All the social sites and blogs are flooded with tips and tricks on how to shine and flaunt like anything. And yes, why not? The day is so unique. There is no doubt that many hair-styling patterns have evolved, and yes, people are showing their acceptance towards it. A wide range of selection choices is even made available. You can have any one of the prom braids for long hair or the prom braids for short hair.

We find every member of the team to be eagerly waiting for the prom party. It is such a particular moment, who will not wish to enjoy the day of so much fun and food together. Well, when it comes to dressing and arranging yourself, you need to make sure that a perfect combination of both the dress and hair pattern is selected. Who does not want to be the best dressed at the party? I mean, seriously, everyone wants to be the best at the prom party. And yes certainly why not even within the friend when it comes to styling, you want to look better than the crowd and gather a good number of compliments from others.

10 Beautiful Prom Braid Hairstyles for Women in This Year:

Here are the presents of the most famous and beautiful prom braids hairstyles for women in 2024.

1. Side Braids with Open Hair:

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We have by now known that the prom hairstyles and ideas are very feminine and chic. Here is another amazing look we fell in love with instantly. This side braided hairstyle with open hair is lovely, quick and beautiful. It would instantly deliver you a charming and alluring glam quotient, perfect for making the best of your prom night. Wondering how to achieve it? Well, it is indeed very simple.

  • Comb your hair neatly and get rid of any tangles.
  • Side comb the hair and take five sections from the upper portion of your hair.
  • Make small, sleek braids with five sections.
  • Clip them neatly or secure them with an elastic.
  • Now comb the rest of the hair and adjust them neatly to the similar side direction.

This prom hairstyle with bris is easy to achieve and may require little patience; however, it is perfect for prom outfits.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, diamond and round.
  • Suitable Occasions: Prom nights, parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls and women below 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters and monsoons are ideal.
  • Suitable Outfit: Maxi dresses, skirts, and knee-length flared outfits.

2. Heart Shaped Braids:

Image Source: Shutterstock

How to make the Heart shaped braids hair-styling pattern?

  1. Brush your hair with the correct hairbrush.
  2. You need to take the upper portion of the hair strands and then tuck it with the elastic band.
  3. Split the hair into two equal parts.
  4. Both parts of the hair need to be braided up.
  5. In the inverse position, you need to tuck it with the help of bobby pins.
  6. In the shape of the heart, you need to tie it with the elastic band.
  7. Do use the hair spray to set the hair correctly.

Preferable for:

  • Suitable Face Shape: Heart, Square, Oblong, Round.
  • Suitable Occasion: Special event, Dinner date.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best suited for the age group 18 to 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Good for the romantic season.
  • Suitable Dress: Long Gown, Saree.

3. The Hip Hippie:

Image Source: Instagram

Now, to go free-flowing on your locks, the basic requirement would be some simplistic hipster braid hairstyle that would give you the perfect ‘no care’ yet amazing look. Start with a simple braid on the front but leave some free locks at the front. Another braid at the end and you can secure the look by pinning the front locks to the back.

How to make the Hip hippie braids hair-styling pattern?

  1. First of all, you need to comb your hair.
  2. Make a vertical division of hair.
  3. First of all, you need to make a left and right braid on both the left and right sides.
  4. You need to take hair from the left and right sides to make a braided twist at the end back portion.
  5. Use a hair spray to give a touch-up to your beautiful look.

Preferable for:

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Square, Oval.
  • Suitable Occasion: Gatherings, Parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls of age group 20 to 25 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Suits every season except summer.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual dresses.

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4. The Rose Braid:

Image Source: Instagram

The rose at the back of your head is the perfect softness when paired with soft smoky eyes and luscious red lips. Start by cleaning the front locks with a back brush and then tie two braids on either side. Now fan the braid out and roll them into a rose before pinning them to place.

How to make the Rose braids hair-styling pattern?

  1. You need to brush your hair correctly.
  2. You need to begin first by parting your hair strands and then securing them with the help of a hairband.
  3. And you need to bring a braid from both the left and right sides.
  4. You will have to roll the entire hair length in the form of a hair bun from both sides.
  5. Make use of the bobby pins to tuck your hair in place completely.
  6. Give a final touch to make it look entirely like a rose. Make use of the hair spray to give a perfect look.

Preferable for:

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Square, Diamond, Oval.
  • Suitable Occasion: Special event, Dinner date.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best suited for the age group 18 to 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Good for the romantic season.
  • Suitable Dress: Long Gown.

