The first impression is the last impression for anyone and men always wishes to make the best impression, and a stylish hairstyle can work in this scenario. The best hairstyle can add charm to your face, highlight facial feature and brings out the best in every man.

Whether it is professional or personal agenda, finding the suitable hairstyle seems difficult these days especially you are directionless which will suit you best, what kind of hairstyles are available in the market, which one to choose as per the face shape, hair quality and occasion. Traditionally, many white colour jobs require conservative professional haircut to maintain the dignity and well-groomed appearance of office among co-employees.

Moreover, men haircut has different definition according to people like it should be conservativeness, versatility, and cleanness. Conservative style does not mean boring—it can be modern and sober at the same time. Nicely trimmed, even cut, tidy, and carefully combed at the edge is the final result of professional hairstyle and versatile for various occasions.

Stylish and Latest Professional Hairstyles for Men:

Here is the list of various professional hairstyles for men in this article to choose the best haircut and change your looks different from the others.

1. Caesar Hairstyle:

This is a very simple hairstyle. The sides are kept short while the crown area has longer hair in comparison. Either back comb your hair or side swipe it using a hair gel to keep it in place.

  • Suitable for oval, diamond, and slim faces are best.
  • Formal wear is good.
  • Any type of parties is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Men of age group 30-35 can wear this hairstyle.
  • Best season to wear this is all seasons.

2. Buzz Cut:

This hairstyle gives a professional look for men of any age. Cut your hair very short. For this look, the hair is clipped using a razor to give it a rough but very clean look. A clean look is suitable for army men, and everyone can wear this style with any dress but mostly suits with casual wear.

  • Suitable for shirt hair for oval, diamond, and slim faces.
  • Best dress is casuals and formals.
  • Best occasion to try this hairstyle is parties and corporate meetings.
  • Any season is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Men with 30 years can sport this well.

3. Half Bangs:

For this look side swipe your bangs and using gel brush it through your hair. For a neater look comb your bangs sideways to keep it in place. Comb the rest of your hair in the usual manner.

  • Suitable for oval and slim face and hair should be 3-inches long for this style.
  • Suitable with fashionable costumes.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for parties.
  • Those in teenagers can do this look well.
  • The best season to wear this is summers.

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4. Back Combed:

This hairstyle is an appropriate look for all types of hair. Take the appropriate amount of hair gel and brush it through your hair using your fingers. Now backcomb it to give it a neat and settled look.

  • Formal look for the 30+ age group.
  • This style fit for suits and other semi-formal dresses.
  • Suitable for slim and oval faces only.
  • The best season to wear this style is summers.
  • Best occasion for this style is outings and any casual party.

5. Ponytail:

This look is especially for men who have long hair yet want to look professional. Backcomb your hair in a neat pony and tie it up using a hair tie. You can also use hair gel if your hair tends to fall out of place.

  • This style will suit on every face
  • Ideal age group 25-35.
  • Can wear with T-shirts and jeans for casual outings.
  • The best season for this style is summers.
  • Good for get-togethers.

6. Middle Parting:

This hairstyle is another great look for men with bangs. Parting your hair in the middle brush your hair in one direction. You can also apply hair gel to keep your hair in place.

  • Suitable for every kind of dressing.
  • 20-29 age group person can carry this style.
  • Summer is the best season to wear this style.
  • The best occasion for this style is weddings and pool party.
  • With an oval shaped face, this hairstyle suits best.

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7. Sleek Blow Back:

For this look, blow dry your hair to give it volume. Divide your hair into two sections in such a way that it is side parted. You are now using a brushback comb one side of your hair. Apply hair gel to this side of your hair to keep the hair in place. Now comb it again in the same direction. Comb the sleeker part of your hair in a downward direction.

  • Suitable for the diamond shaped face.
  • Ideal age group 25-35.
  • Best wear Jeans, T-shirts, shirts, and suits.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for every occasion.
  • All seasons are good.

8. Spiked Blow Hairstyle:

Spikes are not only for a casual day look, and they can wear professionally. For this look apply hair gel to your hair. Now take the crown section of your hair and start combing it upwards in one direction. Using a comb will give it a much neater look. Now comb the sides of your hair in a downward section to complete the look.

