elegance and adds a ton of glory to the beautiful ladies out there. To that list of simple clothing definitely printed tops are considered to be on top of the chart.

Cute and Latest Printed Tops Designs for Women:

Here the top 15 printed tops with different designs and cut given a simple coloured fabric, which will trigger ladies eye to having them in their clothes filled wardrobe!!!

1. Floral Printed Tops:

The Floral print is the most common and mostly sold ladies printed tops in any part of the world. Floral designs are typical feminine designs. Which designers used it to their advantage in designing beautiful printed top. This kind of top can be simply worn over the head with full sleeve pattern and with button attachment seen just below the neckline.

2. Shoulder Cut out Sleeve Zigzag-Printed Tops:

This printed tops design is also called a Cold-shoulder printed top. The zig-zag pattern is seen on front and back of the top with cut off hand sleeve is seen around the shoulder region. A scoop neckline is given to the top with a thick strip of cloth running around the shoulder.

3. Bandeau Elasticated off Shoulder Geometric Printed Tops:

The bandeau top is typically inspired by tube top and also the top piece of swimsuit. This is strapless top with the elasticated neckline which makes the cloth to stay stiff onto the body. The sleeves are called as drop shoulder sleeves which fall till the elbow level.

4. Gypsy Boho Printed 3/4th Sleeve Tops:

This modernized black top has prints of the sun, moon, butterflies which are a typical art design falling into the Bohemian style of clothing which brings out designs inspired by hippies around the year 1960´s and 70’s.

5. Giraffe Print Semi Sleeve Tops:

This long neck animal is favourite for all. When it is used as a decorative print on tops makes it more eye-catching. Girls wear this printed top along with a slim fit jean. Ladies also wear these printed tops and make them feel 10 years younger!

6. Elephant Printed Crop Tops:

Elephants are the most loved animals which have a different shape when compared with other animals, which is the striking feature brought out in plain tops. The size of the print can differ, smaller print is seen on both the sides, in contrast, the larger magnified print comes as a single print seen on both sides.

7. Diamond Printed Tops:

The shape of the diamond is not only used in making biscuits, but also in creating a new pattern of women cloth. The diamond-shaped used here is longer making it look more prominent with a contrast colour border around the Diamond shape.

8. Paisley Printed Tops:

Paisley print is the most commonly used Mehndi design. The same design why not use it for making printed top? This question made designers create a peacock motif along with simple circular design print on synthetic top. Synthetic paisley printed top is more eye-catchy than the printed cotton top.

9. Leaf Print Flare Sleeve Tops:

This modestly printed top made by combining leaf design running only around the upper part of the top and leaving the lower part of the top plain. The hands are given flare look. The colour combination of white leaf print with a black background is a mind-blowing duo-colour combination.

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10. Polka Dot Print Tops:

Polka dot prints are commonly worn by all young girls as a casual or party wear dress. The polka dots are given contrast colour from the top colour. The design of the neck is a boot shape with centre cutoff seen on the front and backside of the neck.

11. Zebra Print Tops:

Zebra lines are two-colour design, the most common colour combination is black and white. To give it a change beige and black or cream and black colour combination printed tops for women are commonly sold these days. The black lines run around the beige background. A satin zebra print top with a pair of jeans or skirt can be a good party wear outfit.

12. Cheetah Print Tops:

In order to avoid ripping animal skin and designing them into the various outfits, which is definitely not a bio-friendly way. To make a change designers came up with replicating animal print onto fabric, making them as a printed animal top. The Cheetah design is ravishing and furious smoky animal print tops design, makes a girl look hot and beautiful.

13. Fingerprint Long Sleeve Tops:

The lines running around our finger can be used as a design by magnifying it on a top. These lines run around the top with contrast colours. This is a loose-fitting top with baggy hands. The lines don’t have a steady circular pattern.

14. Bird Print Sleeveless Tops:

A miniature version of birds which we used to draw on papers during our childhood days is replicated on shirts in a printed fashion. The printed bird has two sleek wings with an entire body which are printed in black and white colour in a contrast colour background.

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15. Star Print Tunic Tops:

Tunic top are not a body-hugging top, instead, they have a loose-fitting all around the body with bell-shaped hand falling just below the elbow. The star design gives a contrast colour to make it look more prominent and attractive. The corner of the sleeves and the neckline is highlighted with the bright colour cloth.

Before buying, a printed top is best advised to try out and check whether the print goes well with your complexion, body figure and most important is whether the quality of the print is good. The size of the print also plays a major role in selecting a top. Usually magnified floral prints or animal prints suits well for thin to medium size body figure. Small prints go well for all types of body figure, for ladies whose size comes under large-small print camouflages the body shape, which is indeed a great advantage. Choosing the right print and shape is the key factor!

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