5. The Wrap-Up:

Image Source: Instagram

To get this look, start by sectioning your hair into two bits allotting the same amount of hair on either side. Now braid them tightly leaving the front few locks to add volume to the look. Now take the braid and wrap it around your head crossing it over to the other side. Do the same with the other braid and finish up your look.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Heart, Square, Oblong, Round.
  • Suitable Occasion: Parties or gatherings.
  • Ideal Age Group: Teenagers.
  • Best Season to Try: It goes in all seasons.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual wear.

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6. The Side Braid Bun:

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another simple braid hairstyle starting with two braids that come all the way over to the other side eventually freely falling. Now curl each lock and individually pin it to the side to create a messy side bun. If you have an ornament to flaunt, always use the best of the fancies to create an embezzled look.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Diamond, Oval.
  • Suitable Occasion: Romantic date, parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best suited for the age group 18 to 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: It goes well in every season.
  • Suitable Dress: Short dresses.

7. The Side Braids:

Image Source: Shutterstock

You merely need to bring an entire lot of hairs in one corner, and by the use of fingertips, you will have to interlace your hair. It is a sort of French type of braiding hairstyle followed. To the front portion, the hair strands need to be cut off the short length. It even adds a cuteness level to the face.

  • Suitable Face shape: Long, Oval, Round, Heart.
  • Suitable Occasion: Daily or Official Place.
  • Ideal Age Group: This suits the working class of all age groups.
  • Best Season to Try: Best for any season, mainly summer.
  • Suitable Dress: Formalwear.

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8. The Under Braid:

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Often a subtle braid on the undertone of the free tresses is exactly what you require to create a beautiful hairdo without much hassle. To start off bring your hair to the side and section the upper layers out. Now start a French braid across the nape of your neck, and then halfway through, let the hair fall.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, oval, round, Oblong.
  • Suitable Occasion: Official parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls of age 20 to 40 years.
  • Best Season to Try: All the party season.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual wear or formal wear.

9. The New Look Pony:

Image Source: Instagram

A simple ponytail speaks a lot and here we got the infused look to spice up your regular pony. Start by leaving the underneath lock of your pony free and then tie a tight braid with your pony. Now simply wrap the excess lock around the band of the pony.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, heart, round, oblong.
  • Suitable Occasion: Parties, Shows.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best suited for the age group 18 to 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: In all the seasons.
  • Suitable Dress: Ethnic wear.

10. The Infusion:

Image Source: Instagram

To get this look, start with a sleek fishtail, occasionally adding on hair from the sides to create this princess Jasmine look.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, Round, Diamond.
  • Suitable Occasion: All parties mainly birthday parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: For kids and teenagers.
  • Best Season to Try: In any party season.
  • Suitable Dress: Long gown dress.

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Additional Tips:

  1. You need to be careful enough while selecting any of the hairstyles.
  2. There is a large full option being made available both for the long as well as the short hairs.
  3. A perfect combination of the dress along with the hairstyle adds beauty to the overall look. You should select a comfortable hairdo.
  4. You can entirely pin up your entire hair with the help of bobby pins or open up your hair strands.
  5. Both will look undoubtedly beautiful. Hence, the comfort level needs to be kept in mind.
  6. You should go with a light makeup choice. Excessive makeup may make you look quite tacky. Carry a smile it will undoubtedly make you look beautiful.

If you are ready for the best prom party of the season, you need to make sure that you are well dressed with the proper hairstyle. Go with the side braid prom hairstyles or any one of the varieties, and you will undoubtedly look more beautiful than before. Do provide us with your reviews after trying any one of the hairstyles. Hope you find the above piece of article to be quite beneficial for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. People come up with the opinion that at the prom party you need to be exceptionally dressed up. People only attend prom parties to impress others?

Ans: People of an immature nature undoubtedly make this statement. You never dress up to impress others always. Well, whether it is a prom party or any other party, you need to be well dressed with beautiful hair braiding patterns.

Q2. Is the Prom party weaving hair patterns only for females with good hair length?

Ans: You should not have any such doubt in mind. The braiding hairstyle pattern is available both for long and short-length hair. Even reading the above article will help you to know about the different braiding patterns which you can quickly try even at home.

Q3. Our prom party is generally held at night. Do I need to have a hairstyle done?

Ans: Be it night or daytime, it does not make any difference. You need to look beautiful and gorgeous. The prom party braiding hairstyle helps you to show your elegance.


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