  • Suitable for round and square face.
  • 25-40 age group men can wear this style.
  • Every occasion is perfect for this style, but beach parties are the best occasion.
  • T-shirts are the best dressing with this hairstyle.
  • Can be worn in all seasons.

9. Wavy Short Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is a very interesting look for men to carry professionally. Using a blow drier give waves to your hair. Now side part your hair. You can either sideswipe or backcomb the broader part using a brush, and taking a comb brush sown the other section of your hair. You can also backcomb all of your hair. Use a hair spray to make sure you do not lose the waves.

  • The best face shape for this style is square, diamond, and round face.
  • Formal and casual wear suit with this style.
  • The best season to wear it is autumn and summers.
  • Corporate parties, casual outings, on the beach, etc. it will suit everywhere.
  • Men with 20+ years can sport this look well.

10. Portrait Serious Confident Bearded Man:

Men always prefer a professional hairstyle that suits their beard. This style of combing back all the hairs tilted towards right shows it combined with a beard.

  • This style is suitable for the oval shaped face but 3-inches long hair.
  • Formal shirts are the best dress wear for this style.
  • One can wear this style at church, wedding, and beaches.
  • Men of age-group 30+ can wear this style.
  • Can be worn at any season, especially summers.

11. Almost Modern Mohawk Style:

This style completely resembles the Mohawk Hairstyle in a modern look. Hairs are left at the top the head and slightly trimmed near the ears gives the rusty, bold and confident look.

  • Those with oval shaped face suits best.
  • This style suits best with white shirts.
  • Suitable for the 35+ age group.
  • The best occasion to wear this style is clubs, bars, and parties.
  • Summers and autumn is the best season to wear this style.

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12. Hairstyle for Thin and Silky Hair:

Most men bother that they have silky hairs that is very thin structure and no hairstyle will suit on their hair but this professional hairstyle for men will definitely the best solution for them.

  • Men of the 25+ age group can carry this style.
  • Oval and round face are best for this style.
  • Suitable for casual as well as formal wear.
  • Can be worn at fall and winters.
  • Beaches, parties, clubs, bar, church, and outing, this style suits every need.

Low Maintenance Tips for Professional Hairstyle for Men:

Having a professional haircut is east but maintaining it needs daily care and routine trimming. However, due to lack of time people often forget to visit a salon. Here are some tips for maintaining these hairstyles.

  1. Unlike women, men wash their hair daily, and they make a widespread mistake every day. Washing twice or thrice will not wash the oil from the scalp.
  2. Dry hair gently without rubbing it
  3. For thin hair, get the appropriate style that does not require the use of the comb, over the user of comb fattens the hair.
  4. Men should also be protective of their hair, and they also avoid the use of chemicals like chlorine,
  5. Use a shampoo specially made for men.

Maintaining a professional haircut for men is always a difficult task because most people think it is only for celebrities or people working in big MNCs, but every man can wear this style, as it is easy to maintain. So if you have not thought about getting any professional hairstyle then choose one from the styles mentioned above. From spikes, long pony, wavy, sleek to a buzz cut, you can choose any one of them as per the face shape and hair length.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. If I’ll get a professional haircut then will I be able to carry it everywhere?

Ans: Professional haircut does not mean you are working in a big company, some time to look decent, elegant, and stylish people wore this style. As shown in pictures, you can wear this style at parties, at clubs, bars, and other trips. Hairstyle only boosts the confidence but does not limit your boundaries.

Q2. Mine hairs are thin and silky, and I want my hair should look bouncy and thick?

Ans: Every hair has its quality and texture and not every style will suit everyone. However, everyone can get their desired look by applying some hair cream and get. This style will need extra care for a regular visit to the salon.

Q3. Does Long hairstyle and ponytail come under professional haircut?

Ans: You must have heard about the style and personal choice about having any hairstyles. However, most people who are musician, poet, writer, journalist, traveller, bloggers, painters etc. carry these types of hairstyles, and above-mentioned common nouns are professions as per the professional definition.

Q4. Is a Mohawk haircut is a professional haircut?

Ans: Again, freedom of adopting any style does not define your professionalism. As per company norms, you should look decent, educated, nice and presentable.

Q5. Does a man carry a bun like women?

Ans: Yes they do. Men carry bun like women, and they carry it smartly leaving rest of the hair trimmer at the edges but lengthy at the middle so that a stylish bun will appear. It shows their carefree personality.


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