Various types of hair styling can be tried for proms. Creams and other equipments can be bought for doing these at home. This is a where most girls like to wear professionally done and other messed up or shiny stylish looks.

Latest and Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Below are the top 9 Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Retro Bun Look:

If a person has long thick hair, then those can be rolled and then given some fudge sprays to hold them at the back. These can be clipped using pads and also can be sported for various types of parties. Some head gear accessories can also be teamed up with these.

2. The Half Wavy Look:

A person can do these looks on unwashed or product build up as well. These can be done when a person does not want to wash, dry and then do some clipping. These can be done at home and a person does not need to go to parlour for these.

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3. The Sided Braid:

This is a look which has sections rolled from sides and should be done from professional parlours. This is also good for those who has product build up because that will let the sections hold or these may be very slippery. This can be set with some fly away and fudge sprays. Creams and other lotions can be used. This should be done on head which is unwashed for the sections to hold the design.

4. The Fresh Rolled Look:

This is an easy to do look. This can also be done at home with some rollers. These are often done using some heat. High heat can be applied with some creams to get this and this can be teamed up with some party outfit. Long earrings can be worn with this and this can also be worn as a girl night or kitty party outfit with traditional wear. These can hold design till the next wash. Some product build up can be good as then this becomes easier and lasts more hours especially if a person has to attend a party. These are also girly and trendy.

5. The Girly wavy Look:

If a person wants then these can be sported for night outs or a kitty party. These can also be done for wearing at discos. Long earrings and long neck pieces can be worn with these.

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6. The Retro Hair Rolls:

This is an easy look which can be done by twisting and clipping sections. A person can also slip rest at back with extensions. These can be shifted to the frontal at a side. Use dark lips with this.

7. The Shiny wavy Look:

This is an easy shiny look. This can be done by shifting the sections to a side and then rolling them up using high heat. These can be sport for normal parties as well. Normal lotions can be used to create these waves.

8. Stepped Party Look:

To do this a person should get a professional cut with stepped sections. These can be sport with some rolling. High heat should be used with professional products for this trendy look.

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9. Ramp Style Prom Look:

This should be styled from well known professional salons. This cannot be tried at home using products. High heat and professional equipments should be used. The centralized sectioning is also quite fashionable. This can be sport for almost any other parties like girl night out or even for a funky party.

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